VOW is a farming simulation game similar to popular titles like Farmville and HayDay. Players start with a barren piece of land and grow crops & trees and rear farm animals. As the game progresses, they harvest produce and use the currency gained to upgrade the farm and buy new items to boost production. The highlight of the game is a real-time farming game option that is available after crossing a certain level. Players can buy & plant crops on a piece of land in the real world and the harvested produce will be shipped to their doorstep. Therefore we have taken this game to the next level. The game has a total of 125 levels which also includes 3 mini-games where players can earn coins and XP. Sapphires serve as in-game currency.








iOS , Android & Facebook


  • Characters in VOW were designed in a cute cartoonish style to appeal to the target audience.
  • We designed a range of assets for the game, including farms, animals, workshops, vehicles, trees, environmental objects, crops, products etc
  • Custom 2D and 3D animations for character movements, environmental effects, vehicle movement and actions
  • UI was kept simple and intuitive


  • VOW features 3D isometric style based . Find out more about our 3D game development process.
  • A* algorithm is used for path finding
  • We implemented semi-authoritative server side architecture with security protocols for client-side communication.
  • Shaders for environmental effects like fire, lake, wind, waterfall etc.
  • For better interpolation, the map construction is based on colour codes instead of multiple textures, with minimal art-side effort.


  • Unlike PC or console games, social games are preferred by non-gamers since they require minimal concentration and can be played anytime, anywhere.
  • The mechanics of social games are broadly similar to farming MMO game development – since the gameplay is directly connected to the players’ social network, they foster interaction(sending and receiving gifts, competing).
  • A popular sub-genre of social gaming are simulation games where players have to build up and manage virtual worlds, collect items and trade with friends. Those gamers who are not into the heavy action of shooter games usually prefer these kinds of games with a calm backdrop.


  • This game was very well received and was done in isometric which gave the gamers an engaging feel.
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