Medals of War Case Study

A Real-Time Multiplayer Strategy Game

About The Project

Medals of War is a strategy game with a military theme. Players command their own armies using different types of troops and compete against one another in PvP battles.

Key Notes

Game Engine

Game Engine

Unity 3D



Real-Time Strategy

Art Style

Art Style




iOS and Android


  • Real-Time Strategy Gameplay
  • PvP Battles
  • In-Game Chat
  • Social Features
  • Points system
  • Multiple types of cards
  • Ranking system
  • Company Creation and Management System
  • Campaign Mode
  • Trophies and Rewards
  • In-Game Coins and Gems
  • VIP Passes


Being a multiplayer game, Medals of War presented a few challenges during development.

The game's server had to handle a massive number of concurrent users and the challenge was data-syncing to run smoothly without any latency issues or frame rate drops, not even for a single user, even under high load.

The second challenge was creating a positive atmosphere in the online chat server. To achieve this, we had to prevent users from using offensive language and avoid a negative impact on competitive gameplay.

The third challenge was troop spawning. The troops consisted of characters with different attributes. So, when generating them in large numbers, we had to avoid memory issues such as degradation and leaks, which would lead to crashes and delays.

Lastly, user data management was a challenge. We had to efficiently and securely store, manage, and access large amounts of user data, to prevent the loss of players’ in-game progress and to provide quick access to the data whenever needed.


To address the issue of offensive language, we created a directory of offensive words, and the game automatically filtered out these words from the chat server. This ensured a safer and more inclusive space for all players.

For optimal data syncing, we set up and configured the Photon API to synchronize player data in real-time for optimal data syncing. This allowed us to transmit data across devices faster, ensuring zero downtime and minimal latency issues even with high server load.

To streamline troop spawning, we used the pooling and entity component systems. Our developers identified shared components among troops, and the system efficiently loaded/unloaded assets in memory based on scene requirements.

For better user data management, we implemented a save load system that structured and stored data using methods such as compression, indexing, and prioritization. This resulted in faster access and reduced data retrieval time.

Value Delivered

Medals of War had a wide release. The game was released in the Apple App Store in 70+ countries simultaneously.

Upon release, it quickly gained millions of users and received critical acclaim, with experts praising its gameplay and visuals in particular.

Furthermore, the game was featured in the App Store in multiple countries, including the US, the UK, and Canada.

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