Future of Windows OS & Windows Games & Apps

Future of Windows OS & Windows Games & Apps

In the last few months, it has been observed that the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform is becoming popular and has achieved an impressive market value with brand new operations and new designer models of cell phones. This platform is also giving stiff competition to several market leaders with Windows Game Development.

But it will not easy for Windows Mobile OS to match the level where Android stands at the moment. For creating a better opportunity for this platform, Windows Apps development industry is exploring better concepts to make user experience more fertile. There are many Game Development Studios who have entered this business and provide application development solutions for clients worldwide. With the increase in Windows mobile phone, the need for Windows Apps development has also raised at a nimble pace.

Windows Os is confined to ad hoc market and is placed on the CE 53 kernel. The apps for Windows OS can be smoothly located on the web sites for hand- held devices. Some applications of windows can be downloadable freely but few can be acquired through payment also. Moreover,you can evolve a custom-build app with the help of reputed Windows  Game developer or company. There are individual Windows Apps for particular requirements; so, one can also make apps for entertainment, business, multimedia, or exciting games. Windows latest version was launched in Barcelona at the Mobile Congress.

The most demanded OS can meet the increasing requirements and easy availability of this OS. The popularity of this OS is about 5% of the global business, which is gradually increasing. In various countries, it continues to be the dynamic platform for mobile phones for business use. In this niche section, it has about 30 % allotment of the market share. It is likely that in the upcoming years, these mobile phones will be popular all over the world. Its flourishing approval has welcomed many developers and all providers to match and deliver challenging games.

The current data taken shows the number of gaming app users enrolled main operating system. For instance, OS users spend 12 hours a month playing games with mobile apps; Android users averaged at six hours a month; despite BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users gained access gaming apps at the rate of three hours every month. Gaming is the highest producing and popular sector of the Game development Company. The reasons of its popularity are:

Produces a lot of credit:

The challenge of every app development company is to increased profits from the sale and download of mobile applications established by its developer team. According to mobile analysts report, users download free application as well as paid gaming applications.a Consequently, a developer earns a great amount of profit from paid software as opposed to apps, which are available for free.

Gaming apps marketing is smooth:

Mobile analysts are of the estimation that gaming applications are smoother to market than other forms of apps. This means that excellent tactics can be used for endorsing a gaming mobile app. The farther profits for the developers are who would in turn be more ambitious to design any other gaming application in the future.

Why Facebook Games are So Popular and The Characteristics of a Successful Facebook Game

Facebook survey reveals that there are more than 1.86 billion active users in Facebook with 17% increasing rate in every year. The survey also includes, “There are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users (Mobile DAU) for December 2016, an increase of 23 percent year-over-year and particular in Europe, 307 million+ people are on Facebook.”

This study proves that Facebook holds a huge place in digital markets. Facebook has its omnipresence everywhere we can say. Last year in the first quarter, Facebook had seized 1.65 billion monthly active users and 1.51 billion mobile users according to Facebook. This research also explains how social media is building the engagement of the audiences.

Beside a social networking site, Facebook is also a huge platform for games. Mini games of Facebook are very much popular among the crowd. We all are aware of the fact that how Facebook games are making us addictive to it. Facebook has strong APIs, good web based platform that makes very much convenient for Facebook game developers.

With the upgrades of Unity3D, now it allows to build 3D games for Facebook platform too. So, this small addictive game attracts the players. The another strong reason of popularity of Facebook games is they are easily accessible and let users play the game for free where players don’t have to go for any purchase.

However, study also says that Facebook games also act as stress relievers for many. This social gaming addiction actually combines the typical gaming addiction with internet addiction. Thus Facebook games intrigue both types of users that serve the popularity of Facebook games.

One survey says. “Two-thirds of respondents play one or two social games five days a week, while a third of respondents play daily. It was also shown that people aged 55 to 64 plays more than people aged 18 to 34 years. Those aged 18 to 34 are more likely than 55 to 64 year old players to power up the Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3. The casual nature and ease of entry of a lot of Facebook games make them more attractive to older players. Older people may not be in touch with modern gaming, and many use social gaming as an alternative method of satisfying their desire to play games.”

On other hand, creating games for Facebook helps the brands or Facebook game developers to boost their media interaction and interaction with the users. The main reason of these mini games becoming so addictive is its multiplayer platform. The main interesting part is users or players can play these games with their colleagues, friends and even with strangers that helps to build a new connection. Thus, one game development company or even indie game developers can create huge revenue with very less Facebook game development cost.

A Close Look at Android Market – Develop Android Games & Apps

A Close Look at Android Market – Develop Android Games & Apps

Android Market lets you design your application for worldwide users and devices. To increase the scope of these devices many clients go through the Android Market Developer to build up various publishing options for an exciting app.

Ever since the release of the first iPhone, many smartphones manufactured and activated has been living in a numerical cipher. Move your eyes around you; who is not mesmerized with this device nowadays? According to Android Inc., there are over millions Android Phones activated daily.

The Logic behind this acceptance

A smartphone is like a small portable computer. Indeed it cannot do everything a common computer can, but is extremely useful. What’s more, a cell phone has become a status symbol. People cannot imagine life without their phones. It is used for talking, texting, browsing and doing business. Essentially it has become an integral part of our life. That is the sweet but sour truth of our lives.

But let’s take a look on the dazzling side of cell phone. With this evolution comes an opportunity. Our phone has become so much important and personal to us in the nowadays world. We customize cell phone our spare time. And it has never been before cheaper to do that. Most paid apps available on the Android Market for only a dollar.

