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In recent times, 3D modeling has become an integral part of various industries. Architecture, real estate, and even education rely on 3D modeling significantly. More than anything, 3D modeling is used in game development intrinsically. Simply put, professionals trained and skilled in various aspects of 3D modeling are called 3D modelers.

Game development comprises creating the game concept, 3D and 2D art, animation, and so on. Read on to delve into the depths of 3D modeling and its significance in the game industry. Learn all about the different types of 3D modeling and how we can help integrate it with your game idea.

Understanding the purpose of 3D modelling

The basic definition of 3D modeling is the creation of three three-dimensional representations of the environment, characters, props, and every other element using specialized software. The primary difference between traditional art and 3D models is the depth and character that mimics the real world. The technology has revolutionized the industry by allowing creative flexibility to the developers. It allows professionals to breathe life into their ideas with more depth and versatility. With 3D modeling, they can manipulate, design, and even animate the assets created with the technology.

The 3D modelers are skilled professionals who have the degree and skill to create 3D models. They have artistic as well as technical prowess and can operate different types of 3D modeling software. The following are a few types of 3D modeling done by the artists:

  • They create 3D characters and objects.
  • Environment, scenes, and landscape rendering
  • Realistic texture creation
  • Elements of Interior Design or creating a 3D representation of assets

The primary purpose of 3D modeling is to render realistic visuals that immerse the senses of the viewer. The 3D modeler must have superior creativity as well as fluency with 3D modeling software to create such immersive gamescapes. Experienced, and strong understanding of 3D principles are key denotation of a skilled 3D modeler. The cost of hiring 3D modelers from a reputed game development company depends largely on experience, skill, location, and the overall complexity of the project. The following is the average range of salary of 3D modellers in different regions:

Location  Yearly Salary
USA $40,065- $92,569
Canada $66,450
India ₹3,05,000- ₹4,80,000
UK €28,867- €42,345

The portfolio, and skill together influence the overall hourly or yearly rate of a 3D modeler. The local factors such as country, region, and socio-economic factors must be considered too.

What are the different types of 3D models?

In the gaming industry, 3D modeling and art have emerged as powerful tools to push creative boundaries and give a better shape to your imagination. Various types of 3D modeling have specific purposes in different industries:


In video games and animated movies, you will come across various human characters and even animals. Developers can push the boundaries of creativity and design unique characters fired by your imagination. From new fantasy fiction creatures to giving shape to the character’s conceptual personality- 3D modelling helps to create a vision closest to reality.

Product models

3D modeling has simplified the roadmap to innovation. It gets significantly easier to give shape to your abstract ideas in a cost-effective way. This way, you can determine the feasibility of the product. Through 3D modeling, professionals can demonstrate the design, functionality, and final appearance of products like cars, mobiles, computers, and any expensive products.

Environmental model

The extent of 3D modeling goes beyond designing creatures, characters, products, and buildings. It can be used to render a sprawling virtual environment. From lush green forests to reimagining old cities and period-specific locations- all can be done using 3D modeling tools. These are used in video games as well as movies to create a stunning backdrop for the story, and to make the content engaging.

Conceptual models

The 3D modelers can help visionary thinkers give shape to abstract ideas, especially if it’s a one-of-a-kind concept, never been explored before. This helps the thinker to communicate their ideas effectively because it has a visual representation now. The conception can be about anything ranging from a new type of architecture or creating a unique sculpture.

Medical model

The medical industry has benefited immensely from the development of 3D art and modeling. Healthcare professionals can get proper insights into the anatomy with the help of 3D models. It simplified the planning of complex surgeries by manifolds for professionals. Not only that, it is also useful to educate medical students on different ailments, surgery, and anatomy.


It has become a growing trend today to create captivating animated advertisements. It is done using 3D animation. The process gives greater creative freedom to shape your imagination better. The result is more alluring and hence can captivate the viewers and draw their attention to the product being advertised.

Industrial design

Engineers, architects, and real estate companies can make the most of 3D modeling technology to create a visual representation before laying down any brick. This would help stakeholders to get a better idea about the structure, materials, and overall design of the proposed project.

Geographical model

The 3D technology is very useful to geologists in studying the layers of the planet. Regions that are too remote or cannot be explored easily can be studied with the help of 3D renderings. This will help significantly to identify potential mines, mineral deposits, and potential environmental issues and take precautionary steps beforehand.

Understanding 3D Art- Low Poly and High Poly

There are two broad categories of 3D art forms based on polygonal modeling that are used for different types of 3D modeling projects. Both formats are used for video games, animated movies, as well as product and real estate modeling.

Low Poly

The low poly modeling uses fewer polygons that help to optimize performance without hampering the aesthetics. Moreover, the low poly structures have a minimalist appeal that is particularly suitable for certain types of video game themes. This technique is particularly popular in the video game industry where optimized performance is important. This way, the gameplay remains smooth and rendering is much faster.

High Poly

High poly modeling helps to emphasize the details and realism of the 3D objects. The artists can create hyperrealistic characters, environments, and objects that offer exceptional visual fidelity. The artist can create intricate details like hair strands, smoke, wrinkles, and subtle imperfections. This format is suitable for animated movies, AAA games, and similar productions where a realistic appearance is necessary to make it more engaging. However, it requires higher processing power and memory. Hence, high poly models are tricky to execute on regular hardware, and file optimization is challenging.



Unleash your vision with our expert modellers, and create a 3d model game that captivates and conquers the gaming world!

