• Battle Gems Game Developed by Juego Studios, Best Game Developers
    10 Million + Downloads on iOS & Android stores

    Technologies : Unity3D, Photon
    A gem battle puzzle game with monsters so epic that you'll forget you're still in the bathroom.

    You’'re a busy hero. You have dragons to rescue and princesses to defeat. Or is it the other way around? Join the other players in a race to the fire-erupting, skull-faced volcano lair at the top of the world map. It'’s called Mount Death Dread Doom Skull. Within it, you will find the ultimate prize. The path there is an unforgettable adventure, fraught with peril (… and puns). Battle dragons, zombies, and over a hundred unique monsters serving delusional arch villains.


    • A battle/puzzle game with monsters
    • Boss Powers - defeat bosses and take their powers
    • Different Cutscenes
    • Animated Skills – fireballs, jump spin attacks, pet tornados... you get the idea
    • An insane cast of quirky characters
    • Challenge fights
    • Full Character Customisation
  • Hopster Ebooks Game Developed by Juego Studios, Top Mobile Game Developers
    Featured by Apple on iTunes Store, KidScreen Awards 2016

    Technologies : Cocos2d-x
    Hopster combines award-winning kids TV shows, books, learning games and classic nursery rhymes in a safe and ad-free environment, both at home and on-the-go. The ideal app for preschoolers and parents, it is already trusted by over 800,000 families.


    • Kids Books: eBooks, Audiobooks, Video Books
    • Games developed with learning in mind
    • A 100% SAFE and Ad-free app built just for kids.
    • COPPA and KidSAFE certified app for toddlers
    • An Award Winning App: KidScreen Award 2016, App Stores Best of 2016, 2015, 2014
    • #1 Kids entertainment and learning app for 0-5 year olds in 35 countries
  • Pixel Mall Game Developed by Juego Studios, AR Game Development
    10 Million + Downloads on iOS & Android stores

    Technologies : Unity3D, Photon
    Hire and command staffs, and manage and upgrade the building to create the best mall the townsfolk has ever seen! Being a boss is really fun, but at the same time tough, too! Prepare to experience the UPS and DOWNS of business management!


    • Role Playing Game with Pixel-Art.
    • Upgrade your market with new shops, and shop upgrades to maximise your serving capabilities.
    • Use items to maximise your profits
    • Employ and upgrade staff to handle the steady, impatient stream of adventurers
    • Watch out for the legends, the VIP's, for big earnings
    • Challenge & Compete with your friends
  • The Hobbit Game - Developed by Juego Studios, Game Development Company in USA
    3+ Million Downloads

    An ancient enemy has returned to Middle-earth. Sauron, the Dark Lord, has sent forth legions of Orcs in a stealth attack upon the Lonely Mountain. As darkness converges on their escalating conflict, the races of Dwarves, Elves and Men must decide—- unite or be destroyed.

    Choose to battle as Humans, Dwarves, Elves or Orcs to see which group will earn a spot atop the leaderboard. Switch between characters for a tactical advantage, and then play as the hero to finish the fight!

  • Bunny Run Game Developed by Juego Studios, Game Development Services
    7 Million + Downloads on Android stores

    Technologies : Unity3D
    Run or get eaten! A speedy little bunny needs to escape the clutches of a terrifying Grizzly Bear in Bunny Run!

    Bunny Run is a FREE game with addictive and exhilarating arcade gameplay. Help the cute bunny as he runs, jumps, slides and whirls through the underbrush to outrun and outmaneuver the fearsome Grizzly Bear in this high-octane chase!


    • Amazing 3D running game !
    • Visit 8 different forests on all 7 continents
    • Unlock and play more wild animals as characters
    • Gear up with upgradeable equipment that will help you survive longer
    • Lots of different power-ups to unlock and upgrade as you play
    • Give Bunny a head start! Purchase utility items for him to use in his escape
    • Play daily for a chance to win bonus items
    • Unlock more missions to receive bonus rewards
  • Hello Kitty Orchard Game - Developed by Juego Studios, iPhone Game Development Company
    “ Ranked No. 1 on Android Play Store “

    Technologies : Unity3D
    Welcome to Hello Kitty's Orchard. Hello Kitty and friends are looking to get their garden in order, but need your help decorating it.

    The friends need your help to collect fruit which they can sell. With the money earned from collecting fruit, the garden can be filled with the cutest chairs, flowers, and decorations available!


    • Familiar but challenging gameplay. Keep your eyes open for pesky bugs and birds who also want the fruit
    • - 8 different Sanrio characters to upgrade and equip, making your basket and ball the perfect tool for collecting fruit
    • - Nearly 200 challenging levels
    • - 30 unique, and super cute items to decorate your garden with
    • - Compete with your friends on Facebook, and share pictures of your garden
  • Wrogn Auditions Game Developed by Juego Studios, 2D Game Development
    “ 20000+ Concurrent Users“

    Technologies : Cocos2D-X
    Are you wrong enough for WROGN? Take the WROGN Auditions with this app, answer 10 questions and you could win an epic hangover in Vegas for you and three for your friends. Other prizes include over 10,000 WROGN tees. Get cracking.


    • Wrogn auditions with the Indian Capt. Virat Kohli !!.
    • 10 Questions, Answer them all right and win a trip to Vegas with 2 of your friends Get one wrong and you are out !!.
    • Speak with Virat Kholi himself on a telephonic call.
    • Unlimited number of tries.
    • Get through the auditions and also win a chance to win cool prizes.
  • Puma Gunners Game - Developed by Juego Studios, Mobile Game Development
    “ 2 Million + Downloads “

    Technologies : Cocos2D-X
    Engage with your favourite Arsenal Football club with this engaging AR based shooter game . Aim, shoot , score & Win .


    • The new Arsenal Football Club Kit with Puma Gunners
    • The game that gets you close to your team.
    • Are u ready ?
    • Aim. Shoot. Score. Win
    • Download, score big and win a trip for you and a friend to London to watch Arsenal Play