A Real-Time Multi-Player Strategy Game

  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy
  • Art Style: 3D
Medals of War is an RTS (Real-Time Strategy Game) with online multiplayer features. The game is military-themed and is set in a WW2 fantasy land called Warland.
In Medals of War, players create and control their units. Players can collect units with various skills and build a solid and diverse team.
In addition, players can connect with their friends and challenge them.


  • Raids: There are specific challenges players can finish each week to receive in-game benefits.
  • Different Types of Units: There are different types of units in the game, like Rifleman, Grenadier, and Tank. Each of them has its unique properties.
  • Multiple Levels of Experience: As each unit gains experience, their skill level increases and becomes stronger.
  • Win Various Medals and Rewards: Win various in-game rewards and medals based on performance and completion of objectives.


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