Juego Studios is a leading game development company with a team of game designers experienced in creating games of different genres. Juego’s maestros are well-versed in different game design elements such as game rules, mechanics, core loops, level design, etc. Our game designers will add the expertise to make your dream game and ensure it is engaging and fun.


Resource Augmentation

We have a pool of experienced and passionate game designers with a proven track record, to scale your team with minimal time. Our designers can be onboarded to work on ongoing projects or to create a new game from scratch.


We are a team of game designers who specialize in designing games for all platforms. Our team has a wide range of experience in the industry and is passionate about gaming and everything related to game development.


Game Design Document

Our game designers create comprehensive documentation that will act as a blueprint for your game. This includes story, gameplay, mechanics, rules, features, level design, art style, etc., to bring your game idea to life.

Game Flow Design

Juego’s game designers are experts at creating a game flow with great progression and fun in-game challenges. We use a variety of methods to create the best possible experience for your players.

Design for Multiple Platforms

We design games for all platforms, including mobile, web, PC, and console. Our team takes care of all platform-specific features to focus on what matters most for each platform’s players.

Fun Gameplay

Juego Studios’ designers create games that are easy to learn, but difficult to master. We’re committed to making games that are fun for everyone, by meticulously combining the game rules, constraints, and challenges.

Industry Knowledge

We have experience in the industry for over 10 years designing games for different genres and platforms for various customers such as Sony, Disney, MPL, Nazara, Animoca, Warner Brothers, etc.

Firm Grasp on Multiple Genres

We have a pool of game designers each one of them having hands-on experience in multiple genres, helping us create entertaining games with strong features and attractive gameplay, no matter the genre.


The Technologies

  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Audacity
  • Twine
  • Figma
  • Unreal
  • Unity
  • Adobe XD
  • Visio

Why Us

Talented Game Designers

We have specialists who have immense knowledge of game design and hands-on experience designing games of different kinds. We work with you starting from the idea, conceptualization, the design of the core loop and basic mechanics, all the way to publishing.

More than A Decade in the Gaming Industry

Juego Studios have been in the gaming industry for more than a decade. Being one of the leading game development service providers, we are experienced with the latest technologies for game design and development and also possess in-depth knowledge of the best industry practices.

Diverse Clientele

We have provided our unmatched services to a broad range of clients from indie studios to well-established AAA gaming studios and publishers. We have also worked with edutainment and non-gaming industries to develop their gaming projects.

Proven Track Record

We have developed 500+ games in the last decade. Our games have been collectively downloaded 100+ million times across App Store and Playstore. Some of our games have also been featured and top listed in these stores.

Diverse Clientele

We have provided our unmatched services to a broad range of clients from indie studios to well-established AAA gaming studios and publishers. We have also worked with edutainment and non-gaming industries to develop their gaming projects.

What our clients say

Well, I signed up to work with Juego Studio for a project and they really exceeded my expectations. The project was delivered on time, with no hiccups whatsoever. They are talented and professional game developers who get the job done without fail. I cannot recommend them enough!

Sam Anthony Gilfred

Sr. Project Manager - Amazon

I was very pleased with the quality of the work we received for our project. They were delivered on time and with very minimal feedback from our team. Juego Studios is good company to work and will be looking to them for our future projects!

Paul Skinner

Director- Wicked Witch Studios

Satisfying yet extremely accommodating software development studios in India, the team at Juego Studios are excellent partners to work with all thanks to the work ethic laid down. Had a wonderful time working with team who was always well versed with technicalities and precise with timelines, deliverables and project planning. Would love to recommend Juego to anyone without hesitation!

Jonathan Fitzgibbons

Project Manager -United-Airlines

It's safe to say that most regular human beings would be shocked and daunted at the idea of having to do a high quality game for iOS and Android, within a deadline of few months. I can honestly say that this work not the case with Juego Studios. They responded reactively, calmly and productively, and ended up delivering a game that both myself, the LatAm team, and users, were very happy with. There is a calm and experienced professionalism to the Juego team, and I would not hesitate to use them again.

Josh Saunders

Senior Director, Innovation (Warner- Group)

It was great working with Juego Studios on our gaming application. We truly appreciate the team’s efforts & their commitment to the project.

Mohammad Parham Al Awadhi

Vice President, Group IT – Emirates NBD

We partnered with Juego Studios for the development of Munna Michael, a Bollywood based game & they did a terrific job. Our main concern was to develop a good game within specific timelines and they delivered a quality product. They also help us with theme/event-based updates on a regular basis.

Vaibhavi Parikh

General Manager, Erosnow Games

The Juego Studios team was instrumental in developing one of our recent apps. We were able to supplement our small development team with several more developers that worked on front and backend features. They filled gaps wherever necessary and accelerated our time to market. After release, they continued to help us with new features and bug fixes. I would work again with them if needed.

