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AR based treasure hunt apps

The success of Pokemon Go has highlighted a number of possibilities offered by using location-based Augmented Reality to create engaging games and apps. Digitally interactive treasure hunt apps are combining the idea of a conventional physical scavenger hunt with the world of augmented reality. AR allows the overlay of virtual elements over a real-world location, which can be perceived using digital devices like smartphones.

AR based treasure hunts can be used to create a sequence of location-based clues and can be spread over larger areas. They’re a great way to easily and seamlessly engage hundreds of players, minus the logistical complications of conventional treasure hunts. These can also serve as local marketing and promotional tools for brands, products and events as they are highly engaging and interactive.

GPS Treasure Hunt

Juego Studios developed GPS Treasure Hunt, a geo-location based promotional app with AR features that leads users on a scavenger hunt for real prizes. The app places virtual treasures at a particular location which is revealed to users via a series of clues.


Users who download the app and register receive periodic notifications when new treasures are unlocked. The treasures are real world goodies which are being given away as promotional freebies. Step by step location clues which are timed apart, lead to the final treasure. The first location clue reveals the broad geographic area within which the treasure is located. The second clue reveals a micro perspective, while the final clue pinpoints the exact location of the treasure. Users must follow location clues and race ahead of their competitors to find the treasure. On reaching the location, the app uses the phone’s camera to bring up an augmented-reality view to reveal special keys in the area. The first person to collect all keys is deemed the winner and receives the real-world prize.

UI and interface:

GPS Treasure Hunt is designed with a sleek, clean interface with minimal elements for contemporary appeal. Simple location pins pinpoint treasures while product icons are used to represent collectables in AR view.


GPS Treasure Hunt was developed for iOS and Android devices.

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