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Juego Studios is an Android game development company in India with a foothold in the US, Europe, and the Middle-east. We’ve created a number of 2D and 3D Android games and apps, some of which won prestigious awards and were featured on the PlayStore. Our Android game developers have the expertise to develop games of any genre, using the latest development technologies.


  • Without high monetary investments, one can make handsome profits by developing good games.
  • App submission and approval process is simpler.
  • A very wide audience reach as it is the most used mobile OS.
  • It is a good platform for developing games across different genres.
  • Google developers have made the platform highly secure.
  • High-end 3D games can be developed in android which has minimal lagging and performance issues.
  • Android rolls out frequent updates which use the device capabilities in a better way.
  • There is good monetization support.



Our team includes some of the top Android game developers in the industry who are constantly educating and adapting themselves to the latest trends in Android development. With thorough knowledge of engines like Unity, Cocos-2dx, Unreal and other SDKs, we build stunning games on android devices.


Android games need to be designed to work well in various screen sizes and OS. We optimize all of our games to ensure smooth FPS and high performance across various devices. With our art, design, development, and animation services we have built attractive games that have won acclaim.


Functionality, gameplay, and design are vital to your game’s success. As a top Android game development company, our detailed development process coupled with precise execution ensures we ship high-quality games, every time. Read more about our mobile game developers.

End to End:

We provide full-scale design and development services for developing gaming apps on android, including requirement gathering, brainstorming the idea, concept art, asset creation, level design, UI/UX, programming, game-balancing, monetization strategy, audio, and testing.


  • One of our developed games for clients named Hello-kitty orchard ranked No.1 in Google store.
  • Some of our games have reached 30 million+ downloads.
  • Our apps & games have been featured in the Google play store.
  • Our standards are at par with the Best Android Development Companies in the industry.
  • The expertise which our developers have in Java, OpenGL libraries, android SDK, and engines are unparalleled in the android game development arena.
  • We are always on our toes with the latest developments in the gaming world.





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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Started with Android Game Development?

Android game development has multiple phases. To get started with development, one must complete all these phases.  

Create a Game Design 

Game design is the creation of the game’s core mechanics, story, levels, etc. The team that does this is called game designers, and they turn the initial idea into a functional game, building in different challenges, metrics, characters, etc. 

All the data they have created is then documented in a game design document (GDD) document. The GDD is an exhaustive document that contains all the necessary details that the other team members need to know to make the game. It acts like a reference bible for the entire production team. 

Game design is an essential aspect of android game development because the game design provides a solid step for the entire development team to use as a guide. The team is supposed to follow the game design; hence, the whole production team remains on the same page. 

Choose a Game Engine 

A game engine is a framework that is used to create games. It has numerous features that help game developers create games faster and better. 

There are several top game engines available on the market at the moment. 

First among them is Unity. Unity from Unity Technologies is the world’s most used game engine. Particularly when it comes to mobile game development. It uses the C# language and has numerous features that experienced, and beginner developers can utilize. 

Second is Unreal, the famed creation engine from Epic Games. The engine is best known for its features that enable the development of high-fidelity 3D games. The game engine uses C++ language for development. 

Third is Cocos Creator, an open-source game engine. Developers can use the game engine to create both 2D and 3D games. In addition, it uses both JavaScript and TypeScript for programming. 

One can use any of these game engines or others to start the development if one is getting started. 

Create the Game Art 

Game art includes all the assets and artwork in the game. These range from concept art to high-fidelity 3D models. All of these visuals used in the game are created with the help of artists. 

One must create the game art carefully. It must adhere to a style that fits the game’s theme and should also be aesthetic. When starting, one can use other games of a similar genre as a reference. 


Programming in which one develops all the modules in the game into working software. The developers use the game engine and the programming language to create different game builds.  

During this process, the art and animations are integrated, the input schemes are implemented, and the performance is optimized. The team also does dev testing to eradicate the bugs and ensure the entire android game runs smoothly. 

Test the Game 

No matter how hard the team tries, bugs will be there in the game. For example, there will be performance issues, level design bugs, compatibility errors, etc. 

So, testing the game and all its features is an important aspect. It helps assess if all the elements are working as intended but also helps ensure they are up to the expected quality standards. It also helps weed out the security vulnerabilities that can lead to data loss. 

There are different types of testing. The most common ones are functionality testing, playtesting, and smoke testing. Each type of testing has its purpose and methods.

What Are the Best Software or Tools to Develop Android Games?

Android game developers create games using dedicated software that is called game engines. A game engine is an IDE that has different features to help develop games quickly.  

Although many companies use their custom game engines, most developers prefer to rely on commercially available ones. Although more suited for the individual needs of developers, the former is also tricky and time-consuming to develop. As a result, most game developers would do better with a commercial game engine. 

There are several of these game engines available for android game development. Below are some of them: 


Unity is the most used game engine for mobile game development. It is a beginner-friendly game engine that is also widely used by expert android game developers. 

