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BANKI is the official game of Emirates NBD (ENBD) for Android and iOS through which the whole banking process has been gamified with more fun and entertainment. Learning banking game with ENBD is just a touch away! BANKI teaches you the whole idea of creating your accounts with ENBD and also about banking and terminologies on your mobile or tab with an interesting and engaging gameplay. Now, you can learn how to perform your banking tasks from the palm of your hand, from anywhere and at any time by playing a game!

BANKI is convenient, user-friendly and secure mobile banking-education game from Juego Studios for ENBD. Though BANKI is specially built for Emirati, it is also available in other countries.


  • ENBD wanted to build more engagement and loyalty among their customers.
  • create the banking terminology training process engaging and less location specific.


  • Role Playing game (RPG)
  • Educational game
  • Single player game


  • Unity3D


Gameplay revolves around Emirates NBD (ENBD) infrastructure and the ultramodern architecture of Dubai. The game starts with a storytelling session where the father will be describing his daughter about the banking process and will take her to the bank. Then the game follows five simple levels explaining how to apply for a debit card, how to activate and how to deposit money through cheque and much more. We gamified their whole banking process in an attractive way to educate their young users.

Besides, there are also sections called ‘leaderboard’, ‘news’ and ‘learning’. Leaderboard lists up top performers in different areas to show the relative positioning of users in the system and through news section, you will receive each and every updated information regarding ENBD. Learning section will let you grasp an idea of the history of banking, banking essentials, basics of stock markets etc. Every section has set of units with proper YouTube tutorials and end of every session it also provides quiz functionality so that you can check your skill level which makes it very helpful for all kind of people. It is very helpful for moderating awareness for knowledge on banking. There is also an interesting section called ‘tools & career’ where you can have the guidance for CV writing, interviews and also to build strong communication skills.


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