Top Oculus Rift games


Virtual Reality is the next big trend and all the big names have already developed their own VR headsets. We have witnessed the explosion of Virtual Reality experiences and solutions in 2017. Among all the devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus stands first in the queue in terms of quality and user experience. Oculus Rift is in the market for a long time now and many immersive games have been released till date with Oculus Rift development. Here we have discussed about top Oculus Rift games.

Robo Recall: Produced by Epic Games, Robo Recall has been one of the highest quality games. In the game, the player enters into a virtual world where robots are going against human. Players have to destroy each of them. It is a total fun-filled based game as players can rip the limbs out of the robot and can also use them like a weapon. In the game, the time dilation and teleportation mechanism are top notch.

Price: $29.99

Chronos: The players who love to play traditional video games and searching for the right VR game, then Chronos is the right option for them. The game plot revolves around full pitched of sword duels where players have to save their life against attacks and have to stay alive. VR game developers have developed with the approach of one person view point.

Price: $40

Technolust: The game, Technolust looks like the movie Total Recall as it portrays the dark cyberpunk world. The gameplay shows as an interactive visual scenario and allows players to explore the amazing environment involved with artificial intelligence. The game received many awards because of its beautiful graphics and gameplay. This futuristic Virtual Reality gameplay attracts more players.

Price: $24.99

Edge of Nowhere: Edge of Nowhere is a horror based VR game. The game has been developed by Insomniac Games. The developer has built the game with a first person perspective as the players will feel they are walking under the shoes and will see the view as protagonist. Players will be in the character of Victor Howard, who is on a journey to search his fiance. The game is full of action, scary horror scenes and an interesting storyline keep players engaged. This is one of the few VR games that serves the feeling of AAA titles. Like Chronos, it also puts the camera behind the player in Edge of Nowhere.

Price: $39.99


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