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  • A Letter to Me - Kids mobile game, Developed for a client based in FI, EU

A Letter to Me


Embark on your very own funny adventure - tap the special Birdie friend, look for the mischievous gum-balls, follow the pet friends - personalize your very own avatar, surprise yourself with a letter from your mom, dad or a grandparent, and draw your own pictures and messages at the end of the story.

  • BUILD your own personalized avatar.
  • FOLLOW along with three fun ways to read.
  • EMBARK on your own adventure.
  • LEARN new vocabulary and INTERACT with the animations.
  • SEARCH for Birdie and the gum-balls and guess what they are thinking.
  • RECEIVE a heartfelt letter from your family.
  • DRAW your own pictures and share it with others.

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