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The application of 3D modeling is extensive with different industries harnessing the power of the technology these days. The technology renders a three-dimensional design or object with the help of specialized software and techniques. The result is realistic or stylized, as per the requirement of the client.

Irrespective of the industry seeking 3D model service, it is crucial to hire a reliable company that specializes in the tools, techniques, and software. While some companies dedicatedly provide these services, others offer it as a part of their entire service package.

Read on to learn about the importance of this art technique, and get some insightful tips to choose the best 3D modeling companies.

Why is it important to choose the right 3D modeling firm?

Choosing the right 3D model company is the key to creating an accurate model. These models are used for high-quality presentations or representations of real-life products or ideas. The application of 3D modeling is widespread in various industries. The following are different industries where the application of this technology is witnessed prominently:

Advertisement agency

Occasionally when a new product idea is conceived, the 3D modeling creates a representation of the future product. The visualization created helps advertisement agencies pitch their ideas in a much more transparent way. The resulting model from the rendering is used in various ways like package manufacturing, planning outdoor advertising, design of exhibition stands, and more.

Production House

Modern-day production remains incomplete without proper pre-production planning and designing of the products. This is useful to create a visual representation of the end product and hence everyone can stay in the loop about the expected result. The 3D model of the object acts as a guide to start the production. Based on this art, the initial prototyping begins. This includes 3D printing, molding of silicone molds as well as milling. The prototype also acts as a sample of the product’s aesthetics.

Urban planning

Three-dimensional graphics also help to create a realistic model of the entire urban landscape including the architecture. It is a realistic model of the proposed structure that gives all the stakeholders an idea about the potential appearance of the project. This is a much more cost-effective solution to understand the structure before investing a huge amount into the project. It becomes much easier to assess the overall feasibility and merits of the project. In turn, it is much easier to estimate future profitability as well as eliminate the shortcomings of the design.

Gaming industry

The most prominent use of 3D modeling technology is witnessed in the gaming industry. Games featuring various types of 3D art have been around since the mid-90s. However, technology has evolved manifolds today and we can find images that are difficult to tell apart from reality. The game industry employs numerous 3D artists who are proficient in software like ZBrush, Maya, and more. The industry requires this service in every way ranging from character design to environment design. Metaverse, gamification, AR/VR, and AAA games- all make use of this technology to create a more challenging and engrossing gameplay.

Movies and animation

Have you witnessed the numerous creatures and fantasy elements in various movies and animation series? With every passing day, such elements are becoming more and more realistic courtesy of the evolving 3D modeling technology. There are special cameras available today to shoot the movie in 3D. Also for animation, specialists will manually draw three-dimensional elements using software and tools designed for this purpose. The technology is useful to create full-fledged animated videos.


3D modeling technology has always been useful in the real estate industry. It has long proven to be a cost-effective way to estimate the design flaws as well as the feasibility of the architecture before even one brick gets laid. The 3D model is useful for creating prototypes as well as the general outline of the building.

Interior design

Another notable application of 3D modelling services is witnessed in the interior designing industry. The technology can be used to give shape to the interior including the furniture and accessory layout. It gives the viewers an idea of how the room would look after the design is done. This way, the users can also evaluate the accessories, furniture, and other elements and accordingly make the purchase.

The present market size and potential growth of 3D modeling services

The industry of 3D modeling is growing rapidly by the day and is estimated to reach $6.33 billion in 2028. Several ground-breaking technologies are evolving by the day in this sector. As the application of the model is widespread in various industries, it goes without saying that the demand for 3D modeling services is growing by the day. According to Stratview Research, the CAGR is likely to reach over 15.49% between 2021-2028.

According to Statista, the total size of the industry is $8.15 billion as of 2023. The global 3D animation software market size was approximately 20.4 billion dollars in 2022.

Factors to consider while choosing a 3D modeling company

Many different gaming companies can provide these services. However, it is crucial to choose the best 3D modeling service provider. Here are some of the factors to consider to determine the suitable company for the service:

Range of services

Go through the different types of services that the company has listed on its website. Specifically, check for services related to 3D art and modeling. There are many types of 3D art and modeling and it is unlikely that one studio has it all. The key is to look for a service provider who has extensive knowledge about the specific 3D art form you are looking for.


