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Genetrix is a VR space shooter game which is set in a deep part of our galaxy with Sci-fi based futuristic game designs. Game-play revolves around the battle sequence in space, among asteroids, shooting down your opponents ships. Gamers will be piloting their spaceships, while exploring the futuristic feel of outer space.

In the game, players can also join/create a room and invite other players to join on a PvP (player vs. player) combat. It’s developed for both PC & Mac with support to Oculus Rift, Gear VR & HTC Vive.


GENETRIX is a team/clan based virtual reality space shooter game combined with real time strategy with a steady focus on cooperation and coordination among the team members during game-play.


Genetrix contains two types of modes: Dual and Domination mode. With Photon networking, we integrated best vr multiplayer game, where you can get into one-on-one battles or a massive battle with tons of enemy units and tons of your own crew. You can choose to be a commander of the group, which allows you to interact with your crew and create an attack or defence pattern to your advantage. A good combo can destroy the best of the enemies.

We have King of the hill system as a part of multiplayer battles. So users can use this as an advantage and camp around it or focus their attacks targeting it. You can carefully decide whether to go for a full on attack being a king of the hill, or play defensive to only stop the enemy from advancing or to stop the enemy from being the king of the hill.


Apart from the individual battleships which can be used for direct attacks, we also have a commander ship which acts not just like a communication centre, but also a power attack unit. It can do major damage or focus itself on complete shielding. It’s challenging to destroy a commander ship as it is equipped with turrets and shielding capabilities. Plus, also that it can command its nearest units to defend it makes it a challenge. This forces users to devise a strategy while targeting commander ship. Using multiple attacks in all directions and taking an advantage of its weaknesses, is the best way to get a commander ship down.


  • Space shooter game
  • Strategy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Futuristic
  • First and Third Person game mode


  • Virtual Reality implementation
  • Multiplayer: MMO feature, the team battle supports upto 34 gamers to play in real-time
  • Real time strategy
  • Chat feature in the VR world


  • Unity3D
  • C#
  • Photon
  • Oculus DK2
  • Gear VR SDK

Virtual Reality Technology Implementation

  • We used Unity3D as the game engine along with photon for multiplayer framework.
  • We used Oculus DK2 & Gear VR SDK for VR support.
  • As the game is primarily targeted for PC & Mac we had to covert those high-poly models to low-poly to support Mobile devices, especially when there are 34 multiplayer ship models involved (for support to Gear VR).


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