How are 3D digital models made?

Creating a 3D digital model is a systematic process, following which can result in stunning visual renderings. The artists witness a world of possibilities when they start using 3D modeling tools to give shape to their abstract ideas.

Research for references

The beginning of every stunning 3D model lies in certain inspirations. Be it a reference image or sketches from a concept artist– it is the basis of the eventual 3D rendering. The research helps to conceptualize the ideas and accordingly start the designing.

Creating mesh and model geometry

The next step is creating the geometry or the mesh of the model. For this, 3D modeling software is used to shape the mesh to create the base form of the object. The software is used to manipulate the vertices, edges, and corners to refine the shape. In the modeling stage, the artist can let their imagination flow and create a wide variety of shapes and designs and make them perfect.

Ambient light and viewpoints

The next step is setting up ambient light and viewpoints to add more depth and character to the models. The interplay of light and shade makes the object more immersive to the viewers. It also helps to define the shape and character of the models to create different moods and also make them more realistic.


Texturing refers to the colors, patterns, and various materials that breathe life into the model. The texturing makes the models more realistic, provided it is realistically done. This means factors like transparency, shine, metallic surface, and roughness should be considered while adding textures to the model.


Rendering creates the image and even animates the model that is of superior quality. The time needed to process the 3D model rendering depends largely on the complexity of the project and the realism and detailing of the models. It can take significant time depending on the hardware capacity.

Beveling and post-production

The beveling technique and tools are used to smooth the edges to make the objects look more natural and realistic. This is done at the post-production stage to give the final finishing touch before launching the project. The stage also includes color correction, adding special effects, and enhancing the overall visual effects.

How can Juego Studios help with 3D modeling?

Juego Studios is a game art studio offering a wide range of 3D art and modeling services that are tailored to your project. We have experienced professionals on the team who excel at different 3D modeling and game development services. This includes character, asset, weapon, environment modeling, texturing, animating, and shading. Our services also include outsourcing to clients as well as resource augmentation. Get a cost-effective solution for the game project by hiring our professionals for your project. Here’s what our game modelers can do for you:

  • The 3D artists at Juego Studios are proficient at creating accurate character designs that look realistic and at par with the game storyline. Enjoy seamless movement and interaction between the character and environments when the 3D modeling and performance get optimized.
  • The game environment is rendered such that it appears immersive and provides a believable backdrop to the game project, as per the genre and storyline. The carefully designed environment adds depth and challenge to the gaming experience.
  • Vehicle design by our game artists can help to simulate various kinds of driving and adventure experiences.
  • Weapons are intricate parts of certain types of game design. The speed and accuracy of weapon handling enhance the gameplay. Balancing the weapon’s power is made easier when the 3D model is meticulously crafted.


Well-designed props, environments, and characters can make a difference in the gaming experience. We take the gamescape design to the next level through a plethora of 3D modelling services.

Who forms the team to provide 3D modeling solutions?

The 3D modeller has to work with several professionals based on the scope of the project. When you have a specific game art project in mind, it is likely to involve a collaborated team of the following members apart from 3D modellers:

  • Concept artists– They create the initial sketches and visual references that help the 3D modellers start creating the mesh and shape.
  • Art directors– These professionals provide artistic guidance so that the 3D model is at par with the project vision. They are in charge of reviewing, feedback, and overall quality maintenance.
  • VFX artists– In collaboration with 3D modellers, special effects can be integrated into various 3D scenes. They include particle systems, dynamic effects, and simulation to enhance the visual storytelling.
  • Animators– They can breathe life into the 3D models to add movement to the characters as well as the environment.
  • Game designers– The 3D modellers have to work closely with the game designers to ensure the character fits into the gameplay. Their collaboration helps to optimize real-time rendering and enhance the interactive experience.

What software gets used at Juego Studios for 3D modeling?

Juego Studios has a team of highly skilled 3D modelers who can deliver an exceptional visual experience using the latest cutting-edge technology and software. Here are a few such software our team uses to provide 3D modeling services:

  • ZBrush

    – This software is particularly suitable for 3D sculpting. Our 3D modelers use the software to create intricate high-resolution models. It has a variety of dynamic tools, and brushes that are useful to create finer details while creating hyperrealistic models.

  • Blender

    – Blender is an open-source software that is popular among our 3D modelers for several reasons. The comprehensive tool shade is suitable for modeling, rigging, animation, and sculpting. The software is flexible and renders superior models and is updated occasionally.

  • Maya

    – This is another software that has unparalleled versatility and is powerful enough to create highly realistic 3D models. Our professionals wholeheartedly adopt it because of its universal compatibility. It has a comprehensive toolset suitable for modeling, dynamics, animation, rigging, and hyperrealistic graphics creation.

  • Unity

    – Unity is one of the top choices among our 3D modelers not only for game development but also for seamless integration of 3D assets.

  • Unreal

    – The Unreal engine has advanced rendering capacity and is suitable for real-time lighting. 3D modelers use the engine for creating high-fidelity assets and models.

  • 3Dx Max

    – Our artists leverage the robust toolset of the software for character modeling, animation, and architectural visualization. This is the industry standard software to create engaging content.


These days, 3D modeling is one of the most popular services whose advantages get leveraged by different industries. Especially in the game industry, it is a very trendy choice to create a variety of games. There is a high demand for skilled and experienced 3D modelers.

Juego Studios offer a wide variety of full-cycle game development solution. Ranging from game development to a variety of 3D modelling and arts- our professionals can provide it all.


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