The game engine uses C# as its programming language. C# is a high-level programming language that is simple but also powerful. 

In addition, Unity supports both 2D and 3D game development. It is also compatible with numerous game platforms. Hence, if one creates an android game, it can be easily ported to other platforms. 

For aspiring unity3d developers, the game engine has a lot of tutorials to learn from. However, it also has the goodwill of having a good track record of successful games created by top game publishers. 

The Unreal Engine 

The Unreal Engine is a game engine from Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite and Unreal Tournament. 

Unreal is one of the most powerful game engines. It has C++ as its scripting language. In addition, developers can get the engine’s source code to customize it to their preference. 

Aside from the source code alteration, there are several notable features in Unreal. BluePrints, for instance, is a visual scripting system that helps developers create games without code. Nanite and Lumen are two other features that take the graphical fidelity in games to the next level. 

Furthermore, Unreal is more suited for 3D game development. The game engine has numerous features that make it possible for android game developers to create games with high-fidelity graphics. 

Cocos Creator 

Cocos Creator is an open-source game engine. It is from the same creators of the famed Cocos2d-x game engine. 

Cocos Creator supports both 2D and 3D & webgl game development. In addition, it has many exciting features, such as support for plug-ins, a material system, and animation and physics editors. 

In addition, the game engine supports both JavaScript and TypeScript as its scripting languages. 

Solar 2D 

Solar2D is a game engine that was formerly known as Corona. It is a 2D game engine. 

The game engine uses Lua as its scripting language. Lua is an open-source language that has an active community behind it. 

One of the chief features of the game engine is The Simulator. It allows developers to see the changes they make during game development instantly. Most android game developers use this feature for prototyping their game ideas rapidly. 

In addition, the game engine is free. 


Godot is an open-source game engine. It is developed by a community of expert developers. 

The game engine supports four scripting languages: GDScript, Visual Scripting, C#, and C++. Android game developers have the option to choose from any of these. 

Furthermore, Godot supports both 2D and 3D game development. It also has an editor that has numerous top features. 

Which Monetization Strategies Should Developers Prefer for Building an Android Game?

There are several monetization strategies available for the monetization of android games. Some of these are common strategies that most users would be familiar with. However, some of these might be brand new. 

It is paramount that the developers give enough thought to the monetization strategy before development. Even if the game is exceptional, the developer won’t earn any revenue if the monetization method is not fitting to the game. 

So, without further ado, below are some solid monetization strategies that android game developers can use: 

In-App Purchases 

In-App purchases are the most common monetization strategy. These are in the form of purchases made within the game’s ecosystem.  

Usually, it goes in this way. First, there will be virtual coins within the game. These virtual coins can be bought using a certain amount of real money. The virtual currencies are then used to purchase items that help the player advance within the game or give a cosmetic benefit. 

Usually, these come under two types: consumables and non-consumables. 

Consumables are items that get exhausted after usage. Think potions within the game. Players cannot use the potion multiple times but can only use each potion once. For using multiple times, one must buy multiple potions. 

Non-Consumables, on the other hand, are items that one can use multiple times. Think of a sword. A sword that is enough in the game can be used numerous times throughout different combat scenarios. Just because the sword is used once does not mean one cannot use it again. 

Currently, IAPs are the most common type of monetization in android games. However, the method has become so popular and profitable that even other platforms have experimented with this strategy. 

In-Game Advertisements 

In-game advertisements are advertisements shown within the game. The android game developer chooses the adverts’ formats and their triggers, and the ad will run from a selected ad network. 

There are different types of in-game ads. Banner ads are common ones, which are graphical ads that appear during gameplay. Interstitial ads appear between transitions, such as the completion of a level. Reward ads, meanwhile, are ads that provide the users with an in-game reward for watching/ engaging with them. 

Even though in-game ads are a common monetization strategy, game developers must be careful in their implementation. Use too many of them, and the players will get turned off and leave the game. 


A subscription model is a method to get consistent revenue from the players. Under this model, the game rewards players with certain perks for a periodic payment. The payment can be weekly, monthly, or yearly.  

The subscription model is preferred by many players in android game development companies. This is because the players receive a consistent stream of in-game perks. The developers, meanwhile, receive a constant stream of revenue. 

Hybrid Model 

A hybrid Model is not a model per se but a monetization strategy combining one or more models. 

For instance, many android game companies use both IAPs and in-game ads in their games. Some even allow the players to remove all ads by purchasing a special IAP. This method is helpful because it caters to the players willing to pay for the game and those who want to play it. 

Similarly, some games also combine subscription methods with IAPs. It, too, caters to the tastes of multiple users. 

What are the Various Genres of Android Games a Gaming Studio Can Develop?

There are numerous game genres. Some game genres are more common on mobile platforms such as Android, while others are also popular on other platforms. 

