Simulation and Visualization Services for Industries

Simulation is a replica of the operation of any real-world process over time whereas visualization is a process or a technique of creating visual representation or videos in order to portray a message. Juego Studios delivers the most cutting edge simulation and visualization services in the industry. Our solutions are top notch and have addressed the needs of our clients very well. Today, simulation and visualization has been adopted by all types of industries such as healthcare, training and education, automobile and gaming and we are keenly following the trends of these technologies.

  • Over the years, Juego Studios has been offering simulation solutions for different industries with different use-cases.
  • Juego Studios delivers photorealistic 3D simulations and visualization that help businesses to present their content in a more appealing way. Banki is a banking simulation app made for Emirates NBD for Android and iOS. This app shows the whole banking process with fun games and entertainment.
  • With our simulation solutions, we offer a learning environment for training systems and interactive medium for engaging customers.
  • With 6+ years of experience in gaming technology we provide simulation and visualization solutions by partnering with several companies including Fortune 500 ones, to provide these solutions for training, sales, marketing and consulting services. We have developed a farming simulation game called vow which is similar to Farmville and HayDay involves players to grow plants and rear farm animals.


  • Photorealistic:With experience on game engines like Unreal & Unity3d and detail knowledge on shaders we create Photorealistic rendering for any kind of work process.
  • Walkthrough and animations:Through walkthrough, we build a complete visit to any place, interiors and exteriors of property holdings like villas etc with the necessary animation. VR Walkthrough in real estate is trending in property viewing as it gives realistic picture of the villa or interiors by the comfort of your home.
  • Architectural visualization:With our creative team of developers, texture and lighting artists we create VR experience on elements like tourist place, ancient models, heritages etc.



In the healthcare industry, we offer healthcare related solutions for a variety of applications like the simulation of medical devices, organs functionality, medical practices, surgeries etc. Crucial surgeries can in a way be rehearsed in this way visually before actually enacting it.


We offer solutions for training, sales or promotional initiatives for the automotive industry by creating 3D simulations & visualizations of new product launches, assembly lines, AR Scan based manufacturing etc. In order to develop vehicles that are more energy efficient simulation can be used to model chassis, transmissions and vehicle dynamics.

Education & training

With simulation solutions, we help in teaching or training by demonstrating the concepts in a better and more interactive manner. Similarly, we have applied our visualization solutions to make training content more interesting and easier to learn. Juego Studios has develop a RFID pipe simulation app that helps to train employees on drilling operations with safety measures.

Real estate

We provide complete realistic 3D visualization for residential properties, buildings, and hotels including photorealistic visualization of interiors, exterior, 3D floor planning and a 360-degree view.


  • Simulation provides practical feedback to you while designing real-world systems.
  • We record the necessary data and events of the user in the simulated environments.
  • We gamify the entire simulation process to induce better user engagement.
  • Utilizing intelligent computer graphics, animations, and artificial intelligence, simulation dynamically displays behavior of all components of a system providing the user a meaningful understanding of its nature.
  • Visual representation in any industry helps to provide a clear explanation of any topic and helps to convey the message clearly.
  • 3D rendering or visual representation turns the process of representing any message in an attractive way. Thus it helps to enhance customer or employee engagement.
  • Visualization makes the process of communication faster, easier and more accurate.
  • Visual presentation also improves digital marketing across mediums including social media.

Why choose Simulation and Visualization ?

  • There is a dwindling of general human intellectual capability and therefore they need these services for better grasping intricate concepts.
  • This kind of learning will be predominant in education, medical, military and so on.
  • As we have expertise in big data we know how data visualization is very much helpful in descriptive analytics. Imagine a sheet of numbers showing YoY returns and you won’t be able to make a thing of it. But putting the same in an apt data visualization tool will make the user understand the whole picture.
  • Coming to simulation imagine all medical students learning various anatomical concepts through vivid simulations. Industrial employees will be better able to grasp their own industrial processes through simulation. By the way we have developed this industrial simulation which you can explore.





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