Robert Baily

Director of Application Programming at JumpStart Games

I want to reach out Juego Team and thank you for all the great work on the SSCS mobile application. Its been a pleasure working with Juego Studios on this project and looking forward to partnering with team again in the future.

Mathew Butler

Mobile Center of Excellence , IEEE

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Battle Gems

Match-3 puzzle with fantasy themed RPG

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Pro Feel Golf


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Super Club Soccer

Soccer-Manager with Realtime Multiplayer Simulation

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Sports Multiplayer Pool Game

android ios unity3d


What is Game Design and What does a Game Designer Do?

Game design is an interesting field combining graphic design, creative writing, and computer science/programming. It is a significant part of video game development where the game designer’s work will be most important.

It is a crucial process that requires an enthralling design to start developing a game with incredible creativity behind this that can be utilized for either educational or entertainment purposes.

The game design process is a hectic and tedious path as stories, rules, goals, characters, & several challenges need to be created to engage interactions with objects, users, or other characters.

As one looks at the complicated process behind game design, it’s understandable that a game designer’s job is undoubtedly challenging.

The whole video game design process is to sort out and make a strategic plan, including the tools & techniques required.

One part of game design is technical aspects such as deciding game mechanics, balancing, and many others. The other part is the creative process of deciding on the game’s story, atmosphere, and aesthetics.

How important is Game Designer?

Game designers are responsible for imagining and bringing life into the game’s core necessities like characters, gameplay, stories, rules, dialogue, interfaces, environments, and many more.

So a video game designer is the one who uses their technical skills and takes a creative step in making the video game worlds more unique and immersive. This person has to think and work from the aspects of a programmer, artist, and writer.

Along with working on technical skills such as level design, image rendering, programming, digital editing, and many more aspects of game design, a game designer must have a flair for artistic vision to deliver a fantastic finished product.

What are the responsibilities of a Game Designer?

What does a game designer do? What are their roles & responsibilities? What benefit does a gaming company get when they hire game designer? Here are the various roles and responsibilities of a game designer in the gaming industry listed below:-

➢ The primary role of a game designer is to develop an innovative and unique game concept that needs to be implemented so that gameplay systems are maintained. Hence they need to create some great ideas for designing a new game.

➢ They must develop the storyline, design characters & landscapes, and character back-stories. They need to work on the script & storyboard to develop a dialogue, do relevant research, work out on story texts, and keep a detailed record of the storyline. They must also build the game rules, settings, and many more.

➢ The game designer must create and maintain documentation of the game in the process, such as diagrams, visual mockups, and design outlines detailing

the several features or aspects of gameplay. The video game designer also needs to create game manuals by managing a team of coders & graphic artists and ensuring that the game project is in line with the decided schedule and budget.

➢ They need to build game levels & environments and should work with the designers of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) to optimize the player interface. They need to perform quality control tests on projects and should keep track of up-to-date industry developments & trends.

What is the difference between a Game Artist and a Game Designer?
Here are some of the differences between a game artist and a game designer in detailed below:-
Game Artist
  • When the concepts and design are finalized in building a game, the process moves for the game art.
  • Using tools like 3d Max, Photoshop, Maya, etc., the game artists start with their artwork.
  • The game artists create game models, including the game characters, environments, and props.
  • Lighting, sculpting, texturing, rigging, 3d modeling, and animations – in this way, game artists are involved in various roles.
  • The interesting role of a game artist is to form and tell a story through art by creating artwork complementing the style and genre of the game. When the artist provides a library of 3D objects once the art is created, the designer uses these 3D objects to make a final functioning level for a game.
  • They are the graphic artists who visualize, based on concepts, what the items will look like in each project. Then, they work out the  visual effect of the various elements of their content & the overall product.
  • Game artists play a crucial role in creating sketches of characters, assets, environments, Game designers are the ones who will decide what experience users will have while playing by  and many such for preliminary designs. These sketches should be in such a way that they must fit the intended art style, genre, and message. Finally, these sketches or concepts will be turned into 2D or 3D graphics.
  • Some game artists are also experts in designing human figures, characters, and textures for 3D objects, buildings, and landscapes. They can easily create artwork for websites, promotional materials, and product packaging.
Game Designer
  • In building a game, the game content, like the story, levels, and dialogues, along with the game rules, goals, and player experiences like controls & challenges, comes under game design.
  • Game designers are the ones who come up with a game concept after working on several ideas.
  • They are the ones who play a crucial role in adding the features in a way that game is unique. In addition, these people determine player progression and the character arcs.
  • Game designers must be creative and technically strong such as working on the application of audio, user-interface design, animation controllers, and many more.
  • The video game designer needs to cover various aspects of a game, like a user interface, user testing, levels, and story, to make a game engaging. If the game is boring despite being functional and looking fabulous, it is the work of game designers to sort this out & fix it.
  • The critical aspect of a game designer is to make the game as enjoyable as possible with proper rules so that the game will work and in a way to convey the game ideas that are workable to the team.
  • Game designers are the ones who will decide what experience users will have while playing by working on aspects such as the type of obstacles to include in a game, how enemies will behave, and what the player can or cannot do.
  • Game designers must contribute to the game’s storyline and level, design the scenarios, and guide the visual style. In addition, they need to ensure that the technical and creative teams are working to keep the production on track.
How long does it take to design a game?

