Virtual Reality and the Future Verdict

Virtual Reality

No longer to be poisoned by technology. A Canadian-led study has declared that the brand-new virtual reality games are as productive as uncluttered recreational activities like playing cards in order to recover patients from stroke and hand strength. Now, you are probably wondering what this virtual reality (VR) is! The answer lies in its term, it is all about virtual, which means nearly as described and reality that is what we experience as human beings.

The technology has come a long way since the virtual reality was discovered. While gaming is the most common use of VR, there is whole array of users for virtual reality like ranging from education, architecture, healthcare, entertainment, real estate, military, telecommunications and many more, some of these are really challenging than usual.

Where this VR technology is enabling to present complex data in an accessible way to students with more fun to learn, it also enables discovering the whole world sitting in your classroom and also allows training soldiers to deal with combat without throwing them into Jungle. VR lets the education to move on from book and pens. So, it makes a lot of sense to enforce VR in education in order to pursue the dream of future’s technological elite.

On other hand, if gaming isn’t one of the basic apply of VR then the other forms of entertainment certainly are. We can already enjoy 3D movies in theatre, but with Oculus, GearVR or HTC Vive we can even enjoy more deeply in the movies. And if you are a sports fan, LiveLike VR has already introduced in the market where there is a virtual stadium where you can have the thrill of game day experiences with your friends, right from the comfort of your room. Even the tourism industry has jumped onboard, the resent research says in coming 30 years, the way of tourism will be overthrown by VR as it offers an inexpensive and easy way to travel over the map.

After gaming, education, travelling, entertainment, here comes the healthcare sector which has been a bog adopter of VR. This technology can be used to help those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or in surgical training without causing any injury to the patients.

With all above explanation, we understand how virtual reality has achieved the true interactivity with the participants. VR makes the impossible possible by tricking our eyes, and brain, into thinking we’re someplace else. This technology aims to alter our lives in stumbling ways. Instead of watching the Jurassic world in theatre, you’ll look up at a dinosaur slobbering over you with VR. It is estimated that by 2020, VR will have generated around 30 billion dollars and the number of active VR users will strike to 171 million.

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Of 1996, Professor Samuel Oak is forming a new Pokémon World with millions of Pokémon trainers again in 2016

Pokémon Go has really taken off the gigantic outset in the market. Though the company hasn’t declared any official number yet, Apple has officially revealed that Pokémon Go has broken the record for the highest number of downloads during the week of the launch on the App Store.

Nearly just two weeks after its launch on 6th July of 2016, Niantic’s Pokémon Go has barrelled more than 75 million downloads across U.S till now from Google Play and the iOS App Store, according to Sensor Tower ( Meanwhile in Australia and New Zealand, it scores 50 million installs, another major lifetime milestone.

This widely popular game has turned out to be a pop culture fever. Millions of people are playing Pokémon Go to “catch Pokémon”, but if we track down the users’ details, most of them belong to twentieth century. Look back at the days of 2000’s, think how kids were crazy about the Pokémon comic, shows and collecting Pokémon cards. There are millions and millions of people who grew up with Pokémon. Remember, how Red started his journey becoming a Pokémon trainer, his toughest time to interact with his Pokémon, the chronicle story of his journey! Now, with Pokémon Go you are being introduced to the opportunity where you can be the Pokémon trainer like Red and Blue.

Pokémon GO is not like other ordinary video game. This game offers a unique new video game format combining with mobile technology and real-life locations. Players can find, “lure”, earn badges with every new level and catch Pokémon at their locations, requiring them to explore their local neighbourhoods, cities, parks and public spaces. Think about it, the world which we used to watch in TV, the world about which we used to fantasize, is now introduced to you, you can interact with it, then why wouldn’t we download it and get on with it? While these people serve as the primary user base, but they are not the only people who play this game. Because, this is the biggest mobile game release in 2016 and there are people who are playing just to see what all the fuss is about! Pokémon Go is remodeling the connections and interactions between people. The full impact of this game is on the way people live, communicate and shop could be quite profound.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs with Google had made a similar style of game in the past called Ingress. While John Hanke’s (CEO, Ninantic) innovation served well as a prototype, it was by no means a wild success; it caught the attention of Tsunekazu Ishihara (CEO, The Pokémon Company).  Together they stick the Pokémon licence on it and feed everyone the dream of being a trainer and basically giving context as to why you should do something like this, it breeds excitement to finally try something different than the typical mobile game experience.

