Sankal Kite King Android Game - Developed by Juego Studios, Top Gaming Companies in India


Sankal Kite King is a fun filled kite fighting Android game that offers a realistic kite flying experience to the gamers/ kite flying enthusiasts. The goal is to fight and cut the opposing kites in a battle, in the sky. Gamers need to cut and collect the opponents' kites to earn coins and redeem them in SANKAL STORE to upgrade threads and kites. Madura Coats has also promoted their threads in this game giving the option of choosing threads like BEAR, SANKAL, YUVA and 24 CARAT. In addition, there are also other options like choosing types of kites (Star, Fighter, Roller and Diamond) and environments (Terrace, Beach, City landscape, Plain Ground and Hills).


  1. 2Dgame
  2. Single player game
  3. Casual game
  4. Kite fighting game


  • Game engine: Cocos2d-x
  • Art design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


The game starts with launching the new kite in the sky. After launching the kite, it automatically reaches a certain height and player will have to pull the kite and control it. The player needs to control the movement through the virtual joystick provided in the game screen. The main gameplay is to cut the specified opponent kite in each level while avoiding collision with birds, screen sideways, and other kites. The game has a total of 12 levels and each level has its own objective and difficulty grows relatively with the levels.

Players are also allowed to choose threads, kites and environments of their choice. There are 12 threads of 4 brands each having different cords and cutting edges which imply the different attacking power.


Madura Coats wanted to promote their brand and to engage more customers during the festival of Makar Sankranti.


  • Paytm integration: In the very beginning of the game, a banner will be shown with Paytm logo and text. Clicking on it, it will take user to Paytm page and it will show the available offers.

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