Mobile Game Development Trends
Mobile games are now using cutting edge technologies. Not because the developers feel like it. But because of the rising demands of mobile users. There were many unforeseen obstacles in the past year. But this
Amazing Role Playing Games (RPG)
When you combine a story, characters, logic, and gameplay, RPG is what you get. RPG game is a complex yet popular genre in the gaming industry. However, many developers worldwide struggle to develop successful RPG
Games As a Service
Here is a popular scenario that often repeats itself. You create a game. It becomes a success. You start earning revenue from it. In the beginning, there is a buzz that slowly reaches a crescendo.
Mobile Casino Games
On March 18, 2020, all casinos in Las Vegas closed for the first time in several years. The authorities made the tough decision because of the coronavirus outbreak. Most people know that Las Vegas is
Future of Smartphone Gaming
The mobile gaming industry is one of the biggest global industries at the moment. The industry generated $77.2 billion in revenue in 2020. Experts around the world estimate the industry to grow further. They point
Game Development Outsourcing
Outsourcing: A Simplified Definition. When a different firm is engaged by a company to carry out services or deliver goods for the latter within a specific time frame, it falls within the definition of outsourcing.