Juego Studios is a ISO-9001:2015 certified Game Design & Development Company with a team of 100+ folks including creative innovators, artists, storytellers and game developers, who are building some awestruck games. Based out of Bangalore, India, Juego Studio has offices in Miami, USA, London, UK and in Dubai, UAE. The company has already enrolled 80+ clients including some big industry giants like Coca-Cola, Disney, WB, PUMA, Johnson & Johnson, Emirates NBD and many more, across 20+ countries.

How important are games?

The popularity of smart gadgets like smartphones, tablets etc has opened up a new avenue of entertainment in the software industry and that is the domain of Mobile gaming sector. And now games market is a big part of mobile ecosystem and is estimated to reach $14.4 billion by 2017.

What are the best softwares or tools to develop games for Android?

The best software to develop Android Games is Android Studio (You must know Java and c++ for it.) This will help you to create not only games but other applications also.

Juego Studios developers are skilled to design a multiplayer game with ease and it will save both your time and money.

Tools to develop multiplayer games for Android

  • Unity 3D
  • cocos2dx
  • Flash
  • Marmalade
  • CryEngine and more
Which are the gaming platforms available?

Different smart gadgets are running on different operating systems or platforms and the popular ones are Smartphone: Apple iOS, Android, Windows
Desktop: PC (Windows), Mac & Linux
Online: Browser and Facebook games.

Can HTML5 be used to create multiplayer Android games?
Yes, you can create multiplayer Android games using HTML5.
What are the types/genres of games?

Addictive and thrilling games of different genres are available on various mobile platforms for you to play upon, thus attaining the sublime gaming experience you ever had in life! And the prolific gaming genres that our brilliant game developers work upon are:

  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • Platform
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
  • Shooter
  • Role-play
  • Sports and racing
  • Music
  • Arts
JAVA or Unity - A better tool to develop a multiplayer game?
It depends on the type of game you want to develop. Unity2D & 3D has captured a larger game development market and is able to provide you with better game tools & skills than Java. In Java; you’d have to develop lots of things on your own than Unity.
What are the tools & technologies used for game development?

The wide world of mobile game development requires a sound knowledge of most of the popular game engines. Our game development team embeds their creatively brilliant game themes in the technical specifications of the following popular programming Tools and game engines:

  • Cocos 2D
  • Cocos 2D-X
  • Unity 3D
  • Box2D
  • ChipMunk
  • Corona
  • OpenAL
  • Steam Programming
  • OpenGL ES(1.1- 2.0+)
Online Multiplayer Games: What makes a game stand out?
One thing that is essential for a game to be successful is that it has to be easy to learn but hard to master. The game mechanics and objectives must be clear and simple by allowing players to develop their skills and become better in the game.
How i will get revenue from games?
As soon as your game is live, you will start earning your revenue and profits through selling your game (paid games) and in-app purchase. If the games were free to play then monetization would be through in-app purchase, in-game advertisements, etc.
Can you create multiplayer games without a server?
You can create a multiplayer game without a server, but it is always good to have one. It solves the problem of security and double-checks data and software to make sure it’s not tampered with. As someone could hack your app and alter it to cheat or worse.
How to start my game development project?
For staring your own game development project, you just need an initial spark or a core idea that will be worked upon by our team to transform it in to an addictive gaming experience.
Which game engine is superior to develop VR and AR games: Unreal or Unity?

For AR it’s hard to look past Unity. It has been supporting AR for a lot longer than Unreal and still the only platform that can develop hololense apps for.

For VR it is a different question. Again if you are looking toward more mobile VR then Unity’s mobile support will help a lot.

Will Juego Studios provide assistance in publishing my games?
Once you entrust a game development project in to the creative hands of our game engineers, Juego Studio will be with you till the final stage of publishing your games and deploying it live online.
What is best for mobile cross-platform development between React Native, Xamarin and Flutter?
React Native is undoubtedly the most popular cross-platform for development because of its simplicity.
Why Juego Studios is one of the best game development companies?
Our expert game designers and developers passionately strive to enhance the gaming experience delivered to the users by crafting brilliantly creative graphics and addictive game play strategies.
Does gamification make games or other apps more addictive?
The simplistic answer is that if gamification is done well, it indeed should make something more “addictive”. Good gamification will make you want to continue, for the thrill and for the satisfaction, sense of mastery and sense of completion.
How do i contact Juego Studios for my game development project?
You can request for a free quote for game development or contact us via email info@juegostudio.com or call at: 0091 80 6565 3369
What is the best cross platform SDK for mobile game development?

There are so many good options out there today for mobile game development like:

  • Unity
  • Corono Labs
  • Game Salad
  • Lumberyard
  • Cocos2D-x
What information needed to get a quote?
  • You need to provide a GDD (Game design Document) if you have
  • Write an email describing about your idea or concept
  • Call and discuss with our team directly
Will my website design be search engine friendly?
All our websites are created with search engines in mind and the website design is compliant with search engine guidelines. It is a good idea for your website to be re-evaluated in time as over a period of time the search engines do alter their rules and algorithms and you will want to be certain that your website is kept up to date and complies with new rules.
How can i protect my idea or concept or IP?

Juego Studios will sign NDA and take necessary measures to ensure your IP and concept will not misused.

What is the Quality Control Methodology which you have in place?
We follow robust process to ensure the best quality. We have dedicated division for QA and QC that ensures every project is scanned through them. Covering all the different kinds of testing, they give a final ‘OK’ before the final handover and deployment.
What is the process involved in game development?

In our mobile game development studio, the entire process of the evolution of a mobile game is categorized in to pre-production, production and post-production.

Concept and theme of the game
Story line
Preparation of Project Plan
Architecture Design

Testing & QA


Do you develop mobile app for all platforms?
Yes, we build mobile applications for all major mobile development platforms. You can hire our skilled developers for developing app for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, and Windows Mobile. Whether you want to develop apps for just one or two platforms, or want to develop an app that works on all the mobile platforms, we are at your service.
Can I make one app(game) which would work in all platforms (like iPhone, iPad, Android)?

Yes, you can get an application/game that would work in all platforms. For such development, you need to go for cross-platform mobile development in which our developers use frameworks that are used to develop the main application and then deploy it across your desired platforms. For more information on our cross-platform development services, you can check out our services for cross-platform mobile game development

Do you have examples you could show me of apps you've created?

There are dozen of examples on ‘Our Work’ page, please take a look.

What's the difference between a native and a hybrid application?

A native app is written specifically for one operating system, like Android or iOS. A hybrid app has some native code but also relies on programming languages that all operating systems can understand.

Juego Studio offers both hybrid and native app development services because both approaches have their advantages. Hybrid apps can sometimes be faster and more cost effective to deploy to multiple mobile operating systems, but native apps typically perform more smoothly and quickly.

Which engine/tool is the best game development software for iOS and Android?

If you are looking for both android and iOS your choices should be

  • Unity game engine
  • Coco2d for cross-platform 2d games
What is best android development framework?

Android is one of the greatest mobile platforms which is used for Mobile Application Development. This development platform has the capability to run on different mobile phones, giving support to thousands of mobile apps. The best Android development frameworks are:

  • Corona SDK
  • AppsBuilder
  • Ionic
  • React Native
Where can I read about latest market updates and game development news?

You don’t need to go anywhere, you can visit our blog to read about game development, market trends in AR/VR and all the latest news with regards to mobile game development and web solutions.

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