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Video game pre production phase is a crucial and long process in the entire game development process. We make the pre production game development process easier with our talented bunch of game designers, project managers, and game developers who collaborate together to create a working plan.

At Juego Studios we believe that when efforts are put on a well planned idea it can effectively be realized. Pre production is the planning phase of the project where we focus on concept development and idea along with the writing of initial design documents. Game design documents have to be precise and descriptive. To know more, read about – Why do you need a precise game design document? One of the key reasons why our games turn out to be very good is that there is a well thought pre production behind it. We complete the game design, decide on the color concept, style, pipeline, do proper documentation, technical prototyping just to assure ourselves that our processes are feasible. This is exactly like having a proof of concept. When a game concept passes the pre production stage then we know that the game is well worth the effort to be made.

Game pre production includes some of the below processes like:


concept sketch iterations


concept art sketch detailing


concept art sketch detailing


final concept art sketch to concept


Every game begins its journey with a central idea or theme. We help you translate and communicate that theme through visually appealing concept art and design. Creating concept art is a visual development process where we make basic sketches, fine-tune them and then create finished artwork for the game with color rendering. We make multiple iterations of each idea to fully explore all creative possibilities so that our clients have the flexibility to choose the direction that appeals to them the most. We do take notes and annotations of famous artwork as additional references and include succinct description of directions, artistic styles, limitations, and instructions to all the concept art we produce.


Game development story boarding

Storyboarding is a process where we visually organize the flow of the game and define how each level is played. We use storyboards to establish the sequence of various scenarios and levels in the game should progress, and also to figure out how to make the gameplay as exciting as possible. We use it to eliminate any redundancies in gameplay, especially in games with multiple outcomes.


Level design in game development
final level in game development

The game level design is a key component in ensuring engaging gameplay. Our level designers maintain balance to keep the players engaged – the levels are made complex enough to allow players to test their skills and we also place rewards to ensure that they do not get bored. Our team at Juego Studios has some of the best game level designers in the industry who understand how to create levels that challenge players while at the same time retaining their interest.


Our game designers are creative, introspective, highly efficient and take criticism constructively. They understand the requirements of the clients and come up with concepts based on those requirements. To achieve this end they research on similar games, target audience, geography and so on. Then they develop a pitch document with various concept suggestions containing a well conceptualized overall look and feel of the game. To be a creative game designer you need to be imaginative, innovative, creative, and knowledgeable. Once the client approves any concept in the pitch document then our game designers start writing the complete GDD(game design document) on that concept which contains all the aspects of the game. After the GDD is finalized they start working on the wireframes to explain the basic flow of the game. They also come up with match sheet and asset sheet which is referred by our developers and artists. Therefore our game designers play a significant role in the game development process. While going through the whole process of game design, people will have misconceptions about design and development. Read about – 7 common misconceptions about game art and design.


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