The Deal

Before publishing your apps on the Android Market you have to pay $20 to register yourself with an Android Market Developer. This will let you publish your apps and Gaming statistics for free. Let’s take an instance; to actually sell live games or wallpapers, you are required to attach a Google account to your Android Developer Account. This process is free of cost but you have to make sure that you are dwelling in a country that permits the sale of apps on the Android Market. Once you have your developer account activate to sell paid apps and games, you can start publishing your live wallpapers or gaming statistics.

The free Android games show off all the improved technology and what’s possible now and in the future with mobile phone games. These games are a lot of fun besides with a small screen and it’s mainly because of its graphic quality. Even with adequate graphics, no one would mind downloading these games. Well, these games are an attempt to be portable game sets. This is not estimating that they’re parallel yet; but with time and continual improvements on both the Android OS side and the developers getting even better, it will become possible.

When you review its steady  it’s incredulous what’s happened to the Mobile Games Market in the past few years. And all of us users are the ones who get its worth in terms of time, money and entertainment. Whether you’re a hard-core game player or not, you need to acknowledge a couple of the best free Android Games gallery. If nothing else, download few games to just see what they’re like and you’ll possibly have a greater salutation for the Android phone you have just purchased!


Impact of iPad on Game Industry-The Positive Transition Continues

Impact of iPad on Game Industry-The Positive Transition Continues

In December 2012, many companies launched new games into market. The biggest retail therapy that people were going to have was in the electronic store that sold iPad. The coming of this device has changed the facet of the Game Development Industry. It allows a seamless gaming experience that matches the power of the good old console of the past. The iPad Game Art begins to charm the new users.

In 2013,new applications filled the market.The Game Developers says that the cross platform games have shown immense potential for the future of games and they would stay on course with their strategies to introduce new games. There are new business models and novel apps floating in the digital space. The new word is gamification and it has exploded the arena. While consoles are fading the smartphone devices and Facebook have taken center stage. As the iPad makes its entry into the palms of the gamer’s the voices of other Game Developers are growing faint. Like, Nintendo has not been able to cash on its 2103 new playing fields. Microsoft has a lot of explaining to do for Xbox 360, (some are actually asking what does it mean?). And Sony’s PlayStation is making less music to the ears.

Impact of iPad

It is the year of the tablet and social networking in style. The iPad has impacted many old and new players in the market. Zynga is gone and in its place Super cell and another one Natural Motion has taken their positions. Gamers don’t just want access to the games they love in one location (console). They want access to this IP across mobile, web, and console. How publishers and platforms transition to cater to these needs, will likely determine their success. The iPad has already had a major impact on consumers and developers alike. iPad Game Development is becoming a big business. In India one can hire iPad Game Developers at reasonable costs to make concept games

Today the fans are looking for new genres to capture they attention. The iPad has got more memory and it also has a higher resolution than the Xbox or PlayStation. This makes it convenient for the developers to have richer games. The retina display allows the user to play for longer periods without affecting the eyesight. Both, the regular one and the Ipad mini have been able to charm the loyalists to switch over to the new designs. There are 2D & 3D iPad Games that now have increased the sales of the device.

The iPad has a 4-core processor. It is made from Power VR and is a licensed product. And this is the best hardware that a game developer can tap for making new concepts come alive. The main idea now is to let consumer splay across computers, game platforms, and smart phones.

The Future of iPhone Games will Lie with its Story Content

The Future of iPhone Games will Lie with its Story Content

Some games are more engaging than others. Why? Because they are seen as a merchandise to promote a news story or an action flick or a romantic caper. Is the consumer ready to play a game to know more about a trending action movie or a political unrest in a part of the world?

There are games that people play in real life. And then there are games that people play on their smartphones-one is educative and the other is entertaining. What is your choice? It is hard to make a choice when one reads a story unfolding. Half way across the world a skirmish takes place. The fighter jets have located the place where the terrorist has hidden. The target is moving and has to be shot down so that the game is over.

Can there be a simulation game that brings one the real news and also allows the consumer to play the game at his own pace? James Bond and his latest franchise, bombings of 9/11 and Madrid, have all been themes for new games. Although there is no end to the limit of a Game Development Company for its new themes, some themes don’t resonate with people. Entertainment is fine but not education. And the future of iPhone games will lie in its story content and its theme. If it is political, military or terrorism then it may not be suitable as game apps for the new generation of phones.

iPhone Games

When Flash and Shockwave plug-ins came into the market they introduced browser games. These games just could be flashed out via the Internet. Many designers and game developers chose them to make new harmless games. But today the situation is different. A company looks at iPhone Game Development with much different concepts and ideas.

For instance iPhone Game Design Companies in India, have the ability to make iPhone Game Art at reasonable expenses. A studio that has facilities and well trained 2D & 3D iPhone Games, Cocos2D Developers they can make Top iPhone Games. Since they are based in India the iPhone Game Development Cost is not very high as compared to the ones made in other competitive markets.

Currently the device has a great number of apps that make it a value for many customers. Some of the games that have really become popular include Yogify, which can be played on Iphone and Ipad.

The other games include:

• The Sims
• Real Racing 3
• Monopoly hotels
• Solitatre Blitz
• The Simpsons
• Scrabble
• Madden NFL 13 Social
• Need for Speed Most wanted

The real test in the survival of iPhone Games will eventually lie in its story content. If the game does not appeal then it is likely to be a non-starter for both kids and adults who reach out to install the latest games apps.

The whole future of the iPhone Game Development will also depend on the how the handset will be made also. Innovation is a constant process and the new technological developments are likely to influence how the latest device will look and perform.