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Juego Studios uses blockchain and other decentralized technologies to create NFT games based on clients’ requirements

We Are A Top Blockchain Game Development Studio

We offer Blockchain Game Development Services supported by a world-class team of DApp developers, project managers, designers, game testers, and game artists. Juego’s team has experience building solutions for gaming, in-game tokenization, wallet and NFT marketplaces that need secure distributed networks. We build feature-rich games and highly customized games for businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups worldwide.

Advantages of Blockchain Game Development with Juego

Extensive Tech Stack & Expertise

Our tech team has experience developing blockchain games deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, ICE, and Binance amongst other platforms. We have expertise in various tokenization standards, NFT game development, and industry-standard game development frameworks.

DApp Strategy and Planning

We are a blockchain game development agency with an accomplished team of distributed game developers with expertise in the leading blockchain technology offerings. Our team helps our clients plan creative briefs, identify the ideal technology stack to support the game requirements, assign the appropriate teams, and turn them into fully managed game development projects.

UX-driven DApp Game Development

We bring together the best of traditional game user experience design strategies and incorporate them into blockchain gaming features such as play-to-earn, tokens, and cryptocurrency support. We incorporate UX-centric design right from art direction to gameplay to tutorial screens when developing decentralized games.

Blockchain Game Testing

Our blockchain game testers and quality analysts have practical and proven experience helping bring some of the world's most loved DApp games to the market. We put our games through a multitude of tests including functionality, compatibility, gameplay, and compliance tests.

Deployment and Launch Services

The game development and deployment teams at Juego have maintained a track record of launching and deploying some of the most recognizable blockchain games in the market. Our team has experience supporting multiplayer games across geographical regions, addressing sudden demand surges, and making continued updates easy to access.

Continued Support & Maintenance

A big part of our end-to-end blockchain game development services is being able to provide our clients with continued support and maintenance after the launch of the product. We have a dedicated team to ensure our support and maintenance services are timely, error-proof, and highly responsive.

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What is Blockchain Game Development?

Creating games based on blockchain technology is known as Blockchain Game Development. For a few years, this field has been rapidly growing & evolving and is in use now across different spheres of software development. These blockchain games, unlike traditional games, provide the players complete control over the digital assets they earn or receive by participating in games. In blockchain games, players can freely trade their digital assets with other players, sell the assets for real money, and use them across different gaming universes, as the players retain full ownership of their digital assets here. Blockchain technology serves various cases, such as NFTs, DAOs, Defi software, electronic DApps, and many more. Here is the detailed overview of blockchain game development below! 

Blockchain games are the ones that are created with blockchain technology in a way that not only a single entity but the entire cluster of systems that are playing the game owns a copy of it. The players have access to every step in the blockchain, enabling them to have autonomy in projects, programs, and money. The entire procedure is secure so that users and anybody with access know this.  

A blockchain controlled by a worldwide network of computers is a set of data blocks that no one can edit, as these blocks are immutable. Anybody can own a piece of blockchain game development; the credit goes to blockchain technology. So a metaverse or a virtual environment can be incorporated around your game through the idea built around blockchain games. And players can design their currencies facilitating value exchange in the metaverse, and they can collaborate & establish a government.  

Crucial Features of Blockchain Game Development:- 

Here are some essential features of blockchain game development that play a crucial role in gaming:- 

Thorough Research of Blockchain Technology:- 

To create excellent games, blockchain game developers should have an exceptional understanding of blockchain consensus, distributed ledger technology, and hash functions. Furthermore, as a blockchain developer, you must know the advantages and limitations of blockchain & advanced blockchain security to integrate it into your gaming better. Finally, gamers should have thoroughly researched blockchain technology. 

Know the process to create Smart Contracts:- 

To successfully integrate blockchain technology in a gaming infrastructure, you must know about the different types of smart contracts. Having a command of the process to develop them is an added advantage. 

Learn the various Data Structures:- 

One must first learn and understand the different types of databases and associated data structures to integrate them into gaming.  

Understand Decentralization Mechanisms:- 

It is pivotal for blockchain game developers of various blockchain gaming companies to understand the decentralization mechanisms. So by utilizing multiple protocols and procedures, the dApps are installed on different blockchain platforms.  

Coding and Programming:- 

To integrate blockchain with gaming successfully, you must be well-versed in coding. Furthermore, one must acquire knowledge of all aspects of blockchain to build a decentralized app or a blockchain-enabled gaming app that will assist in making a highly functional crypto game. 

Knowledge of Cryptography:- 

Blockchain game developers must understand the fundamentals and algorithms for using cryptography and digital ledger. These are highly important for a game’s resources and digital assets that users can buy & sell in the marketplace.  

What Language is used for Blockchain Development?

