Gamification app for sales training

Gamification app for sales training - Developed by Juego Studios, Android Game Development Company in USA

Gamification apps in workplace training

Gamification is the concept of applying elements of gaming, such as levels and scoreboards to non-game situations. Gamification apps have huge potential in workplace training and the development of learning modules. Game-based training introduces bits of content over time, which has better results when compared to conventional training sessions. Graphics and visual aids make it easier to digest complex material, while in-game rewards provide incentives for completing training modules.

Juego Studios developed a gamification app to train the sales reps of Sun Pharma. Sales reps are required to learn and recall a large amount of information on products, in addition to upgrading their on-job skillsets. The purpose of the app was to gamify standard training material to introduce new information and train employees in an engaging and fun manner, while encouraging healthy competition. The app is designed to allow information discovery as well as act as a learning reinforcement and memory aid.


The app is compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

Graphics and UI:

The app uses contemporary flat graphics in combination with a simple, clean UI. The user home screen features an easy-to-use dashboard with links to display points and badges, leaderboard stats and points redemption. Progress bars are displayed for each skillset.


The app uses the popular ideas of ninjas and dojos to create a fun, positive association with learning and training. In this scenario, users are sales ninjas who embark on a journey to become sales senseis, led by a veteran ninja .Through the course of the game, ninjas are tested on their knowledge of company products and sales skills to master different skillsets. A progressive level map displays the various quizzes in each skillset. Users can also read up on relevant subjects in the Temple, a knowledge repository containing PDFs with training material.


The users work their way through multiple choice quizzes on various topics. There are a total of 4 levels, each with topic based multiple sub-levels. Objective type ‘Knowledge’ quizzes need to be completed to unlock ‘Samurai’ quizzes, which require subjective and critical thinking, in each level.

Incentive strategies:

The app provides incentives for learning in the following ways:

  • Creating milestones: Users move through increasing levels of difficulty to upgrade their skillsets.
  • Rewarding success: Users gain points and badges for successfully completing achievements. Points can be redeemed for rewards and prizes within the company
  • Highlighting achievements: Sales is a highly competitive field which focuses on achievements. A global leaderboard displays highest ranking users to promote healthy competition.

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