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By Juegostudio | Augmented Reality | April 23rd, 2020

Augmented Reality a Boon to the Gaming World

Mobile games are progressively spanning the gap between the digital world and the physical world; it enables players to wholly explore the virtual world encompassing them in a more active form of game-play. An exploding horde of more than  2.5 million gamers across the globe and an expected revenue of over $100 million dollars in 2020, mobile gaming is galloping at its best to newer frontiers.

With the onset of Augmented Reality applications in game development, game developers across the world such as Juego Studio are accomplishing higher forms of immersive reality games. Games that permit you to battle aliens, defend realms and conquer kingdoms in an alluringly realistic virtual world! A world where one can interact with one’s digital environment, even without super expensive headsets!!


Here we have picked for you 10 of the best AR games for mobile, regardless of whether you are an Android user or iOS user.

I. Pokemon GO – Ratings: 4.1 Android

From the most famous and all cherished Japanese animation series, comes an augmented reality game that overwhelmed the world after it was launched. This game is being played by 10 million people every day. This is truly straightforward, it is a complete transformation of the real world into a Pokémon’s adventure. All you have to do is capture as many Pokemons scattered in different cities and this is done only by foot.

II. ARrrrrgh – Ratings: 4.3 Android

ARrrrrgh is a hide-n-you–go-seek spin-off game; it’s loaded with treasure hunts, parrot, rum and a twist.  You have a quest map, a treasure box full of gold and other stuff. It’s not simply implied for kids, but for all ages.

III. Ingress Prime – Ratings: 4.3 Android

The next game on the list for the best AR games is, Ingress Prime. This game has a capturing plot, the dark energy that the scientists discover seems to influences our way of thinking. This energy is used to control humanity by the Enlightened, and Resistance tries to protect, these are the two factions of the game. Choosing sides, discovering and capturing energy located in the city is the framework of the game. Plots change; lots of cryptic clues and hidden codes are the essence of the game. And if that is not enough, this is a global game wherein you can track other players and converse with them through an Intelligence map.

IV. Temple Treasure hunt – Ratings: 3.8 Android

It’s a geo-location AR game created for mystery lovers. You can decide to be the treasure hunter or the protector. It’s an adventurous treasure hunt game, wherein all the treasures are guarded by Indian mythological creatures. You have to discover the treasure by exploring the trails or create trails yourself if you are the protector.

V. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Ratings : 4.0 Android

This is one the latest AR game, which is very similar to Pokemon Go. It deals with the real world, where players need to find, collect and battle. The twists are the calamities that affect the wizards. It is a tailormade game for the fans of Harry Potter.

VI. WallaMe – Ratings: 4.0 Android

This is also a geo-location game but with social activities combined. You need to share messages that are hidden, take a picture and add in a message. The location could be shared with a companion who can see your hidden message. This is not kid friendly.

VII. Sharks in the park – Ratings: 4.6 Android

Created by Geo AR, this is a game implied for the entire family. By only a couple of taps you have the ability to transform your garden into an unprecedented universe of extraordinary landscapes and awesome creatures. This game allows you to get away from your world and live in a fantasy. The GPS is utilized by the application and it transforms into a dinosaur world or an epic submerged experience. Children would adore this game.

VIII. dARk: Subject One – Ratings: 4.4 Android

It’s a dark but brave AR game; The plot of the game is something obscure happening in your own home! You have to step into an equal universe and locate a missing individual. As straightforward as that sounds, it is dangerous, you have to discover clues, dismember them and afterward discover the insights. A great deal of players have expressed the game is a genuine alarm and has a ton of likenesses with stranger things.

IX. Nightenfell: Shared AR – Ratings: 4.7 Android

It’s a shooter game and deals with spells, comets and riddles. The game is anything but difficult to play, simply shoot virtual comets from the sky, and protect your reality. Extra enjoyment is conjuring enchantment spells like bringing a period freeze, collaborating with the wizards, or even mend with mushrooms.

X. Zombies, Run! – Ratings: 4.2 Android

This is also one of the best augmented reality games, which will make you sit at the edge of your chair and indulge in an intriguing experience! Your hero with the name “Player 5” endures the zombie assault on the city. You can tune in to music and various backdrop portrayals in your earphones. The primary point is to finish various missions through walking or running. You gather things and run away from zombies who are chasing you.

This brings us as far as possible to the end of our rundown of the 10 best AR games, although, there are many more games on a cross-platform.

When it comes to blending the real world elements with the virtual ones, it isn’t solely  about tools and technology. One needs the personal sensibility of an artist and the market intuition of a business veteran to make an enticing and immersive Android game.  Juego Studio is one game development company that aces the AR element in its best form, striking the right chord with your target audience. Juego Studio has been a global presence in the gaming industry, juggling various platforms like AR-Augmented Reality, VR-Virtual Reality and Animation to create fun and energizing reality games for mobiles, headsets and smart glasses.

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