Types of Gamers and The Bartle Player Taxonomy


Do you ever wonder why you enjoy some games and not others? The answer lies in the different types of gamers that exist. According to Bartles, there are various gamers: Achievers, Explorers, Socializers, and Killers. This blog post will discuss each type of gamer and give examples of games that appeal to them. So, if you want to understand why you prefer certain games, keep reading!

Different Types of Gamers

The Online Gamer

Online gamers are people who primarily play online games, either alone or with friends. Online gamers often research game services to create custom game experiences. They typically prefer team-based competition and collaboration, as it allows them to form relationships with other players.

With the rise of online games, these gamers have become more popular. Game developers create their unique gaming experience so that gamers are able to join a community and play with others. Online gamers tend to be very competitive, always trying to get better at their favourite game while often outplaying other opponents. iOS & Android game developers are exploring many creative ideas & helping the gamers to get engaging & competitive gameplay.

The Console Gamer

Console gamers are those who prefer traditional types of gaming systems such as Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo systems. These gamers usually have a set group of friends they play with regularly and may even join tournaments or leagues dedicated to the console they own. Console gaming differs from online gaming in that it’s generally more solitary and can be done while disconnected from the internet.

The Casual Gamer

Casual gamers don’t take gaming too seriously but still enjoy playing it for fun. These gamers usually opt for simpler games requiring less time commitment than their hardcore counterparts. You can find casual gamers playing on console systems like the Nintendo Switch and PC-based games. Casual gamers enjoy games with lighthearted themes, such as those in the famous Mario and Pokemon franchises.

The Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore gamers take their gaming seriously and are very passionate about it. They often focus on complex, deep storylines that require a lot of time investment. You can find these types of gamers playing highly demanding video games like Grand Theft Auto or Dark Souls, which require excellent reflexes and strategic thinking. As well as being interested in intense narrative experiences, hardcore gamers also spend time competing online against other players for glory and bragging rights.

The Armchair General

The Armchair General types of gamers focus on strategy games, such as the beloved Civilization series. They identify with the role of a commander and take personal pride in achieving victory.

The Observer

The Observer is someone who loves to watch gameplay, streams and specific types of shows that are related to the gaming world. They may not be actively playing video games, but they enjoy watching others have fun! Some Observers even offer their opinion on how a game should be developed or improved upon by game developers.

The Storyteller

This game is about discovering the different stories presented in each video game. They’re keen on following an adventure from start to finish and exploring every intricate detail within it. In addition, these players love to talk about their experience with others who have also experienced the same game. They need development services that can create captivating stories and unique experiences.

About Bartle Player Taxonomy

Bartle Player Taxonomy is a way to categorize types of gamers according to their preferences and playing styles. It divides gamers into four main types: Achievers, Explorers, Socialisers and Killers. These categories are used in development services as a tool for understanding different types of gamers and developing games that cater to their respective preferences.

Types of Bartle Player


Achievers are the types of gamers that strive to gain rewards, reach higher levels and increase their in-game score. They set goals for themselves and take great satisfaction when they complete them. Achievers are typically more competitive and enjoy playing with other players where they can prove their skills.

These types of gamers will often look for development services that offer features such as leaderboards, badges, awards and achievements. As these gamers progress throughout the game, they become invested in their character’s progress and don’t want to lose any progress made if restarting a game or switching platforms.


Killers are gamers who enjoy the competition and thrill of playing against other players in a game. They prefer games that require skill and strategy, such as first-person shooters or real-time strategy games. Killers often strive to be the best among their peers and can be highly competitive in gaming.

For them, winning is very important, and they derive satisfaction from achieving victory over opponents. Game development services should focus on creating engaging gameplay experiences with strong PvP elements for this player.


Socializers are gamers who enjoy playing video games to engage in social activities. These players are interested in building relationships and interacting with others while playing games, such as forming clans or guilds, making friends, or joining virtual communities. Socializers tend to be more focused on the social aspects of gaming than the actual mechanics of the game.

Therefore, game developers looking to provide services to this type of player should focus on providing features that encourage interaction between players, like chat systems and clan support tools.


Explorers are types of gamers that love uncovering new places, items and activities in digital games. They are the types of players who will spend hours exploring game maps, searching for hidden treasures or unlocking exclusive rewards. Explorers are players who often make the most use of development services such as custom character creation or virtual reality worlds.

Game designers constantly seek to create content that appeals to this type of player by adding extra layers to their game’s environment or creating a solid narrative around exploration.

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The Bottom Line

When it comes to the types of gamers and how they engage with games, the reality is that there are many types. While Bartles Taxonomy of Player Types provides a helpful way to categorize players into four main types, this only scratches the surface.

To better understand the motivations behind different types of gamers, game developers need to develop an understanding of their players and use game development services like analytics and focus groups to create experiences tailored for each type. With this knowledge and data, game creators can craft engaging experiences that appeal to various players.

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FAQ's on Different Types of Gamers

The Bartle Player Taxonomy categorizes gamers into four main types:
Achievers, who aim for in-game success and rewards;
Explorers, who enjoy discovering new aspects of the game;
Socializers, who play games for social interaction; and
Killers, who thrive on competition and dominance over other players.

This classification helps understand player motivations and preferences, enhancing game design and player engagement.

Yes, players can exhibit traits from more than one category in the Bartle Player Taxonomy, often displaying a primary type and secondary influences from other types.

This blend reflects the complex nature of player motivations and behaviors.

Understanding the Bartle Player Taxonomy allows game developers to tailor experiences to different player types, enhancing engagement by catering to the diverse motivations and preferences of Achievers, Explorers, Socializers, and Killers.

This targeted approach can lead to more satisfying and immersive gaming experiences.

The Bartle Player Taxonomy may evolve with VR and AR by introducing new player types or refining existing categories to reflect immersive experiences, enhanced social interaction, and innovative gameplay mechanics enabled by these technologies.

Achievers focus on earning points and levels, Explorers seek out hidden aspects and lore, Socializers prioritize interactions with other players, and Killers enjoy competing and asserting dominance in the game. Each type has distinct preferences and playing styles, shaping their gaming experience.


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