Simulation & Visualization Solutions

Reformulate your business with Juego Studios’ simulation solution

Reformulate your business with Juego Studios’ simulation & visualization solutions

The answer of future innovation is simulation and visualization. Where simulation is replica of operation of any real world process over time, visualization is a process or a technique of creating visual representation or videos in order to portray a message. Today, simulation and visualization have been adopted by all types of industries such as healthcare, training and education, automobile and gaming and as social media has become a powerful platform, visualization has become an effective medium to convey the message. For an instance, ‘Global Forecast to 2021’ says, medical/healthcare simulation will reach $2.27 billion by 2021 with a growth rate of 12%.

  • Over the years, Juego Studios has been offering simulation solutions and graphical user interface along with visualization for many industries.
  • Juego Studios delivers photorealistic & appealing 2D & 3D simulations & visualization that help businesses to present their content in a more appealing way.
  • With our simulation solutions, we offer risk free learning environment for training systems and for interactive medium for engaging customers.
  • With 6+ years of experience in simulation and visualization solutions, we have partnered with several companies including Fortune 500 companies, to provide these solutions for training, sales, marketing and consulting services.

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Industries, we offer simulation and visualization solutions for

  • Healthcare: In healthcare industry, we offer simulation solutions for a variety of applications like, simulation of medical devices, medical practices, surgeries, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical: In pharmaceutical industry we have applied simulation solutions for training of supply chain, manufacturing &operations. We have created visualization of manufacturing of capsules for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies.
  • Automotive: We offer visualization and simulation solutions for training, sales or promotional initiatives for the automotive industry, by creating 3D simulations & visualizations of new product launches, assembly lines, manufacturing, etc.
  • Education & training: With simulation solution, we help in teaching or training by demonstrating the concepts in a better and more interactive manner. Similarly, we have applied our visualization solutions to make training content more interesting and easier to learn.
  • Real estate: We provide complete realistic 3D visualization for residential properties, buildings and hotels including photorealistic visualization of interiors, exterior, 3D floor planning and 360 degree view.

Types of visualization

  • Photorealistic simulation: Photorealistic simulation helps to build 3D rendering process of any plant or any work process.
  • Walkthrough and animations: Through walkthrough we build a complete visit of any place or villas with help of animation.
  • Architectural visualization: With our creative team of developers, we offer photorealistic architectural visualization in a 3D rendering process.
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How simulation and visualization can facilitate your business


  • Simulation provides practical feedback to its users while designing real world systems.
  • Before the system is finally constructed, simulation allows designers to determine the efficiency of the design.
  • Simulation enables system designers to check any problem in each and every level of any process. This allows designers to understand the interaction of all components within the system. This reduces complexity of understanding of any process and training system.
  • By investigating specific designs in designing stage rather than deployment stage of a system, simulation helps to save time and money as it portrays the process accurately.
  • Utilizing intelligent computer graphics, animations and artificial intelligence, simulation dynamically displays behaviour of all components of system providing user a meaningful understanding of the nature of system.


  • Visualization helps to build graphical interfaces or displays, to provide solutions transforming the practical objects into 3D models or 2D image rendered videos.
  • In order to improve the efficiency of communication between service providers and consumers, visualization helps to convey the message in an efficient way. Visualization offers a better clarity, aesthetic appeal in communication.
  • Visual representation in any industry helps to provide clear explanation about any topic and helps to deliver the message clearly.
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  • 3D rendering or visual representation turns the process of representing any message in an attractive way. Thus it helps to enhance customer or employee engagement.
  • By delivering message through animation, visualization reduces the cost of any design process and physical assets.
  • Visualization makes the process of communication faster, easier and more accurate.
  • Visual presentation also improves digital marketing across mediums including social media.

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