Blockchain technology is experiencing a boom like no other technology in recent times. Although this technology is still in its infancy stage, it is taking the world by storm regarding its developments. Blockchain gaming companies take up many engrossing and funded projects to build out their network and deploy decentralized applications. But these companies find a significant shortage of competent blockchain game developers who can work on the projects productively. So it is making the developers work on their skills, upgrade and learn the programming languages most sought after in this industry to cope with the market demand. Almost any blockchain game development company uses all the popular programming languages for their blockchain game development projects & applications. Here are some critical programming languages popularly used in this industry:- 


In the world of Blockchain, Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages. It is undoubtedly ideal for all the new developers out there. However, there is a minor issue associated with Python. This language is interpreted, which is why it’s problematic for complex cryptographic operations in Blockchain. 

Nevertheless, Python is an object-oriented language; hence, it can efficiently manage some of its performance-related overheads. Moreover, there is another commendable benefit of this programming language. With Python, developers can quickly prototype their ideas with any significant long-winded coding. 

On the other hand, Python also provides enormous open-source support, which is ideal for Blockchain. In addition, several Python plugins, libraries, and other essential resources are readily available online. And these can be used for almost every problem encountered in Blockchain development. 


Out of all the programming languages, C++ is widely popular in the tech world. And this is true for Blockchain technology as well. The language has a plethora of capabilities, including: 

  • Primitive control over memory 
  • Move semantics 
  • Function overloading 
  • Advanced multi-threading 
  • Runtime polymorphism, etc. 

These features enable Blockchain developers to mold the data and functions efficiently in a single module. C++ is immensely popular with Bitcoin. It is the first-ever implementation of Blockchain that was originally written in C++. 


It is one fast-growing programming language for software development. Solidity was initially created to write smart contracts that run on the EVM. The language was developed by Ethereum, a Blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system. 

Solidity is explicitly created for Blockchain, so it can solve most of the problems Blockchain developers face. The language is quite similar to the ECMAScript syntax. However, the features are static typing, variadic return types, etc. 

Thus, we can rightfully say Solidity is undoubtedly a great language. And those who wish to focus specifically on Blockchain development can readily do so. 


You wouldn’t believe it, but Java provides very stiff competition to C++, both in popularity and usefulness. And this is equally true in the case of Blockchain technology as well. 

Java has many Application Programming Interfaces, including packages, Java classes, interfaces, etc. And this is immensely useful for formulating applications without knowing their inside implementations. Portability is another property of Java that is particularly useful for Blockchain. 

You should know that Java programs can be ported onto various other platforms. And this is possible because of the unique functionality of WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere). Nevertheless, these programs are not entirely dependent on the system-specific architecture. 

The portability and all the other popular features of Java make this programming language perfect for Blockchain development. 

What are the Stages of Blockchain Game Development?

Blockchain technology is becoming one of the most promising technologies across various industries, primarily gaming. These networks provide reliability due to their unique decentralized architecture and enhanced security. A blockchain-based game enables using digital assets and tokens in the user’s online wallets. This way, players can efficiently perform an in-game crypto transaction without worrying about security and confidentiality. Any top blockchain game development company applies top-notch solutions following the latest trends to ensure a satisfying gaming experience.  

Stages of Blockchain Game Development:- 

There are different stages of blockchain game development, from initiating the game idea to implementation to releasing the game into the gaming market. Therefore, game developers must be aware of all the aspects and stages of Blockchain Game Development. And they must be extra careful while working on or developing a Blockchain game.  

A team of experts is essential for creating a reliable and robust Blockchain game. Also, having a solid tech stack is immensely crucial. 

Nevertheless, the team must include:- Front-end and back-end developers, Project Managers, Android & iOS Developers, UI/UX Designers, PR teams, and Quality Assurance Team & Testers. When the entire team works together, the results of Blockchain games are also thriving. Here are the various stages involved:- 

Strategy towards a Project:- 

Before starting with a blockchain game development project, discussing the requirements & expectations with the clients will help them estimate the project’s price, understand goals, and set the path for the game development process. 

Analysis of a Project:- 

In this stage, a blockchain game development company working on a client’s project analyses the client’s market, competitors, and business specifics. Then, the company comes up with a project’s documentation and proper architecture for the client’s game to draft a quality game development plan. 

The Game Design process of Blockchain Game:- 

It is one of the crucial stages where the game designers start working on the game’s first sketches to provide a concept and style for the future game of the client. The game designers will determine how the game’s characters, objects, and landscapes will look to have outstanding visuals.  

Blockchain Game Development Stage:- 

In this stage, blockchain game developers come into the picture. Their role is prominent in this step as they must develop an excellent game meeting the client’s requirements. The game engineers build solutions tailored to client’s needs by providing visual effects and using top-rated tools to write game code.  

Quality Assurance Stage:- 

It is one of the most critical stages playing a significant role before the release of a game. Quality assurance specialists test the game by detecting possible errors to ensure the game works smoothly. For a game’s success, blockchain game validation and debugging are pivotal as they prevent future issues that may be disastrous.  

Release of a Game:- 

At the end, when the game gets released after effective QA, the client’s blockchain game will be available on App Store and Google Play Store. Blockchain gaming companies can also help their clients with impactful promotional services, post-release maintenance, and technical support. 

Why Choose Blockchain Game Development Company?

