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By Juegostudio | Augmented Reality | May 29th, 2020

Major Challenges in Augmented Reality App Development Faced by App Developers

Technology has evolved multifold in the last decade. One such impactful evolution is in the domain of Augmented Reality. It has drawn horizons for brands to adopt virtues and display a greater, dynamic picture to the audience. The most significant shift in technology adoption would be AR through smartphones. AR App Developers are in a constant struggle to keep up with the sphere of AR induced technologies and the development of Augmented Reality Apps is at an all time rise. But what is the true potential of AR in various industries?

Which Industries Are Benefiting from Augmented Reality?

It is unfair to limit AR to only the realms of gaming and animation. It has the ability to reshape industries, especially from the perspective of marketing and post sale service. This newly adopted advantage has left various industries exploring opportunities that were unimaginable a few years back. Which are the industries that are moving towards AR?

1. Healthcare

The sector that is having extreme latent to use the most of AR. From organ modeling to 3D visualization of surgeries, empowering the healthcare industry to perform and break down modern medical concepts.

2. Education

AR helps to spread knowledge beyond textual notebooks. With 3D advancements, it solves two parallels of learning. It engages students in a broadly interactive form of receiving knowledge.

3. Manufacturing

Product prototyping is an amazing example of the use of Artificial Reality. The industry is in dire need of something that could reduce cost and bring about efficiency in the sector. AR can achieve all of that by promising a minor to zero error projection.

4. Fashion

How is AR redefining the fashion industry? Having virtual assistance to customers can be just the starter to a rather swelled up future for the fashion industry. Brands have already started using AR in mobile phones to see the fitting of dress on customers and the future of AR in this industry is only limited to the imagination.

5. Marketing

The big and the grand for the audience and Augmented Reality can do that. AR can be called best friends with Marketing. All the videos and animation is altered with some AR blending into the background for billboards, commercials, and store-fronts.

Since businesses are mentioning apps as their premium medium to exhibit their services or products, just after websites. AR is coming in handy for each industry to create a space for itself. AR based app development is needed to fulfill the requirement of the industries and app developers are puzzled since it also comes with some major challenges.

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Top 6 Major challenges in AR App Development Faced by App Developers

Augmented Reality, unlike its counterpart Virtual Reality, does not create comprehensive artificial environments around you. It subtly takes references and subjects from the real world to create extra layers above them and merge real and virtual worlds altogether. However, with its wonderful benefits, there come some challenges for the AR app developers. Let’s take a look.

1. Technological Hindrance

The major issue is the inconsistency with modern devices like smartphones and tablets. Though Augmented Reality is now widely used on smartphones, it was never meant for it. Thus the technology used in smartphones to capture pictures and videos is not the appropriate content that combines with AR. To utilize AR to its fullest one must use AR gears which are expensive and inaccessible to all. App Developers are having to undergo some technological limitations while developing an AR solution/app.

2. Lack of Standards

App Developers frequently suffer from the absence of a universal standard in design and development for AR across the tech industry. Since the technology is new and not much has been created to achieve the best from AR, there is a void that is difficult to surpass. In addition to that, without any standard design, compatibility over various devices makes the entire process of development slow.

3. Privacy Concerns

The lack of standards makes the design and development as mere experiments that developers are leaning into. Mostly a trial and error method is adapted to achieve desirable results. In these cases, the slightest negligence can lead to a serious privacy concern for users. Developers find it difficult to cope with the idea and make constant necessary changes according to the situation.

4. Lack of Expertise

The Augmented Reality domain is still new in the field of technological innovation and intelligence. The lack of awareness about the relation of AR to any other component as a natural extension requires credibility and expertise in both the fields. Developers are thoroughly confused about how to include AR and at the same time do not have any reference to adhere to. The AR apps are a fragment of use cases that can even do without AR as an effective source of value addition.

5. GPS Glitches

This could be another addition to the challenges that developers have to face while they develop an AR app. A fully functional navigation system must be assured to the developer to help Augment Reality perform its best. The failure of such a GPS navigation system would make the app unreliable for its audience. So, developers are having to create a marker for AR to play a significant role in its functioning.

6. Relevance

What could be the basis of an extraordinary technological solution is the relevance of AR in an app. App Developers are unable to find a definite reason to build upon their excellence. Is AR essential to be attached to the pre-existing system or does it sustain without it? These questions are not clear in the use case scenarios and hence the developers are unable to give their absolute best to create an app that delivers solutions through Augmented Reality.

These are the challenges that developers face when developing an AR app for a company or a brand. Projected to be the best, but these interruptions can be the leading challenges for insufficient or poor quality AR content over Playstore and Appstore.  

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Juego Studio believes in exercising the best of VR solutions and it also believes other than the challenges, there are plenty of Benefits of using Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development. So, if you need to create an AR based app for your company, contact us and we would let you know the potential of your brewing ideas in the market.

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