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By juegoadmin | Augmented Reality | August 17th, 2021

AR Powered Games-: The Forthcoming Generation Of Games For Immersive Gaming Experience

Augmented Reality games are the new movement in gaming nowadays and for posterity as well. It is pretty evident from the world-famous game Pokémon Go. It’s an AR games that has garnered millions of downloads worldwide. This response of gamers is enough to show how well they embrace AR.

But what makes Augmented Reality Games so special? How are Augmented Reality Games the next generation of video games? Well, if you have the above questions in mind, read this blog. Here, we’ll talk about how AR is different and the next gen. of video games. So, let’s begin.

What is Augmented Reality?

You can think of Augmented Reality as the integration of digital data into the real world. It’s the opposite of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality displays the user a new unknown world. On the other hand, AR shows the real world, which has enhanced digital information.

Snapchat filters and Pokémon Go are the two most common examples of Augmented Reality in action. Such AI-powered applications make the user feel the environment. Unlike VR, AR gives a more real-life experience which makes it special and different.

Independent research showed that the AR gaming market would experience a rapid rise from 2017-2023. Also, the Compounded Annual Growth Rate is anticipated to rise to $284bn by 2023. And this clearly shows how AR gaming is going to rock in the years to come.

What makes AI-powered games different & more immersive than standard games?

1. Lifelike Experience:

Gamers love the virtual world but not more than the real-life experience. There’s no doubt that VR or other games are interactive, but still, it is an unreal world. And this is where AR games take the cake. AR games make the gamer feel the real environment with subtle modifications.

For example, there’ll be an imaginary lion sitting on your bed. Or there will be a Pokémon on your school playground waiting for you to capture it. Now, we all know the Pokémon or the Lion doesn’t exist in Reality. But watching them sitting on or interacting with the real-life elements makes the difference.

It makes the user feel as if it is happening in real life. And this is what gamers these days crave. The more Reality you put in, the better is the response. In a nutshell, unlike other games, AR-powered games add that reality element. And this separates it from the crowd.

2. Better Interaction with Players:

If you’re quite into gaming, you would know in most games, and you can interact using chat, voice, or video. However, with AR games, it is and will be different. Take multiplayer AR games, for instance. You can socialize with real time players on their location.

This somehow helps players deal with anxiety and depression. The motive of multiplayer games is to bring people together. And AR makes sure of that.

3. Better Controls & Immersive gaming experience:

AR-powered games feature gestures or body controls. It is not like standard games where you can use just your hands or fingers. Computer or mobile games may limit the controls but this is not with AR glasses. There are several props using which you can move your body to control or interact with the game.

Let’s consider the instance of an AR sports game: HADO. With your hand movements, you can create a shield to block objects coming from the opponent. This feels as if you’re casting a spell. Controls like these can help the player make the experience more immersive. And this is something gamers look for.

4. Increased Physical movement:

Mobile or other standard games limit the physical movements of the player. You can control the player or shoot using your mouse, keyboard, or at the best joystick, right? Here again, Augmented Reality takes it to a futuristic level. With Augmented Reality, if you use an AR headset, your hands are free.

You can hold devices with motion sensors or like a gun controller. And when you interact with the environment using these props, the experience is impeccable. It makes you feel as if you’re present in the game. Many companies are developing AR jackets and gloves to make the players feel the impact in a physical fight. This is something you can’t ever expect from general games.

There are numerous other things that make AR games superior and different from common ones. And these things make sure that AR-powered games are the next generation of video games presenting an immersive experience.

How to create an AR game, and how can Juego Studios help?

AR games are developed differently as compared to standard games. For games like Pokémon Go, the main element is GPS and the phone camera. GPS helps with the location, while the camera helps capture objects within the game.

Now, the best game engine for creating AR games is Unity. It supports a VR camera, which is a must-have for creating VR-based games. Unity offers an easy interface and supports the latest AR and VR devices such as: –

  • Google’s Daydream View.
  • Gear VR.
  • Microsoft HoloLens.
  • Steam VR/Vive.
  • Oculus Rift.
  • PlayStation VR.

Using Unity, you can create VR-powered games for mobile and for the computer. However, the possibilities are limitless.

When it comes to creating a popular AR-powered game, you need the help of professionals. Juego Studios is the game development company you can trust. Juego Studios in the game development industry for over a decade. And we can create captivating AR games for various AR platforms.

Common AR-based gaming types we can help you with are: –

  • Geo-Location Games.
  • AR FPS Games.
  • AR-Based RPGs.
  • Sports Games.

Our developers have created numerous popular AR games using the best available sources. Some popular tools we use are: –

  • ARCore
  • ARKit.
  • Vuforia.
  • ARToolkit.
  • Wikitude.

Developers from our company are familiar with ARKit, which is an AR-based framework for iOS devices. So, you can always expect the finest output from our seasoned developers. You can check our portfolio here. You can also scrutinize the most astounding AR-based apps our developers have produced: –


Augmented Reality is definitely the next generation for video games. It is pretty clear by the features it comes with. And if you want to create an AR game or application, you can contact Juego Studios for AR game development. We’re an international company ready to meet your AR needs. So, call now!

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