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By Juegostudio | Augmented Reality | November 25th, 2019

8th Wall to facilitate AR equipped Mobile browser (WebAR)

The relevance of Mobile phones started with the benefit of communication, however, mobiles have crept in and have become an integral part of our daily lives. In that case, anything, that is inaccessible through a mobile phone is considered vexing. So, if AR does not grow mobile browser compliant, it could remain stagnant and would not be reaching the general masses, thus disrupting the entire future predictions of AR app development company for everyday chores.

The technological innovations that are happening in and around us are meant to become a part of the world that’s leaning towards digitizing. To newer solutions that are pragmatic and efficacious. Experiments with AR App Development Company has overshadowed any other technological innovation. However, there are still hiccups relating to its use in enhancing efficiency, accuracy and dependability over the future. At present, the underlying fact that is strengthening AR app development, is its aura around industries like education, entertainment and healthcare. It is also inaccessible to the general population, thus eroding its significance. For example, if you want to play a highly dense game, with a considerable amount of graphical illustration having AR/VR implementation, you have to download the game. This is anything but viable. The question that remains is how is this technology supposed to change the future stranding over this unstable ground?

How WebAR Works?

WebAR is expanding to make life simpler, all it does is open an extended URL through your smartphone browser, asks for permission to open your camera, and delivers AR content as per the live environmental setting of the user. Bigger brands are making use of WebAr as a predominant marketing strategy and it seems to grab some attention. You don’t know, maybe this would soon become conventional in the advertisement industry.

The 8th Wall Web Factor

The company, 8th Wall Inc. that was established in 2016, have developed a breakthrough solution that would transform mobile app development and how it is perceived today. The company recently announced a systematized solution that would ascertain AR capabilities through mobile browser. It has become the first in the marathon to develop a WebAR commercial solution to market.

Most of AR compliant are mobile devices are depends on heavy built apps, and only through native libraries of ARCore and ARKit devices, access to this 3D interactive experience is possible. Though, 8th Wall uses standardized JavaScript and WebGL that allows the creation of AR atmosphere minus the native libraries. Without the downloading and installing phenomenon, the customized URL of the WebAR can directly take the user to the desired world of 3D graphic and animation. All it takes is a URL and a smartphone camera.

Testing grounds for various aspects

The company made a point to state that, it is developed keeping in mind not just the future, but also the existing websites. The existing websites can also use AR features that are devised by the unique 8th Wall’s Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) engine, multitudinal real-time WebAR  interface and a hyper-optimized solution to reach out for. Features of 8th Wall Web:

  • 6DoF Positional Tracking: Allows communication easy and effortless for AR content to sink deep just with the help of a smartphone camera.
  • Surface Detection: Efficient surface detection technology for meticulous placement of AR objects.
  • World Points: Visualization of various points of their world through seamless Ar experience.
  • Hit Tests: It also meets other points and detects different surfaces through the lense in a place.
  • Lighting Estimation: Assimilation of resources to detect the lighting in the real world and qualify lighting changes in the Virtual World.

Erik Murphy-Chutorian, the Founder and CEO of 8th Wall said, “AR transforms the way people can use the web, whether it’s taking a closer look at a product on an ecommerce site, interacting with immersive branded content or being guided through a recipe with AR in the comfort of your own kitchen,” said Murphy-Chutorian. “However, app installation is currently a major barrier to AR mobile adoption — 87 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. download no more than one app in a given month.”

He also said, “The 8th Wall XR platform addresses the first problem of building an app and launching it everywhere. But, we wanted to address those other problems as well. 8th Wall Web now allows the ability to bring AR experiences to mobile devices through the internet with no apps and no downloads.”

WebAR is revolutionizing the entire concept of marketing, advertising and conceptualizing ideas, and 8th Wall Web is acting to be boon to all. 

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