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By juegoadmin | Augmented Reality | April 8th, 2022

Arize: The Supercharged Leader in the 3D & AR Commercial Space

There has been an immense increase in the use of augmented reality and 3D Visualization in the last few years. By 2025, businesses are expected to spend 200 billion dollars on artificial intelligence and machine learning. And this has predominantly increased due to the rise of the Metaverse and other futuristic technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality.

The Frontrunner

Many businesses are using AR, VR, 3D, and NFT products. It requires some visionary acumen to foresee the importance of these products and Arize is one such case. Arize provides AR and VR platforms allowing people to create and view their own VR skill and share it with communities across the world. It helps machine learning teams understand if their solutions are functioning as expected. Any deviation can be caught quickly, and the root cause can be fixed in a short time.

With an immense increase in investment in artificial intelligence, it is imperative to understand whether AI solutions are working as expected. Organizations have seen the potential in AI and have been integrating it into almost every business function, are it’s operations, finance, marketing, or customer support.

Issues with Machine Learning Models

ML workflow majorly focuses on the initial two stages of the AI solution, data preparation, and modeling. But when the AI solution goes into production, which is the final stage, all is left up to chance. Their predictions and inferences are a guessing game.

These ML models make critical real-world bearing decisions in a split second. Ironically, once deployed in production, no one knows and understands what is happening. Sometimes, these decisions are inaccurate and may cause huge monetary loss or put lives at risk in the case of self-driven cars.

Hence, there is a significant risk involved without having a mechanism to monitor performance, troubleshoot and debug issues that may cause serious consequences. When the stakes are high, it is vital to have software that can observe how AI works and how it fixes the problems when something breaks.

That’s where machine learning observability becomes a budding yet critical category to monitor and explain the performance of AI solutions in production.

What Does Arize Do?

Arize offers a unique 3D marketplace for developers to connect directly with businesses through futuristic 3D technology. You do not have to download any application or integrate any technology. Yet developers can share their experience with a wide audience across multiple devices. This is possible through the framework provided by the Arize platform.

Arize is a decentralized, user-managed universe with strategic interoperability and monetization favoring the creator. Hence, this ML observability platform can take AI models from the research lab to production easily. Let’s understand why Arize is a supercharged leader in the 3D and AR commercial space.

What’s in For Developers and Businesses?

It allows developers to share and sell their work in the 3D NFT marketplace and earn NFTs associated with their work easily. On the other hand, businesses can benefit from a fully customized 3D experience of their products. There are many opportunities but are not limited to art galleries, games, metaverse, virtual stores, etc.

Features Provided by Arize

  • Automated Monitoring

With a highly proactive and customizable monitoring system, Arize can catch performance degradation; predict drift detection and any quality problems that may cause losses. It provides a holistic view of all the issues that may arise pre and post-deployment in production. Hence, ML developers can fine-tune the performance and make granular level changes to optimize the performance.

  • Performance Tracking

Arize provides user-friendly tools to reduce the meantime to recovery. The root cause analysis tools analyze instantly across multiple features, facets, and KPIs. This enables forecasting problems based on a group of predictions. The best thing here is that you do not need to join segments in advance for analysis.

  • Equality and Intelligibility

Arize provides clear charts with explanations to gain visibility on performance across all groups. When an AI model concludes a decision, you can use local-global or group explainability tools to understand the reasons. You can drill down at the granular level of the algorithm to understand whether there is any bias.

  • Handle Large Enterprise Data

Regardless of the size of the team or organization, you can share billions of events every day across any AI model. With a secure access-based control, you can configure workspaces, account organizations, and projects.

  • Seamless Onboarding Process

Irrespective of any AI model, Arize can enable seamless machine learning observability. It uses lightweight software development kits (SDKs) to share training and validation. This integration is quick, and you go live in minutes.

  • Enhanced ROI

The Arize continuously improves your understanding of the AI model performance and provides concrete grounds for retraining needs. It can explore predictions and understand AI model decisions. Moreover, it allows performance to connect with business results using custom user-defined functions.

  • Roadmap for Arize

Arize has a fully stacked team of experts and has launched a talent hub and staking pools.

As Part of Enhancing the Ecosystem and Platform Commencement Arize is:

  • Launching Arize marketplace and staking tiers and perks.
  • AR/3D NFT.
  • Metaverse template.
  • Platform launch.
  • Royalties as community token benefits based on views of assets and experience by others.
  • Ethereum Bridge.
  • Collaboration with leading blockchain projects.
  • Metaverse galleries for NFT.

By the End of 2022 and the Beginning of 2023, Arize is;

  • Launching a fully loaded Arize platform and content library.
  • Launching framework for creators and businesses to process services.
  • Enabling selling and buying content using the Arize token.
  • Metaverse editor launch.


AR has meticulously made its value in the field of retail, education, entertainment, social media, gaming, mapping, and navigation. To ensure AI models make the right decisions based on the datasets and pieces of training, Arize has numerous features to handle large data sets and observe the behavior of the AI model. IT considers AI models as the base of monitoring and creates a baseline for training, validation, and performing root cause analysis.


If you have not tried AR and 3D solutions to elevate your virtual portfolio, now could be the right time. We at Juego Studios offer enterprise solutions and have immense expertise working with AR and VR tools. Go through the VR and AR solutions and Enterprise Services to gather more information about our game development services.

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