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Remodel your business with Juego Studios’ spectacular solutions with IoT

Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT, is shifting the scale of businesses making them smarter day by day. Bain’s prediction reveals that the revenue for IoT vendors will exceed $470 billion by 2020. Establishing smarter interaction with customers, IoT is going to become one stop solution for every industry. IoT merges data created by humans with data generated by machines for real time operations like in home automation system, connected vehicles and geo fencing.

  • Juego Studios offers solutions with IoT to revamp your business in smarter way.
  • With end to end IoT solutions, we offer secure, smart and connected experience.
  • IoT helps to connect increasing plethora of devices. Juego Studios’ IoT applications help to build the connection with one touch through smartphones or smart devices.
  • With an experienced team of developers, we offer you a complete IoT solutions for many domains like connected factories, smart buildings or home automation systems, connected vehicles and connected field service.
IoT Services from Juego Studios, iOS Game Development Company

IoT service offerings

  • Geo-fencing & map creation: We offer apps based on geo-fencing solution with IoT to display traffic data or set of vehicles in map for 24*7 hours. This solution provides more connected map including a new layer of information.

    Intrating Big Data & IoTe have developed a 3D map for a particular location that guides users across bunisses and enables them to search for places such as hospitals, clinics, shopping malls, restaurant and parks, anytime from their mobiles.

  • Connected devices: From indoor to outdoor, we create apps to connect smart devices through IoT. From smart home automation to smart office, we offer seemless integration of multiple operations to provide a really connected experience.
  • Vehicle tracking system: Through IoT solution, we offer vehicle tracking applications by integrating cloud computing with your smartphone and smart vehicle.
Automotive IT Solutions from Juego Studios, one of the best game development company in uk

Benefits of Internet of Things in your business

Cisco reveals that IoT will grow by 21% globally by 2022. Let’s have a look on the benefits of IoT in real life.

  • IoT helps to reduce manpower. Whether it is about managing any hazardous situation or monotonous tasks, IoT comes in the picture. IoT helps to create a smarter world with connected devices that means, we can turn on any machine or control a whole factory with a tap of a button from our smart devices.
  • With smart connectivity with machines and devices IoT helps to reduce physical human errors that save time and cost.
  • IoT adds new visibility of system behaviour that shows new insight into one’s business.
  • Utilizing IoT in any process, one can transform it into a smart system driving innovation and efficiency.
  • Importantly, transforming every service into smart-service, IoT improves the business efficiency that leads new revenue opportunities and also raises customer engagement attracting new customers.
IoT Services from Juego Studios, iPad Game Development Company

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