But there is something else too that excites people, is the community, it’s fun walking down the street and seeing someone who you would never have thought plays something like Pokémon Go and catching a glimpse of their screen and seeing Pokémon on it, it’s just fun.

Isn’t it fun playing Pokémon Go? This is completely AR-based game. We can make it for you too, since our company has been named as ‘Best Gaming Software Companies, 2015’ by  STPI.

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Gamified training of knife gate valve


Heavy industries like oil & natural gas, mining, manufacturing, etc., entail risky and remote working conditions. Gamification of industrial training using game engines like Unity3D can enable training in virtually location independent safer environments. Juego Studios has been working with one of the largest oil & energy companies to gamify their product training modules. In this case study we will discuss about the gamification of the training process for their Knife Gate Valve.


Our team used Unity3D game engine which allows creating extensive simulated 3D environments and enables users to interact within it. Equipment, large machines and their parts can beeasily virtually simulated to create training modules for their safety instructions, maintenance, assembly or disassembly, operations, etc.

For the training involved with Knife Gate Valve,

The following were the key training modules which needed to be gamified:

  • Safety Procedures
  • Operation
  • Assembly
  • Disassembly
  • Installation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Packing & Logistics
  • Troubleshooting
  • Product Features & Showcase

For this case study, we will be discussing only the gamification of training of the safety procedures to be followed for the Knife Gate Valve.

General Features of the Gamified Training Module:

The gamified training module has the following general features:

  • 3D real-life virtually simulated environment
  • 3D model of the Knife Gate Valve & its components
  • Real-life industrial work benches virtually simulated
  • 3D tools to be used on the Knife Gate Valve
  • 3D simulation of larger equipment like fork lifts & bridge cranes
  • Video or animated instructions for training
  • Tracking & monitoring of the users’ performance
  • Creation of reports and suggestion of improvements

Safety Procedures Training Gamified:

One of the primary areas of gamification of training was the gamification of safety procedures to be followed.

Safety procedures were categorized as follows:

  • Safety procedures to be followed to enter an industrial environment. This was independent of the product or the specific training module.
  • Safety procedures to be followed in cleaning the environment during preparation for any specific module. This set of safety procedures is specific to the cleaning process involved in preparation for any specific training module.
  • Safety procedures to be followed while checking the correct size of the Knife Gate Valve. This set of safety procedures is specific to asserting the correct size in preparation for any specific training module.
  • Safety procedures specific to any training module. This set of safety procedures is specific to the training module to be carried out, like assembly of the Knife Gate Valve.
  • Safety procedures to be followed for operation bridge crane.
  • Safety procedures to be followed for the quality check (QC) of the Knife Gate Valve, after the specific training module, for example, QC after assembly of the Knife Gate Valve.

Reporting & Analytics:

The tracking, monitoring & reporting of user’s performance in the gamified training enables real-time analysis of the strength and improvement areas. This also allows the users to train at various locations and to be monitored from any location.


Since Unity can be used to create applications for most of the platforms, the gamified training application is accessible on tablets, desktops, web based browsers & consoles.

As a progression to such gamification of training, the gamified training application can also be used in the same simulated 3D gamified training in a more immersive way by creating a virtual reality application which can run on devices like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, to name a few. Such a virtual reality application can be virtually immersive and provide most of the virtual experiences of a real life environment.


Juego Studios is a Bangalore based game development company. Juego Studios has worked with more than 100 companies, including Fortune 500 companies, in creating more than 300 games. Juego Studios game experts also realized that gaming engines like Unity and Unreal can be utilized to create solutions for non-gaming industries like the heavy industries. Also with the advent of gamification in many of the industry sectors, it makes a natural sense for Juego Studios to offer its expertise, in helping to create such gamified solutions.




