Rama Guardian of the flame - Game Developed by Juego Studios in Miami, Florida USA


Rama is an arrow shooter game which is set in the ancient days of Ramayana. Gameplay revolves around the scenario where Rama is fighting with the demons that are obstructing the yaga which delivers ultra-realistic archery experience that features stunning 2D graphics, amazing animations, and simple intuitive controls. This game merges the two concepts of learning Ramayana with animations and the fun of arrow shooting game.

The app is ideal for kids where they will develop morals and values while playing Ramayana inspired game.


  1. Kids' game
  2. Shooter game
  3. Strategy
  4. Survival
  5. Single player game
  6. Historical


  • Unity3D


The game is based on the main character lord Rama and his journey of Ramayana. The game starts with an attractive animation of Rama and Laxman. Then comes the main screen of the gameplay where the player gets the chance to step into the place of Rama and to save the holy yaga invaded by the demons of the jungle. The game works on a cover based system where the character can only traverse from one cover to the next by the press of a button.

In this game, the player will have arrows to shoot the obstacles of demons which try to quench the fire of yaga. The game consists of linear levels with visually changing environments. As soon as you can collect few amounts of arrows you'll be allowed to use special arrows to destroy the demons. Three more special powers are Ghee with which you can bring the flame back, Pacifier which slows down the falling objects and the Blaster which blasts out all the objects on the screen. These all make an interesting variety of arsenal and that's how you can win the war!


  • Kids will learn Ramayana with beautiful animations.
  • Kids will also learn moral values and ethics from the epic poetry.

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