Lazy Horse - Metaverse

Lazy Horse is a metaverse project. Users access an exclusive virtual horse racing club and 10,000 NFTs hosted on the Cronos blockchain. The game has P2E mechanics where players enter a race after staking an amount. Each race will be held with up to 6 six players. In addition to racing, users can also breed offspring using their existing horse NFTs. Users can choose two NFTs to breed, and a new NFT will be created as the offspring.


  • Multi-player gameplay
  • Virtual horse races
  • Custom NFT marketplace
  • Token-based staking
  • In-game breeding mechanics
  • P2E gameplay
Lazy Horse

Operon Origins

Operon Origins is an NFT-based card-action game where the NFTs are the cards. Operon Origins has an NFT marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade cards. Players can use either real-money or virtual tokens converted from the in-game currency to shop in this marketplace.

The marketplace drops new NFTs regularly.

  • Hold, sell, and transfer collectible cards
  • Regular auctions on limited edition NFTs
  • 100+ cards to collect
Operon Origins

Age of Gods

A Play-To-Earn NFT Card Game Technology: Binance Smart Chain Age of Gods is an NFT-based card game with an in-game marketplace, PvP battles and tournaments, a PvE campaign, and a guild system. AOG centers around play-to-earn card gameplay. Players own cards of different gods, each of which is a limited edition NFT hosted in the Binance blockchain. In the AOG marketplace, players can exchange these cards and other NFTs and earn money. Furthermore, the game has a progression system, boss battles, and various in-game challenges.

PvE Campaign Mode: Single-player mode with unique levels and big bosses allows players to earn tokens.

Guild Mode: Multi-player mode with guild battles, guild store, and guild challenges.

Leaderboard: Global leaderboard where players can showcase their achievements.

Age of Gods

Scrooge Gold

Scrooge Gold is a casino game with a crypto token integrated. The unique crypto token is called Scrooge Coin. Based on the players’ holding of Scrooge Coin, they Scrooge Chips. Scrooge Chips are tokens players use to play the games in Scrooge Gold. Scrooge Gold has two games: Slot Machine and Texas Hold’Em Poker.

  • Unique Crypto Token
  • Leaderboard
  • Multi-Player Features: Up to 9 players at a time
  • Login System: Login via Facebook, Game Centre or as a Guest
  • Player Profile: Custom Player Profile with Avatar and Stats
Scrooge Gold

Game X Change

Game X Change is a blockchain-based project. It lets players convert their in-game currencies into a cryptocurrency called Game X Change. Players can then export the same currency to other supported games and use it to buy in-game virtual assets, coins, rewards, etc. In addition to this, players can also export their in-game NFT virtual assets to other supported games using Game X Change. This opens up the window for players to create, collect, sell, and trade assets. Transfer assets and currency from one game to the next Let’s players play and earn money Eco-system of developers, gamers, and collectors

  • Transfer assets and currency from one game to the next
  • Let’s players play and earn money
  • Eco-system of developers, gamers, and collectors
Game X Change