The portfolio is the evidence of the overall experience and quality of the services provided by the company. Specifically, check the art segment of the portfolio to get a glimpse of their skill with different art forms. Sometimes, studios even create demo models to showcase their prowess which will also give an idea about their quality.

Relevant experience

The relevant experience means the company’s expertise in the specific arena of service you are looking for. Check the team of 3D modelers to understand their individual experiences and skills. Studying the relevant experience also gives the client an idea about whether they can execute the project.


Last but not least, the reputation of the company should be considered to find the most suitable game studio for the project. If the company has been operational for years and earned positive reviews, they are more likely to be consistent with their service.



Unleash your vision with our top 3d modelling companies, and create a 3d model game that captivates and conquers the gaming world!

Top 5 3D modeling companies

Juego Studios

Juego Studios was founded in 2013 and has been around for over a decade now. Get full-fledged game development and associated services through the latest technology here. They have experienced professionals who can provide all-around 3D modelling services. From character and prop modeling to a digital twin of real-world items- their skilled 3D modelers’ team is always ready to deliver projects with intricate details. Here are a few types of 3D modeling services you get from the team:

  • Character, prop, weapon modeling
  • Environment modeling
  • Digital twins
  • 3D models for AR/VR

Get 3D art forms like low-poly art, voxel art, realistic art, stylized art, and so on. Juego Studios uses the most superior and popular 3D modeling software like Blender, ZBrush, Maya, SketchUp, and 3DsMax.
Juego Studios has designed several projects that have gained immense popularity over the years and works for esteemed clients including Sony, 20th Century Fox, Wicked Witch, and Nitro Games, to name a few.

Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games is located in Ukraine and was founded in 2011. They specialize in game modelling among the various services provided by them. They also provide 3D game modelling services for gaming products as well as for other industries. There are several departments related to 3D modeling as well as a large team. From characters to environment- 3D modeling for different types of assets is done by the team using with variety of tools like Blender, Maya, ZBrush, and so on.
The experienced artists in the team design a variety of genres ranging from AAA games to hyper-casual games. Every artist on the team has experience in a wide variety of 3D art including sculpting. Apart from 3D assets for games, Kevuru Games also offers 3D modeling services like interior and exterior design, furniture models, fashion products, and so on.

3D Ace

3D Ace is one of the top content production studios that also aces in full-fledged 3D modeling services including character and environment modeling. They also provide modeling services for metaverse, AR/VR modeling as well and digital twin creation. With a team of over 40 experienced 3D modelers, the company has worked on over 150 projects.
Apart from the modeling service, the company is a full-fledged studio for visual content creation for all types. This includes 2D art, VFX design, 3D animation, and so on. The team is experienced with various 3D modeling skills like texturing, sculpting, skinning, and more. The team is flexible and can adapt to the requirements of the client. They are particularly noted for their tailor-made solutions as per the client’s vision.


This is one of the top 3D modeling studios that is engaged primarily in product modeling for businesses involved in manufacturing and promotional purposes. The company is headquartered in the USA. The key service provided by Ufo3D is 3D modeling. Primarily the models are created for commercial and production purposes. The company has an impressive portfolio to showcase with over 1000 completed projects. These include models of jewelry, fashion accessories, furniture, electronics, etc. The company is particularly noted for its dedicated team and customer support. They provide 24/7 tracking of the project’s progress.

The Motion Tree

The Motion Tree is a notable 3D rendering studio that primarily works with several e-commerce brands and architectural firms. They provide services like 3D product modeling, animation, texturing, product design, as well as 3D architectural rendering. They use the latest technology to create photorealistic visuals. The portfolio of the company is impressive and with 3D product modules. The team is highly versatile, skilled, and experienced. They are one of the top 3D modeling vendors with years of experience and are located in the USA.

Wrapping Up

Reputable game development companies as well as dedicated 3D modeling service providers use the best technologies to fulfill the project requirement. The above-mentioned are some of the top companies offering game art development services. Select the best when you have a clear vision of the requirement.

How can Juego Studios help get the best result?

Juego Studios is one of the most reputed game development companies with experienced specialists at your service. We have a team of 3D modelers who are proficient with various software like Maya, Blender, ZBrush, and more.

Juego Studios boasts of an incredible team that is inclusive of character, props, asset designers as well and environment modelers. Our team is dedicated and provides all-around support from the conception to the finishing touch of the game art. Witness diverse and rich game design and art for your project with the help of top 3D modelers in Juego Studios.


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