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Our skilled UI/UX designers draft comprehensive designs encompassing the necessary elements to offer a seamless user experience to the audience. Juego Studios provides the best UI/UX design services integrating multiple interface elements that are intuitive and look more natural to the players.

Juego Studios is a leading UI/UX design company engaged in making web applications and appealing games. Enhancing engagement and customer retention are our primary goals as UI/UX designers. As expert UI designers we ensure that a user interacts with the game/app seamlessly while as UX designers we ensure those interactions are relishing and intuitive. We curate our UI/UX design such that it arrests the users’ attention which makes them persistent users and subsequently converts them into potential customers.

Why UI/UX Design is so important ?

  • Being a top UI/UX design agency, we understand that if a user doesn’t like what he sees first sees in an app or a game then he won’t proceed further. Irrespective of how good an app’s/game’s features and functionalities are the user engagement starts with good UI/UX design. Game Design plays an important role in game development process. Faults in a game design can measure the success of a game. To know more, read about – How not to mess up with game design?
  • We have enhanced our UX services which is why we have a high number of loyal customers. In all our games and apps we design UX such that users can get what they want with minimal navigation and effort.
  • Designing an intuitive, user-friendly UI is an important part of creating compelling apps and games. Deciding how information, tutorials, menus, videos, photos, etc are placed plays a huge role in determining the overall user experience.
UI UX for game development

UI/UX Design Services for Games & Apps:

Our UI/UX Developers are seasoned in working with all types of solutions to deliver exclusive UI/UX design solutions. Our broad range of services include:

  • UI/UX Design Consulting Services
  • UX Modeling & Prototyping
  • Information Architecture & Wire-framing
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Detailing & Design

Few basic steps we undertake:

  • Our UI/UX designers play/use games/apps hard and surf through various web pages to deeply understand the design aspects. They then take into account the user’s interests and come out with UI/UX elements which are appealing.
  • Being a top UI/UX design company, we study your brand requirements, goals, market and technology trends of our clients well.
  • Wire-framing is a visual representation of a user interface devoid of any visual design or branding elements. Our UX Designers use it to define the hierarchy of items on a screen.
  • Our team makes the design action-oriented so that the users can interact with them effectively. Their forte involves in creating stand out designs. Being an experienced UX design company, we understand that a stand out design means something which the visitor can find in the interface with ease.
  • Being a leading UI/UX development company, we ensure the font is readable, simple and have good typography.
  • We add shortcuts and options to perform things quickly.
  • The team at our UI/UX studio ensures that the direction and flow is intuitive which makes the user comfortable.
  • The alignment should be very precise and pleasing to the eyes. Often the most important part of the content needs to be represented in a right fashion.
  • Our UI and UX design process involves multiple stages to meet industry standards and we arrive at a solution that best suits the game. Our interfaces are constantly tested by a QA team at every stage to ensure that designs and layouts are customized for optimal user experiences.
  • Users cherish limited scrolling and like their content broken into parts and hence our team adds navigation and tabs between pages appropriately to ensure this.

Why work with us :

  • 250+ Apps & games delivered for Mobiles & Tablets.
  • As one of the reputed UI/UX development companies, we’ve created spectacular UI/UX for various successful games and apps.
  • Some of our UI/UX design have been lauded by our clients very much.
  • Our standards are on par with the best UI/UX designers.
  • Our UI/UX development services provide on time delivery with Agile Workflow
  • We have years of experience of conceiving stellar UI/UX across our games and apps and we are only getting better.


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