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By juegoadmin | Augmented Reality | August 3rd, 2021

3 Reasons Augmented Reality Games Are Popular On Mobile

Augmented Reality Mobile Games is a technology that has become popular over the years. There are now several AR games in the market, including the well-known Pokemon Go.   

AR game developers and technology creators are investing millions now. Big franchises like Harry Potter and Jurassic Park have joined the long line of Augmented Reality mobile games. Other game publishers and developers are developing games of their own.  

Google and Apple are similarly investing large sums of money on their AR SDKs. Google has ARCore, and Apple has ARKit. With each new version, the companies are expanding the possibility of mobile AR, adding new features which developers can capitalize on to create exciting AR games and experiences.  

Even mobile phone creators are doing the same. More and more smartphones are becoming fully AR-supported, fully capable of taking advantage of all the ARCore and other SDKs features.  

Some game publishers have even started to develop AR versions of their popular games. Minecraft Earth is one such example, which turned the big Minecraft world into an AR adventure.   

But what are the reasons for this popularity? Why have Augmented Reality mobile games become so popular? Below we list three of the common reasons mobile AR has caught on like wildfire and why they will continue to have space in users’ minds for some more while.  

Top 3 Reasons Why Augmented Reality Games are Popular On Mobile:

1. Turns Real Life into an Adventure

Pokemon Go dropped as a surprise to many in 2016. The game was the first time where players were able to catch Pokemon in the real world. The franchise previously had games, all of them set in virtual worlds. 

But Pokemon Go allowed people to become Pokemon trainers in the real world. The game allowed them to travel and explore their surroundings and have the same experience in the virtual game.  

In short, Pokemon Go turned their real-life into an adventure.  

To many of us, who live lives with routines, games are a way to add a little blend of adventure to our lives. Unlike other games, AR games like Pokemon Go allowed you to have the same experience in the real world. With Pokemon Go, you could now catch Cyndaquil in your own city’s premises, rather than having to explore Johto in the Pokemon Gold and Silver games. 

You could even make your real vacations into a more adventurous time. You could travel the whole world and catch Pokemon from different regions in different countries. Much like how Ash does in the Pokemon Anime and how Red and other characters do in the Pokemon games.  

Pokemon Go is just one example of this. Other games do it in their way. The Harry Potter AR game turns the area around you into a magical place to have magical adventures. The Jurassic AR game introduces Dinosaurs into your premises which you have to defeat and conquer.  

For some, there is no better way to have an adventure than with AR games.  

2. High-level Immersion

Immersion is a tricky subject to explain. Some gamers describe it as a state of mind where they are so engrossed in the game; they forget the time and place. They forget they are gaming and become the characters they are inhabiting.  

Augmented Reality mobile games take this one step further. If in other games you inhabit a character, in AR games, you are the character. You play as yourself and do things as yourself. Hence, the gameplay experience is immersive compared to all other forms of gaming.  

This immersion is the combination of the natural world and the virtual world. By default, we human beings are immersed in the real world. Our senses are tuned to notice real things in our natural environments.  

When virtual things are added to the real world, you can feel more immersed in the game when compared to instances like in console games, where the game world and everything inside is entirely virtual.  

3. Always available at arm’s length

Augmented reality mobile games are always available at the arm’s length of the player. Unlike consoles, a smartphone is something players always carry around with them. So, whenever players feel bored or feel a need to game, they can turn their AR game on the phone and start playing.  

Is it at a party? Players can just turn on an AR beer pong game and play with others at the party. Is it a break at work? Players can just turn on an AR Pool game and enjoy the break time.  


Augmented reality mobile games have made it possible to have different gaming experiences. An experience that people have been asking for years or wanting for years. Due to the three reasons, we listed in the article, players have eagerly embraced augmented reality.   

Particularly the ability to turn real-life itself into a game. The future spells exciting times as more people will experiment with how they can turn the unique AR gaming experience into an amazing one.  

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