The duration to design a game depends on the type of game one would want to create and develop. It takes a few days to a few months to years to design games, from simple to complex ones.

This complete process depends on several factors, from the choice of a game engine to development costs, to the game’s art style, that affects the designing & developing games of AAA, indie, mobile, and various games.

For example, if a game designer plans to design an indie game, it may take from days to weeks to years based on the budget & coding experience of the game development cycle.

While working on AAA games, there are innumerable factors to consider when designing these games, which may take around four to five years. On the other hand, mobile games may take a few weeks to months to years to design and develop.

Hence different factors such as choice of game development software, whether the game is 2D or 3D, the game art style, game assets, budget, and coding experience determine the time to design and develop a game.

Steps and Factors that decide the duration to design a game:-

Here are a few tips that game designers follow and implement while designing a game:-

➢ Depending on the type of game and the team involved in working on that, the first primary step in a game design is to develop a prototype that provides & describes a procedure to assess the game concept quality. Having a working prototype gives a proper direction to execute the making of a game, and it takes less time as well as it varies with the type of game to be designed.

➢ An efficient design document to be made is critical so that each teammate is aware of the key information about the game. Building this document varies from larger game projects to medium to smaller projects. Therefore, the design document must be written keeping in mind the size of the team and their technical & creative requirements.

➢ Working on new ideas is a time-consuming process where the game designers have to strategize a proper plan for concept research, drawing, programming, and writing. As gameplay programming is the game designer’s fundamental skill set, they need to communicate with developers for the coding process to start. Game designer’s work will be easy if they know about coding to learn and create, saving a lot of time. Then developers no need to translate the documents and iterate based on the game designer’s input as the designers will be able to provide a playable example.

➢ Later, incorporating and coming up with great ideas to use pictures for the documents will consume time. It is a vital step as it conveys the game designer’s ideas to the team because the visuals and feel of the documents affect the team’s perception & enhance their reading experience. Finally, shortening the iterative loop, using analytics early & wisely, and working with efficient tools also determines the time to design a game for a video game designer.

What elements do Game Designers use?

Games are fascinating for everyone to play and have unending fun. So what makes them so unique and special? What are the critical elements involved in game design? Some of the essential and required elements that game designers use are described in detail below:-

Game Controls:-

The game controls play a crucial role in deciding whether the game is a success or not. Players must be well-versed and good at hand-eye coordination to use the game controls effectively and enjoy playing it.

Now, if the game controls are too easy to use, gamers will lose interest as it is not driving any curiosity in them. And if the game controls are complex for the target audience, they will feel it is too complicated to use and play the game.

Hence, a game designer needs to consider all these points before designing a game and making it flexible for the target audience to use it.


Why will gamer play a game when there is no reward or prize for them to win at the end of every level? Don’t you think this is logical to implement into the game design? How much ever exciting the game may be, it will engross the players repetitively when the games are packed with prizes and rewards to win.

When the players are driven to play any level successfully by defeating the enemies, it is a joy and winning accomplishment when they are surprised with rewards on completion of a game level.

How is the purpose of a game achieved with no prizes to win for gamer? Hence it is vital to consider this feature for a game designer while designing the game.


High-end amazing game graphics make a game more appealing and attractive for users to play the game. There are various genres of games that require different kinds of graphics to be incorporated into the game to make the game visually beautiful.

For example, for horror games, shadowy photo-realistic graphics with first-person perspective captivates the gamer, making them feel as if they are experiencing the terror truly in the game.

In the case of adventure games, bright colors with cartoonist art-style graphics are used that attract users.


An immersive and compelling storyline is hugely included in games, making the users come again and again to play.

When the storyline is gripping and heart-pumping, players want to experience playing the game often as the story keeps them curious about what might happen next in the story.

Game characters also have more life than before, and with storytelling capabilities becoming much more advanced now, game designers can keep these features in mind while proceeding with further development in game design.

Surprise elements & Strategy:-

Games can be termed best and most engaging when it has incorporated terrific strategies with incredible surprises packed for gamer to enjoy and play.

Furthermore, it should be in such a way that it is preparing characters for dangerous missions, building shelter, collecting resources, keeping the experience engaging consistently, and with an added element of excitement.

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