Like Pokemon Go but gifts instead of pokemons

GPS treasure app : The idea of the app is to give gifts/prizes to the users who reach the target location. This target location is GPS based and will be added from the admin site by the admin. The gifts/prizes will be limited so the first users to reach the given location and claim the treasure will be rewarded.


  • Tracking treasure location via GPS
  • AR-based gameplay
  • Collecting the keys/ product icons via AR
  • Google maps  to reach the Area > Block > Street > Location.
  • Login via mobile number and verify OTP.
  • Add new gift/prize
  • List all gift/prize and winners via admin panel
  • Push notifications for new treasures
  • Promoting the famous company brands/ logo’s
  • Share the app through Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.
  • Treasure history
  • Unity based Analytics
  • Static Tutorial


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