Creating revenue through gaming

Businesses looking for game development services want the perfect way to target a potential market of customers. Games on mobile devices and consoles have been increasing in many recent years and offer the opportunity to target a specific demographic of gamers. Customers find games as a way to relax during times of waiting or times of stress. Game enthusiasts are active with digital devices that are opportunistic for marketing. Businesses find that these opportunistic times are the best times to reach out to customers through gaming. Businesses are taking more advantage of releasing mobile games to the customers as a vehicle to create a revenue stream.


Games can produce passive revenue fruit advertising and purchase upgrades. Banner advertising founding games produce a constant revenue stream. Gaming customers upgrade playing capability by purchasing an upgrade to an existing free game. The popularity of games continues to increase. Games being released have yet to reach a saturation in the market. Producing games to the market to reach customers is a new frontier in business.


The interest in games continue to rise because of the emerging technologies. 3D and augmented virtual reality games are being released with customers finding interest in games that provide a more real lifelike experience. The hardware such as cell phones and tablet computers have evolved allowing more gesture controls that give greater capability to games. New functionality provides an enhanced experience for the gaming customer. This is generating an addictive nature 2 games which cause customers to take greater interest in this type of product. Businesses can capitalize on this interest by customers using advertising and feature upgrades.

Businesses look for developers who create collaborative games requiring multiple users. Popular games that take advantage of multiple users help increase the gaming customer population. This gives a broader reach for businesses taking advantage of advertising on games and feature upgrade on the games. A game with a more real lifelike experience and requiring multiple users has the best reach and greater profitability for a business. These type of games have gained attraction in the marketplace and businesses are taking advantage.


Mobile device technology continues to evolve each year as new products are being displayed at trade shows around the world. The new devices that are released each year come with capabilities that increase the potential experience that games can offer the gaming customer market. The evolution of hardware continues to drive the fast evolution of games. To keep up, the game development companies continuosly strive to meet the demands of the customer and the capabilities of mobile devices.


The realistic feel of an augmented virtual reality experience with 3D gaming comes from the artistic talents of technical developers. The game developers will create the best artistic design of characters and landscapes  in a game that customers desire. Games can quickly become obsolete and useless in terms of drawing revenue if it does not have the attractive lifelike experience. That experience comes from incredible characters with amazing landscapes using the most powerful colors in a 3D environment that supports the augmented virtual reality experience.

Future of Game Development

Juego Studios make sure they create sought after games. Many mainstream developers around the world develop video games for consoles, tablets, computers, and mobile devices. The unity engine  has reached more than 15 platforms. It takes advantage of a variety of APIs for various mobile operating systems. This allows seamless operation of games played across different platforms. The benefit of the unity engine is the lower cost development because a single source authoring simplifies the development of work across platforms.


Juego Studio use JavaScript and C+ using the unity platform to provide enhanced performance. The development process operates on .Net using a debugger integration for faster creation. It also uses FMOD audio engine that is considered one of the most powerful sound engines around the world. Quality assurance is managed by the preview functionality of unity to save time and reduce bugs. This also considers how much to simulate the games for computers and mobile devices. There are many editors and tools with plugins that make a more customized and flexible mobile game.


The evolving technology of the ubiquitous smartphones, carried by most consumers, has continued to evolve rapidly providing more computing power in the consumer’s hands. This has also increased the gaming experience potential desired by consumers who are active gamers. Unity game development company uses the resources that unity offers to create the best mobile gaming experience possible, that is maximized by the hardware and operating system of mobile devices. Today’s consumers have the expectation to fully take advantage of the hardware capabilities of mobile devices for their gaming experience. Mobile devices are evolving closer to virtual reality and 3D gaming experience.


Juego Studios takes full advantage of the unity game engine to maximize the player’s experience with graphics, audio, physics, interactions, and networking. The end product is a game with a life-like experience that matches the physical aspects of kinetic energy, life-like sound, and the collaboration tools online for shared gaming. The interest in online gaming using mobile devices has been driven by the convenience of the ubiquitous smartphone and the friendly collaborative gaming experience. The online networking through games has become another aspect of social networking that consumers want. That social networking is more effective when it has a more life-like experience.