Super Club Soccer (SCS) is a soccer video game with turn-based gameplay mechanics. Compared to traditional soccer games, the gameplay is more strategic. In addition, the game has club and player management features, multi-player gameplay options, and an intelligent in-game AI.









PC - Steam


  • Turn - Based Gameplay
  • Multi-player features
  • Multiple Game modes
  • Matchmaking algorithm
  • Intelligent AI
  • Private Lobbies
  • Spectate mode
  • Leaderboard
  • Tansfer market & team management


We used multiple development frameworks such as Unity3D, ML agents, mapping algorithms, smart AI, etc., and had to sync them seamlessly. Also, as a multi-player game, SCS has to handle many concurrent users and efficiently manage an increased user base.

The back-end handles the turn-based mechanics SCS is centered around, and for a smooth match experience, the back-end has to first calculate and then visualize each move to players inside the allotted six seconds. In addition, the countdown timer, which signals players the time left for the turn to expire, has to communicate which phase the turn belongs to at any given moment to avoid confusion.

Furthermore, SCS had continuous feature updates, replacing old features with improved ones, and the code had to be written to handle these constant improvements efficiently.


Our team ensured seamless data sync between multiple frameworks and components through rigorous testing over various cycles. We did proper database indexing, optimized performance, and fastened query processing to ensure the server could handle maximum users.

For fast visualization of turn-based mechanics, we used the front end to do a rough estimation of each move and then visualize it to players, thus eliminating the need for constant data transmission to the back end. In addition, to help players identify the phase of each ongoing turn, our team switched to using multiple timers, each with pre-set positions.

Also, right from the beginning, we wrote scalable code to easily accommodate additional features, making all feature implementations throughout the production cycle successful.


Super Club Soccer is currently in early access on Steam.

The game has received rave reviews from different corners of the world. People have heaped praise on aspects such as SCS’s novel approach to soccer gameplay, the different game modes available, and the seamless multiplayer experience.

Our client was also satisfied with the final result. We delivered the game according to their original vision and high expectations.

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