A Pirate Themed Strategy Management Game on Mobile

  • Genre: Action, Strategy
  • Art Style: 3D
Raids of Glory is a multiplayer strategy game with a pirate theme. The player’s objective in the game is to build a strong pirate stronghold.

Once built, players can attack other similar strongholds. Players also need to defend against attacks from other players.

In addition to building a stronghold, players can team up with friends to form pirate gangs and terrorize other gangs.

Players who prefer not to play the multi-player mode can play the story-driven single-player mode. In the single-player mode, the player has to defeat arch enemies called the Reeking Rogues.


  • Different Units: Choose from various units in the game, each with its properties and strengths.
  • Granular Controls: Tap-to-Target touch controls to precisely determine control attack and defense.
  • Beautiful Graphics: 3D stylized graphics style with 360-degree control.


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