Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development

By Juegostudio | Augmented Reality | February 3rd, 2020

Benefits of using Augmented Reality in Mobile app development

Trends in the division of business and technology are constantly shading old ones and giving birth to advanced technologies, the current 2020 trendsetters being apps focused on mobiles and AR. By partnering the two renewed tools, predicts a successful user satisfying result that is destined to generate higher revenue. Even though the existence of AR has been quite long, it’s recognition and usability has been quite recent categorizing it as a young trend, casting attention from researchers and inquisitive tech bloggers, the same set of individuals have mustered new technological combinations that is leading the path to brilliance. The following benefits of Augmented Reality in mobile app only prove this brilliant mind map that is likely to set foot this year.

Top 4 Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development:

  • Traditional Mobile App Development is over used:

User popularity and user experience is the norm of the business town, to achieve the two, one’s app must be designed specifically to create a pleasurable journey. Take a mobile app (let’s say an online retail store) that is built traditionally without the Augmented Reality features. Users pick their products from a display, add to cart, purchase and leave. What makes this app prone to attention compared to the 100’s of online stores out there? This familiarized approach can do more harm than good. What information is offered to interested customers aside from general product description, generic images from different angles, and the purchasing procedure?

Unlike this normative approach, Augmented Reality immerses the user with the product’s realistic functionality and it’s compatibility with the user’s interests and desires. The entry into a retail store would be identical to visiting a store in the real world, with the added benefits of convenience and efficiency. Such a user would without doubt, pick an app that allows advanced systematic features that are normally not plated by the 100 other apps following a relatively drab technique. To break the mainstream approach and to beat competitors that give simplistic experiences is the attached silver lining in creating mobile apps based on AR technology.

  • It’s role in E-learning and the experience around it:

To gain knowledge, understand concepts and get a strong grasp of modules that are challenging will require a real-time interactive session. Many students depend primarily on e-learning apps that merely offer videos, drawings and recorded material without exploring the core assistance through engagement. Since Mobile apps have inevitable popularity, ranging from health and fitness to gaming, concepts such as online learning as well have been quite sturdy in the mobile app business. Yet, the conventionally implemented apps for learning have a limited set of benefits to offer and is a restriction to enable the full understanding and assimilation of concepts by nurtured minds, Apps that are powered by AR speak the contrary. They are capable of empowering students with a more realistic session, with interactive tutorials, engaging exchanges, and materials that are sourced in real time, differentiating it barely with real life classroom teaching sessions.

  • Building brand even further:

Want to up the game in brand building? Many would instantly give solutions such as building apps for mobiles, which is a booster but imagine combining this technique with the interactive AR experience. Brand builders and business runners have schedules that are filled to the brim which makes it difficult to be physically present at most of their events. Take an event manager for instance, who conducts and facilitates multiple events and who would ideally like to be updated without a mediator about the ongoing ceremony that they are leading. With traditional applications, it would be impossible to be able to physically monitor all their subordinates, strategies, and event management proceedings, but with AR they are introduced to the immersive concept of being able to manage and overlook all their management techniques through a screen, hence multiple events can be directed through a single lens. The efficiency, convenience, accuracy, and revenue that additionally follows are only starters.

  • Real Life Experience in Shopping Usher Sales

If your app offers real-life experience, there’s is nothing that can stop userss from landing on your apps.  providing a 360-degree view of the Shopping place or landscapes of travel destinations can get you the brownie points that nothing other can. eCommerce app development, event app development, telecom app development, or come what may, AR enables the users to relish the out-of-the-box real-life experience.

With an amazing experience, users are for sure enjoy every corner of the place. Amusement of place or product correlates to  higher conversions, and sales.

Hence, it is clear that developing an argument around the multitude of benefits that AR offers is challenging since one managing a business ideally can gain visibility and reputation through the added advantages and advanced features that this immersive technology delivers. Before sticking to the comfortable conventional methods, every dominant business mind must at least try and get a hint of the upcoming techs that can be coupled with traditional ideas. There some challenges in AR App Developing you have to aware of. 

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