Facebook Game Development

Facebook Game Development

Develop addictive Facebook games with Juego Studios

In the first quarter of 2016, Facebook has seized 1.65 billion monthly active users and 1.51 billion mobile users, revealed Facebook. This determines how the social media is attracting the engagement of the audience. One of the biggest reasons of this is Facebook's addictive mini games.

  • Playing games with your real identities, competing with your real life friends and colleagues allows you for a different gaming thrill by sharing what popularly known as social emotions on the social networking site.
  • Like millions of Facebook users out there, you probably know it is the best place to showcase your talent and get the worth. You plan the gaming idea and we will design and develop it into what you have ever wanted the game to be.
  • At Juego Studios, our game developers and designers can provide you complete solutions regarding Facebook game development.

Why select Facebook Game Development with us?

  • An invincible user experience: We will transport you to a complete make-believe world of unadulterated fun and excitement, with our Facebook game development services.
  • Top Facebook Game Developers: Our team consists of expert Facebook game developers developing 2D & 3D appealing games.
  • Special Feature: Our Facebook game development process includes games that are featured with social interaction and strategic gameplay experience.
  • Quality Deliverables: Enjoy the thrilling actions packed deliverables with consistency and fun factors.
  • Porting apps on the different platform: We port Facebook games to iOS games, Android, PC, Windows and vice versa.
  • Monetization Support: We help you to add all the ingredients to monetize your applications.

Reasons behind marketing your games on Facebook

  • Games in the social media have tremendous potential for growth. And this is how to engage your audience more in an attracting way.
  • The good news is, creating simple social games in your page's timeline, will boost your page's interaction.
  • Mini games in Facebook are undoubtedly fun to play but the main reason to make it addictive is of the multiplayer in the games. The users are connected to millions of other Facebook users who can be friends, colleagues, relatives, and strangers, with bringing lot of fun. This will create a strong user base of your business. In another way, it also helps to improve your visibility without spending a lot of money.
  • These Facebook games also help to produce a huge amount of online revenues.
  • Facebook games are going beyond the limitations of specific devices. Users nowadays prefer to connect over various devices, thereby broadening the scope of developing Facebook games on multiple platforms.
  • One of the vital things is developing the game in Facebook is a cost effective option for any business.

Technologies used

We at Juego Studios, as a Facebook Game Development company, believe technology should not be a barrier. Our team is adaptive and always updated to latest technologies to get the maximum utilization. While working on your project, we will strive hard towards bringing latest game development technologies to the table. We use technologies like

  • Cocos2D-X
  • Unity 3D
  • Unreal
  • OpenGL/ ES +
  • Scripting Languages


Reasons to associate with Juego Studios

Apart from technical expertise and intense knowledge, we also believe in the finest business practices. Some of our business values are:

  • Transparent pricing policy:We always keep loyalty to our clients which promote our business values.
  • Cost-effectiveness: We hate to wallop your account books. The Android Games we create will fit within your budget.
  • Innovation: Innovative thoughts and ideas are what we bank upon. Our game developers are artists in disguise, always aiming to create something out-of-the-box.

Make the move

Starting your online game project with Juego Studios is simple. Share your game concept or idea with us through email or call. If you have made a detailed game design document, then contact us.