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The VR Simulation for Pharmaceuticals: Tablet Production is an immersive training tool replicating pharmaceutical tablet production environments. It enables interaction with virtual machinery for processes like milling ,tablet pressingetc. Gamification elements, such as points and badges, enhance engagement, while performance tracking provides detailed analytics. The simulation emphasizes safety protocols ,hygiene practices and features AI-driven virtual assistants. Users can access modules offline and experience the training using VR headsets like Oculus Quest and HTC Vive for an immersive learning experience.


  • Created a virtual replica of around 10 different pharmaceutical production environment for simulated training.
  • Users can interact with virtual machinery for processes like milling, crushing, grinding, and pulverization.
  • Incorporates gamification elements to make training engaging and motivating for employees with Unity3D’s game mechanics and reward systems, such as points, badges, and leaderboards, to enhance user engagement.
  • Tracks user performance and provides detailed analytics on their progress and proficiency & Integrates backend analytics tools to collect and analyze data, generating reports on user activities and performance metrics.
  • Focuses on teaching safety protocols and hygiene practices in the production environment Includes scenarios and checkpoints that simulate common safety hazards and hygiene violations, requiring users to follow proper procedures.
  • Allows customization of training programs to fit the specific needs of different user groups or departments with modular design principles, enabling administrators to configure and tailor training modules through an intuitive interface.
  • Uses AI-driven virtual assistants programmed with instructional content and voice recognition to interact with users.
  • Simulates detailed processes such as ingredient mixing, tablet pressing, and packaging.
  • Allows users to access training modules using offline-mode, ensuring uninterrupted learning.
  • Supports VR headsets Occulus Quest & HTC-vive for an immersive training experience.
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