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In apps & games, artificial intelligence emulates the behaviour of entities as a user. We can say artificial intelligence is a rule based system designed to challenge the users as opponent or to simulate responses to users’ actions. In the world of intelligence enterprises, we have heralded AI as a game changer.

  • At Juego Studios, we have developed miscellaneous number of apps for various industries using AI in multiple roles.
  • As one of the leading companies in AI & machine learning space, with a team of experienced developers, we offer simple still sophisticated solutions with AI and machine learning for your apps.
  • We use AI and machine learning in gaming and in simulation human like intelligent responses and offer our clients the best in class AI solutions.
  • Apart from gaming, we offer AI and machine learning solutions for several industries like healthcare, automotive and finance industries. AI helps to store and emulate actions based on particular data and reduce the time of mundane work.
AI & ML Solutions from Juego Studios, iPhone Game Development Company

What do we offer with AI & machine learning for industries

  • Gaming: AI or machine learning in gaming uses game components like characters or props to build the impression of real progression of players and environments. When you apply machine learning algorithm in your data, it understands your solution according to the variables and predicts new data or behaviour depending on it.
  • Simulation: In simulation, AI helps to assume and predict all the probabilities of any process. For example, in simulation of manufacturing process of a car AI helps to predict the outcome of the simulation based on users’ actions.
  • Data management: AI and machine learning assist in prediction or suggestions based on data collected by the system. The users’ past data can be used by AI systems to provide recommendations for their future actions. We can find use of such AI systems in industries which use Big Data, like healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, etc. New & social media applications also use such AI systems for enhancing user experience and behaviour. Some such examples can be seen in Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc.
AI & ML Solutions from Juego Studios, Android Game Development Company

Significance of AI or machine learning

  • AI is simulation of human intelligence in a machine.
  • AI stores data of a machine and understands machine’s work and assists you in using the machine.
  • In gaming, AI can act multiple roles in any genre of video games.
  • With the general set of rules, AI governs games for any levels and allows you to pre script your set of rules to be followed.
  • The complexity of the app explains the requirement of AI. AI responds to the nature of its role in any particular app.
  • Very basic concept behind AI is to handle the decision making in an intelligent system and act according to the user’s behaviour.
  • In an adaptive system, the ability to provide next move to the opponent is really crucial and AI helps to play different methods recognizing the past pattern.
  • In fully autonomous cars, AI helps to verify different objects, scenes and activities, which is known as computer vision.
  • In the field IoT (internet of things), AI helps to communicate between two machines automatically and allows you to control a complete assembly of several machines or appliances.
AI & ML Solutions from Juego Studios, Mobile Game Development Company

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