A Blockchain Game Development Company will help the futuristic gaming generation with the finest game development solutions in developing the best 2D/3D games based on blockchain technology. They have blockchain experts who are accomplished in building blockchain games on various platforms like TRON, EOS, Ethereum, and many such. The outstanding blockchain gaming companies make highly interactive and immersive decentralized games providing a one-stop platform for enterprises. 

There are innumerable reasons for choosing an exceptional blockchain game development company owing to the fantastic services they provide to their clients. Blockchain technology is conquering and creating ripples with its advancements in the virtual space. These companies utilize blockchain game development services based on the latest trends and technologies. Below are the primary reasons to choose a blockchain game development company and here we go with it:-  

Primary Reasons to choose a Blockchain Game Development Company:- 

Blockchain Game-Supported Networks:- 

These companies have adroit developers skillful in creating blockchain games on different game-supported networks like Tron, ETH, EOS, Cosmos, BSC, Avalanche, Stellar, Ripple, Fabric, Corda, NEO, Solana, Polygon, and many more. So when you choose such a company as a client, you get good options to utilize the best blockchain game services to build a blockchain game as per your choice & requirements. 

The Benefit to the Gamers through blockchain:- 

The gaming solutions of blockchain game development companies offer a secure gaming platform by allowing the players to be the real owners of the gaming assets. The players have complete control of the games through decentralization with its upgrades, exciting features, etc. are controlled by the users. 

Gaming Experience gets transformed through Blockchain:- 

The games not built through blockchain technology are susceptible to hacking, provide sole gaming, insecure payment system, outdated gaming arena, and no decentralized gaming platform. But blockchain-based games have many advantages and are:- safe & secure transaction fees, impossible hacking due to no compromise on the network security, exceptional gaming experience along with investment opportunities, forthcoming gaming realm, and decentralized gaming platform. So anybody would love to utilize the services of a blockchain company when there are so many advantages. 

Blockchain games functionality:- 

When you choose a blockchain game development company to build your blockchain games, they will provide you with some core functionalities that are inbuilt into the game. These are:- the game’s security protocols, automating functions, eliminating third parties, improving efficiency, multi-language support, and cyber threats protection. These features one can acquire in their blockchain games if you choose an excellent blockchain company to build the games.  

Blockchain Game Development Process:- 

A blockchain company follows an organized pattern to build a game step by step in a process that is:- Sketching, Shading, Modeling, Animation, Coding, and Testing. Such benefits one can avail when they choose a blockchain company for blockchain game services. 

Due to its unique features & advantages, Blockchain game development is now at its peak in the gaming market. As a result, one can utilize the quality services of a top Blockchain game development company.  

How long does it take to build a blockchain game?

The Blockchain Game Development process is highly complex, consisting of multiple steps. It requires a thorough plan and approach with customized solutions. Every project has a timeline, as some simple blockchain games can be created in a few weeks, while complex blockchain games require a year to develop. The goals and requirements affect the duration of creating a blockchain game.  

Creating a minimum viable product with a minimum set of functions will take about a month or two. Depending on the client’s requirements, it takes about 2-3 months to launch the game on the main network. The process of designing and building a Blockchain game is immensely complicated. It requires thorough monitoring only to ensure that it is successfully functioning. Various factors affect the process of building a blockchain game. Here we go into detail about it:-  

Factors affecting the duration of building a blockchain game:- 

Blockchain application development is gaining immense craze as a trending technology. Let’s dive into the factors one by one:- 

Size of the Team:- 

The team size is one of the crucial factors in completing a blockchain project. Your blockchain game takes more time if the correct number of employees is not there. For example, your game project might take more time if there are unskilled developers to execute the game idea. So, to meet your expectations, the game developers must be skilled in understanding and implementing the game idea as per the deadline. Too many or a few employees will consume time. 

Type of Blockchain Game required to build:- 

The duration of a blockchain game gets affected by the type of blockchain games required to be built. Blockchain games need different game-supported networks like Tron, ETH, EOS, Cosmos, BSC, Avalanche, Stellar, Ripple, Fabric, Corda, NEO, Solana, Polygon, and many more. So every blockchain game-supported network does not take the same time as it depends on the complexity and technicality involved in that network. 

Cost Incurred in the Blockchain game:- 

The duration of your blockchain game also depends on the cost involved in your game. It is based on the following factors: 

  • Developing the game with a particular in-house development group. 
  • Hiring service providers for the game’s expansion. 
  • Hiring blockchain gaming companies to check the game’s progress. 

The blockchain game-supported network’s costs also vary with each other. All these factors determine the duration of building your blockchain game. 

The above factors are essential in determining the time to build a blockchain game. However, before you start with the process, always have proper planning. To have a plan to make a blockchain game, what you require is a clear vision and clarity. In addition, you have to strategize your requirements, the type of blockchain game you want to build, decide the team size, and the budget required to make the game. Blockchain game development is at its peak in the gaming market, considering its demand due to its unique features and advantages. One can utilize the quality services of any top blockchain game development company for your high-quality projects! 

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