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By Juegostudio | App Development | November 15th, 2020

Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2021

Mobile apps have gained enormous popularity, especially since the last decade. Whether it be your favorite battlefield game or multi-tasking with a health monitoring routine, you can find apps everywhere inseparably integrated with your daily life. Exciting content, wonderful graphics, stimulating audio-visual experiences are now at your fingertips. However, do you know what goes on in the backend to create such stunning applications? Mobile app development frameworks provide the necessary backend infrastructure to develop these useful front-end applications.

There are broadly three types of mobile app development frameworks, namely, native, web-based, and hybrid. Native apps are those which cater to a specific platform while web-based apps are more suited for different web-based platforms. A hybrid app development framework on the other hand allows one to develop apps for various platforms in one go. This article talks about some of the top mobile application development frameworks for 2021. There are a plethora of mobile app development frameworks. However, based on a few important parameters such as cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and other aspects, the following are few.

10 Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2021:

1. React Native

This is a cross-platform and one of the most widely used web-based mobile application development frameworks. Powered by Java Script and developed by Facebook, React Native is a favorite open-source framework that is commonly used for both Android as well as iOS.

Some of the popular apps developed using React Native are Instagram and SoundCloud.

2. Flutter

If you are looking for a quick route in your mobile or web development journey, then Flutter could be the perfect choice for you. Developed by Google, this is an extremely popular UI framework that eases the process of cross-platform application development for Android and iOS in a cost-effective manner. It also has easy drag and drops features which offer very strong widget support. This helps in faster development and turnaround times.

Google Ads, Space X Go are some of the popular web- based applications developed using Flutter.

3. Xamarin

With a large community base and recently being acquired by Microsoft, Xamarin is suitable for app development in Android, iOS as well as Windows. It offers easy API integration and is supported by .Net. Most importantly, this is open-source as well.

Alaska Airlines is a well known application that has been developed using Xamarin.

4. Mobile Angular UI

If you are looking for a cost-effective and light-weight, yet at the same time, fully responsive and powerful framework, Mobile Angular UI might be a great tool. Not only does it combine the power of Bootstrap and Angular, two of the most popular web development frameworks, but also integrates Java-based features which are extremely rich. It is also very easy to convert from a web-based application to a mobile-based application using this framework.

IKeyBox is a site that has been developed using Mobile Angular UI.

5. Ionic

Powered by its command-line interface, Ionic is extremely handy when it comes to cross-platform application development using HTML, CSS or JavaScript for Android or iOS. Based on AngularJS, this framework is great for fast application development with a great UI experience.

Market Watch is a popular application that helps screening stocks and gaining powerful knowledge and insights about the market. Such a rich and powerful application has been developed using Ionic.

6. PhoneGap

When it comes to web design and illustrations, what name strikes you first? Most of you would have thought about Adobe. Absolutely right! Acquired by Adobe in 2011, PhoneGap is an extremely versatile mobile app development framework that uses HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to develop cross-platform web apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Wikipedia has been built using PhoneGap which highlights the data storage and security capabilities that can be easily integrated as well.

7. Framework 7

Framework 7 is yet another powerful framework that combines the power of Vue.js and Reacts to power web development frameworks. With a rich ecosystem of different customizable widgets and seamless maintenance. Framework 7 is a great tool for mobile application development. This framework is also open-source and extremely cost effective for ones who are constrained by budgets, yet would like to get the best possible features at their fingertips.

8. Intel XDK

If you are looking for a mobile app framework with a great drag and drop feature to avoid all the coding mess, Intel XDK is best for you. It comes with great extensibility for Android, iOS, Windows as well as Nook. This is a great framework especially for the time-strapped and less tech-savvy developers or beginners who would just like to try out something new to start off with.

9. Appcelerator Titanium

This mobile app framework provides a one-stop solution for all mobile application development needs. With its rich set of independent APIs, this is the right choice for you if you would like to avoid working with multiple software and libraries – you get all in one bundle.

10. JQuery Mobile

Yet another powerful mobile app development framework is JQuery Mobile. With a host of powerful widgets like images and content sliders, this HTML-based framework is suitable especially for those who emphasize a lot on cross-platform compatibility. Various add-on themes could be added to the lightweight stack to make the framework more powerful and responsive.


There are a huge number of mobile application development frameworks. The large number can seem to be overwhelming at first to a beginner in the field of web development and mobile design and development. However, careful research can save a lot of hassles in the middle of a project. Each mobile app development framework comes with a lot of unique features. While most of the top frameworks are similar in many aspects, some provide unique offerings which would be good to know to differentiate yourself from your competition.

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