Gamified training of knife gate valve

INTRODUCTION Heavy industries like oil & natural gas, mining, manufacturing, etc., entail risky and remote working conditions. Gamification of industrial training using game engines like Unity3D can enable training in virtually location independent safer environments. Juego Studios has been working with one of the largest oil & energy companies to gamify their product training modules.(…)

Creating revenue through gaming

Businesses looking for game development services want the perfect way to target a potential market of customers. Games on mobile devices and consoles have been increasing in many recent years and offer the opportunity to target a specific demographic of gamers. Customers find games as a way to relax during times of waiting or times(…)

Future of Game Development

Juego Studios make sure they create sought after games. Many mainstream developers around the world develop video games for consoles, tablets, computers, and mobile devices. The unity engine  has reached more than 15 platforms. It takes advantage of a variety of APIs for various mobile operating systems. This allows seamless operation of games played across(…)

How to Make Money out of Mobile Games?

Having a great idea for a mobile game is not enough for you to start making money out of it. You have hired the best game development team to execute your idea, but if you don’t know what to do after it has been created, chances are that your creation can go completely unnoticed, forcing(…)

Understanding What It Takes To Become A Creative Game Designer

While playing games on their smartphones, online, or on some other mobile gadget, the creative folks would have, at some point of time in their life, thought of altering roles from being a gamer to a game developer. For such people, options are just too many; nonetheless, when it comes to choosing the right resource(…)