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Despite the presence of mobile phones, tablets consoles and several other gadgets, PC and desktop games are still popular choices for gamers all across the world. Juego Studios develops fun and exciting 2D & 3D games for desktops and PCs. Our team has some of the best PC game developers in the field who've experience creating games across various genres ranging from action and strategy to horror and MMPORGs.

Desktop Game Development

Discover phenomenon PC game development with Juego Studios

Despite the presence of mobile phones, tablets, and several other gadgets that deliver a great gaming experience, nothing can ever beat the ultimate experience of desktop games.

  • Realizing the potential of desktop game and upholding it to a superior level, the experienced mobile game developers at Juego Studios are creating exciting and engaging desktop games which leads us as one of the best gaming companies in India.
  • Over the years Juego Studio has built a strong Desktop game development muscle with excellent game development services, quality assurance and timely delivery.

Tools & Technologies

Here are the few tools; we work with for our desktop game development.

  • Unity 3D: Since Unity3D supports both 2D & 3D game development across various platforms, this is the tool of choice for PC game developers. See more
  • Unreal: The Unreal Engine is ideal for creating complex AAA games and also supports VR integration.
  • Cocos2d-x: With its ability to support broad range of platforms, this is the most popular open source option for making desktop & PC games.
The Emerald Maiden Game Developed for a client in Santa Clara, California
Emerald-Maiden: Strategy Hidden Objective Game

What we offer:

  • Expertise on different platforms: Our game developers have created games for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • End-to-end game development solutions: Concept art, UI design, asset production, development, coding and testing.
  • Affordable rates: We minimize the overheads to provide cost-effective services.
  • Matchless quality: We follow a rigorous QA and testing process for all of our games from simple 2D platformers to high-powered AAA games.

What sets us apart:

When it comes to game designing and development, we excel in both technical and creative aspects. What sets us apart:

  • Complete client engagement and involvement right from the commencement of the project.
  • Agile methodology.
  • Maintenance support and services.
  • Feedback & suggestions from our team on every sprint.
Gentrix, a Realistic Space Adventure Game  Developed for a client in Washington USA
Genetrix: MMORTS Game Development

Desktop games for various platforms

We provide desktop game development services for the following platforms:

  • Windows: We have created some impressive Windows PC games for our clients from Putney, San Jose and San Francisco. Our well versed game architects have proper knowledge on specific game development technologies to introduce exciting 3D games on windows platform. See more
  • Mac: Mac OS includes an integrated pile of graphics, technologies which endow the games developed on it with an engaging visual experience. It provides both advanced visual environments and incredible graphics to your applications.
  • Linux: We love to create enticing Linux based games for the users. With the growing number of Linux users, it has become even more challenging for us to design games that raise the standard of the gaming industry.

Stringent quality checks

  • Whether it is a high-powered complex game or a simple engaging thoughtful game, we will render our game development services to the best assistance. From the concept, devising development strategies to performance assessment and testing, we perform every single process with utmost diligence.
  • Our games are passed through several stringent levels of quality checks to ensure an error and bug-free delivery.
  • Our services are not only restricted to development, but we also provide consultation services to our clients.
Betting Application Case Study - Done by Juego Studios, one of the best App Development Company
Virtual-Sports: Realtime Fantasy Sports

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