Android is the most widespread operating system in the world today. It has over 2 billion users with around the world. It is available on smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches.  Such a widespread user-base means
In December 2012, many companies launched new games into market. The biggest retail therapy that people were going to have was in the electronic store that sold iPad. The coming of this device has changed
The Future of iPhone Games Some games are more engaging than others. Why? Because they are seen as a merchandise to promote a news story or an action flick or a romantic caper. Is the
Almost everyone, regardless of their age, now seems to either own or have access to a smartphone. And the majority of them play games on their smartphones. As a result, mobile games are immensely popular
Chhota Bheem Up The Hill Game Developed by Juego Studios Game Development Company With the exponential growth of smartphones, the mobile gaming market is also shooting up. The trade of Android and iOS game development
Dethroning the existing game apps-Is Juego Studios beginning a new era in Facebook Games Development. The success lies in the details and wide ranging of platforms it can contribute its immense talent to. A Game