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Can Virtual and Augmented Reality Replace Video Games In The Near Future?

Both augmented reality and virtual reality have their roots in gaming. But they are very likely to change the whole as we know it. In the present-day world, these technologies already exist in some form or the other. Also, it is very likely to make the next big step into the world of gaming technologies. Nonetheless, these technologies have already begun to impact business, commerce, entertainment, design, and much more.

The AR and VR Development services have incredibly brought about a revolution in the gaming world, which was once considered impossible. In fact, this gaming industry has efficiently displayed fast and prompt growth in recent years. Besides, the industry’s growth has been predominated by smartphone users who are spending maximum hours on phones and gaming technologies.

It has also been assumed that the latest technologies, including smartphones, have transformed the gaming world completely. Now that you are here, this article will give you deeper insights into both augmented reality and virtual reality. And towards the end, you will get a quick run-through of how AR VR games are taking over the traditional video gaming industry.

Virtual Reality – What is it?

Virtual reality is a typical technology used to create a simulated environment. Just like the user interface, VR enables users to witness the best things in the artificial world. In a nutshell, instead of viewing the screen, users can seamlessly immerse themselves in the 3D world.

But things don’t end there, as users can easily get involved and interact with the 3D worlds. The best thing is that it helps stimulate all senses, including touch, vision, hearing, smell, etc. Here, computer technology acts as the sole gatekeeper of the artificial world.

And not forgetting to mention that there are a few limitations to virtual reality. It has less available content and a cheaper range of computing power. Nonetheless, the major component of virtual reality is the HMD or head-mounted display. VR technology makes the best of CAVE automation just to formulate a virtual environment.

Virtual Reality has been introduced as the game changer for the gaming industry. In fact, it is also known to offer an improved version of the simple user interface. And these days, VR has become a prominent gaming trend that has gained extensive attention from the potential audience. Nonetheless, the benefits of VR have efficiently enriched the gaming environment, thereby boosting attention and user retention.

Augmented Reality – What is it?

We can define augmented reality as adding a digital layer right on top of the real world. Unlike the immersive experience of VR, AR games potentially snuck into your lives in some way or the other. It will make such a subtle entrance that you will probably not even notice it.

For instance, the game Pokemon Go is the greatest example of AR. You will also find several virtual furniture applications where you can see what a couch or relaxing chair looks like in your living room. Pioneering companies like Target, Wayfair, and IKEA offer the exact experience of AR.

Applications that let you try out apparel, accessories, or sneakers virtually all make the best use of AR. If you ever use any application to see the constellations of the sky, remember that it’s possible because of AR. Thus we can rightfully state that the list of AR is endless.

But in the practical sense of the term, augmented reality basically helps you look at reality through a gadget – a phone. AR basically makes things look like anything digital exists in the real, physical space. This technology tends to waver between commerce and entertainment. In fact, plenty of commercial applications make the best use of AR.

For example, Disneyland uses AR technology to create some of its most recent and greatest attractions of all time. After reading through these examples, you will now realize that you were completely unaware of this prevalent technology. Most surprisingly, you have also interacted with augmented reality to some extent.

AR and VR Bringing About Revolutionary Changes to the Gaming World

Believe it or not, VR and AR have already reached the level of sophistication to keep gamers engaged. In fact, the developers have introduced remarkable innovations that are way beyond imagination. Nonetheless, these technologies also offer their users a completely engrossing and smooth experience.

Now that we’re here, let’s check how VR and AR will probably redefine the gaming industry with their revolutionary actions.

● The Ultimate Revival of 3D

It is no secret that the gaming industry has revolutionized continuously over the past few years. And the continuous increase in market demand is deliberately pushing various gaming giants to create new experiences. In fact, the recent gaming market development is enabling new players to show their talent.

The unity platform is probably the best in the market when it comes to 3D game development. This is exactly what makes it the most promising game development engine, especially for the upcoming future. As per the Global Engine Market report of 2020, the 3D game accounted for 84.19% of the game engine market share in 2019. In fact, the experts have estimated an enormous growth all the way to 2027.

The unity 3D game developer provides an extremely easy platform. Above all, it doesn’t require the game developers to have any sort of extended programming knowledge. On the other hand, it is capable of providing excellent 3D design along with smooth rendering. This is what makes Unity 3D games extensively popular within the game developer society.

● Lifestyle Changes

While AR and VR have made their entrance into our lives, we can thus say that games are not just for entertainment. In fact, industries, including tourism, medicine, entertainment, and education, have efficiently turned towards AR and VR for a better experience. While this strategy is quite popular, it is gradually gaining the attention of potential consumers.

To Conclude

VR and AR technologies have brought about a remarkable revolution in the world, especially in the gaming sector. Above all, these provide aid in creating a realistic image along with sound and sensation. It also offers an imaginary setting that efficiently stimulates the physical presence of a gamer within the entertainment.

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