Before we get into the different genres, we must remember that all games do not fit into one genre. Some games have elements from multiple genres in them. So, it might be impossible to categorize them as belonging to a single genre. 

Below are some of the most common genres used in android game development:


These are the types of games where the gameplay is centered around the action. These games are much similar to action movies. Fighter games and shooter games come under this category. 

The two most famous games in this genre are Doom and Tekken. 


Adventure games are games that have a storyline that is centered around having an adventure. In most games, exploration of the game world is a crucial aspect. Puzzle mechanics are also standard in most adventure games. 


Platformers are games that are built around movement mechanics, such as jumping. In most cases, this includes jumping from one platform to another to get to the finish line. 

These types of games usually have multiple levels. Each level will have certain obstacles as well as enemy characters. 

Two classic games in the genre are Limbo and Shovel Knight. 


RPG games are character-driven games that often have a solid storyline set in a fictional game world. 

The player takes on the role of a character and completes different quests. On this path, players also level their in-game states to become more powerful. 

Dragon Age and Bard’s Tale are two classic RPG games. 


Board games are games played on a virtual board and are usually competitive.  

In these games, players will often have pieces for them to control. In addition, the game will have a set of rules and a points system. 

Monopoly and Ludo are two commonly played board games 


Strategy games are games that require players to do careful planning and analysis during gameplay. 

These games also require players to be super patient. Rash actions committed during gameplay are not the best. Players must also collect resources and become more vital to beat the challenges. 

Two familiar games in this genre include Age of Empires and XCOM. 


Racing games are centered around different virtual racing competitions. In today’s era, most of these games are in 3D. A lot of them have great multiplayer features as well. 

Asphalt and Horizon Chase are two famous games from this genre. 


Card games are competitive games with cards at the gameplay’s forefront. Each card game has its own set of rules.  

Card games can be virtual versions of real-world card games or can be games wholly created from scratch by the developers. Teen Patti and Poker are two commonly known card games. 


Educational games aim to educate people on chosen topics. The target audience of these games can be children or adults. However, most of the time, the audience is children because it makes learning more engaging for them. 

Match 3 

In Match3 games, the core mechanic is for the player to match a sequence of 3 or more similar tiles. The mechanic is easy to learn but challenging to master, and hence has enjoyed much popularity in recent years. Candy Crush and Bejeweled are two popular games in this category. 

What Are the Advantages of Outsourcing Android Game Development?

Outsourcing has become more common in recent years. Top companies, indie game companies, and solo developers alike outsource their work to other competent outsourcing partners.

There are several reasons for this. Below are some of them: 


Outsourcing helps developers be flexible in their operations. 

For example, suppose the developer has a sudden requirement. It might be seasonal or a one-time thing—no matter which, hiring in-house can take time and effort. The developer must spend time finding suitable candidates and hiring them. This can take a lot of time. Also, if the demand is periodic, then it might mean that the developer has to keep the resource for longer than necessary. 

In the case of outsourcing, this problem does not exist. The developer only has to hire the android game outsourcing company for the period they require.  

Cost Savings 

Hiring in-house is filled with hassles when it comes to cost. The developer has to spend money on the recruitment of resources. The developer also has to take care of a lot of overhead and operational costs, including hardware rents, software licenses, amenities, employee benefits, etc. 

On the other hand, if a top android game development company does the hiring, then none of these problems exist. The company will take care of all these expenses. The developer has to assign the project they have. 

Expert Opinion 

A top android game outsourcing company will have worked on several games, especially if the company has been in the industry for a long time. 

This experience is valuable. Because expertise in the industry translates to insights that inexperienced people would lack.  

These insights can be valuable for developers that hire companies to work on their projects. It would help them improve their game. 

Furthermore, a top outsourcing company would also provide ideas that can further improve a developer’s ideas for their game. Because the partner can offer a different perspective that the developer might not have thought about. 


Hiring a top android game development company is a great way to access android developers who are specialists. For example, it can help developers find people specialized in game engines, specific languages, domains of game art, etc. 

In addition, it is also the easiest way to find people who are hyper-specialized, such as people who are specialized in a specific art style or a particular module of a game engine.  

If the developer opts to find them manually, it can take a lot of time. Sometimes it might be downright impossible to find. However, a company would have these experts. 

Because many outsourcing companies have their strict methods of evaluation, only after passing the high standards the team has set can resources get into the team. As a result, expertise is guaranteed most of the time. 


Outsourcing also helps developers to focus on domains where their key strength lies.  

For example, if a developer is an expert in programming but not in other domains, it can be hard to execute disciplines such as art, animation, testing, etc. It would require the member to learn all the fields and then manage them. 

This would be time-consuming. 

Instead, the developer can focus on the programming and outsource the other domains to an android game development company. In such instances, the developer would be able to focus on their domain, while the company would focus on theirs. The team would need minimal oversight, and both can combine their strengths to produce quality output. 

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