iOS App Development Trends in 2021

By juegoadmin | App Development | March 2nd, 2021

Anticipated iOS App Development Trends in 2021

The presence of apps in smartphones is the main reason why they are popular across the world today. Due to the popularity of iPhones that use the iOS operating system, Apple Inc. will have a dominating presence in the evolving landscape of apps in the future. 

List of iOS App Development Trends in 2021:

The app development ecosystem offered by the iOS platform combined with the popularity of Apple’s own app store is buzzing with possibilities. The major trends expected in 2021 in the iOS app development landscape are as follows:

(1.) Powered by Artificial Intelligence:

Improved decision-making by iOS apps is possible since cognitive intelligence is enabled by AI. AI is increasingly letting apps be intelligent agents. Some trends expected in 2021 powered by AI are:

Searching Suggestion Technology:

This technology can make new suggestions by analyzing the activities of the users. It can create a list about anything based on the preference of users. This helps enhance the suggestions for searching and rectifies spelling mistakes.

Machine Learning:

Better anticipation of customers’ behavior in order to forecast their demands is possible now due to the usage of Deep Learning or Machine Learning powered by Artificial Intelligence. These accurate predictions based on close observation of the user’s actions can reduce expenses and increase user engagement.

Speech Recognition:

Artificial Intelligence based tools to improve speech recognition will find many takers in 2021 and beyond. ELSA Speaks is a popular app known for helping users learn to speak English. Short dialogues are employed by ELSA Speaks to create conversations with the users.

(2.) Augmented Reality:

AR or Augmented Reality based games such as Pokemon Go and Dino Trek have a proven track record. IKEA Place available on the App store employs Artificial Reality to improve customer experience. AR based applications with interactive experiences will drive changes in industries like healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, and education.

Augmented Reality experiences can be created using various tools in Apple platforms through Reality Composer, RealityKit framework, ARKit 3, etc. The ARKit 3 makes it possible to show content in front of or behind any person. Reality Composer allows animation development as well as interaction on iOS to improve the content in an application. Availing data from ARKit, the RealityKit Framework combines items from the virtual world into the real world. Some popular AR based apps available in the iOS ecosystem are Civilizations AR and Big Bang AR.

(3.) Wearables:

The wearable software market is anticipated to grow further as the craze for Apple manufactured wearable devices go through the roof. Apple’s future growth will rely heavily on expanding wearable technology. The iOS app development ecosystem, powered by the Internet Of Things, is mature and promising for developing exciting apps for futuristic wearables. For instance, Slack and Telegram have versions made for the Apple watch.

Features like health data collection, notification alerts, noise tracking, sleep tracking, voice dictation, mindfulness, and easy access to social media, etc can make users more health conscious and increase their convenience. Some popular apps are the Seven Minutes Workout app and Bring! App for shopping.

(4.) Cloud Integration:

Cloud technology enhances options for simple sharing, automatic syncing, and options for storing and organizing the information collected through apps. Cloud technology offered by Apple through the iCloud platform presents opportunities galore for cloud based app development for the iOS platform.

Continued upgrades and essential updates based on the requirements and expectations of users requirements can be achieved with high scalability through cloud based iOS apps enabled by CloudKit. Dropbox and MEGA.

(5.) iBeacon:

This is a powerful technology developed by Apple. It has high utility in the marketing field. Signals are sent by wireless transmitters through Bluetooth technology. Once the connection is enabled, a push notification with a set message pops up on the iPhone of the user.

Imagine that a person with an iPhone passes right past a cloth shop ignoring their advertisement. Through iBeacon technology, sensors can connect to the smartphone enabling notification to pop-up on a user’s mobile phone screen the moment he/she passes by a store. Exciting deals and new arrivals are shared by Macy’s, a departmental store in the USA, using the iBeacon technology.

(6.) Virtual Assistants:

Chatbots multiply the do-it-yourself services for customers. Users can indicate their preferences to the chatbot by typing or telling. Based on the inputs received, the chatbots run a search and come up with the best option available. The users just need to follow the instructions on the screen. Chatbots are available 24 hours and 7 days without any rest. The waiting time of the user is reduced and purchasing decisions get faster. For instance, the Starbucks app on iOS has a feature called My Starbucks® barista which provides virtual assistance to users based on their inputs.

(7.) Enhanced Security:

Increasing data theft, malware attacks, phishing, and other cyber crimes have made security the number one priority for many app developers including the iOS platform. Since many users make payments through applications and make in-app purchases in games, personal data protection has been prioritized by iOS-based apps as well. The AppTransportSecurity or ATS can be integrated by users into the applications for enhanced security levels.

The ATS tool enhances data integrity and privacy of established connections between web services and iOS applications. The iOS 14 platform offers the following enhanced security features: privacy reports from the Safari browser, vetting of apps for privacy information, ability to limit tracking by apps using wi-fi, and sniffing out bad passwords.

(8.) Latest SiriKit:

Siri’s answering capabilities have improved due to the synergy from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It can make calls, send text messages for the user even in case he/she is engaged. From announcing messages for the user on Airpods, it can also offer you proactive suggestions for the user to stay connected. Siri shortcuts let you access your apps faster than before. Anticipating one’s needs based on the user’s routine enables Siri to act as a personal assistant behind the scene. A very well-designed SiriKit accompanied by Siri Shortcuts allows developers to build Siri capabilities into their iOS mobile operating system.

Beyond 2021:

It is anticipated that the utilities of apps will go through the roof as futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality get mainstreamed. Contact Juego Studios to convert your app idea for the iOS ecosystem into reality.

Juego Studios have designed popular apps as well as in demand games like Adventure Quest Battle Game and Pro Feel Golf for the iOS ecosystem.

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