A Mobile RPG Game Based on a Famous Movie Franchise

  • Genre: RPG
  • Art Style: 3D Stylized

School of Dragons is a mobile RPG game based on the acclaimed ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ movie series. The game became a monumental success, becoming the No. 1 RPG game across 80 countries and being downloaded 10+ million times in the Google Play Store alone.

The main attraction in School of Dragons is the dragons themselves. There are numerous dragons for players to choose from, which they can further customize to their liking. In addition, the game has 30 unique islands for players to explore and roam around in.

Furthermore, the vast game world, dragons, and other fantastical elements are rendered in high-quality 3D while being mobile-friendly at the same time.


  • Ability to unlock characters from the movie franchise.
  • Global leaderboard for players.
  • Massive game world to explore.


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