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Animation is an integral part of creating a game art and design that captivates the players. The team at Juego Studios consists of technically proficient animators, who have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of animation. All our animators and riggers follow industry standards to ensure smooth outputs and seamless animation flows. Our animation studios offer both 3D as well as 2D animation services.


Posing after rigging
3D animation video

Our animators animate the control points from the rig to provide animated movement to the 3D characters, vehicles or any 3d props . Our clients very much appreciate the patience and attention to detail which we inculcate into our animation process.

They have also developed a strong liking for our creativity and imagination skills in this process. These animations are done as per the requirements and later exported into the game engines.


2D image in game development
Rigging in spine
2D Spine Animation in game dev

This is one of the most popular forms of animation for  2D games. This is an process which we usually use for mobile games which require large number of animations. Animation has been a main aspect for mobile games throughout the history of mobile game development. Our animators create a basic skeleton and manipulate bones in different parts, directions with the intention to model various poses and imitate movement.

Being an efficient process this results in lighter animation for mobile & web platforms and works well for 2D Game development.


2D animation service
2D animation company
2D boy playing animation

This is one of the traditional animation methods. The character images are created by our artists, later teams make different poses of the character in each frame along with particle animation. Our 2D frame animators are highly skilled and hence execute this animation process effortlessly.

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  • As one of the reputed 3D animation studios, we’ve created spectacular art assets for our games
  • Some of our art assets have been lauded by our clients very much.
  • Our standards are on par with the best artists in the industry.
  • On time delivery


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Stages for creating an Animation Game?

There are various stages or steps in creating a animation game, and here are those stages:- 

Research & Development:- 

The first and primary step is to know the brand’s products and services. It is done by understanding the brand’s values, identity, target audience, and video goals & the tone the brand should have. Next, one needs to learn more about the brand through meetings, learn more information through discussion and then start working on the following stage of the 2D animation process.  

Script: Concept to be defined:- 

The second animation step is all about the message the brand wishes the video to transmit by defining the video’s core message and cohesive script to be written around it. Now it’s time to develop a simple and understandable script that lets the message shine through regardless of the concept behind the work. This phase of game animation is highly critical as the script of the video is the basis for the rest of the video. It is certain that one can never have a quality piece with a poor script. 

Crafting the Storyboard:- 

Crafting the storyboard is the third most crucial step in this process, and it is like a visual version of the script. This step includes illustrating the keyframes of the upcoming animation video more like a comic-book format. A caption of the script is also added under each image to use as a reference. One of the most valuable tools in any animation development production workflow is the storyboard, as it helps clients understand how the video works and looks to prevent mistakes. 

Visual style to be decided: Art Direction:- 

The video’s style frames are the main focus in this stage of the 2D animation process. The video’s aesthetic is portrayed in the illustrations and includes the art design of every essential element appearing on screen. These fundamental elements are the product, characters, color palette, typography, and the other keyframes of the video. It is the animation phase where the clients can visualize their video’s look & vibe. Therefore, an animation company must pay special attention to delivering style frames matching their client’s brand identity. 

Voice-over Narration to be recorded:- 

It is the step where with the help of the right narrator, it’s time to bring the script to life. Clients need to select their favorite narrator from the list of the pool of talented voiceover artists that the animation company provides. It is the most impactful step of the animation, where the tone for the video is set with the selected voiceover talent. It’s up to the client if they want to choose a voiceover artist or an actor to deliver the script with a style representing the brand’s attitude.     

Illustration & Animation:- 

It’s time for skilled animation artists to bring the illustrations to life using software that gives movement to the characters & other elements appearing on the screen. It is a complex part of all steps and takes a lot of time to complete. Finally, sound effects are added making the animation process complete. 

How much does it cost to create a video animation game?

There are 2D & 3D game animation types, and several factors influence the cost of creating a video animation game. Here are some of these factors. 

The Duration of the Animation:- 

It is clear that the longer the animation, the higher the prices will be. It is the crucial and most important factor in influencing the animation costs of video animation games. To make a second animation, one may need 24 unique drawings, and the illusion of motion is created by quickly changing the images. A lot of work is required to complete a minute of any animation.  

The complexity of the Animation:- 

The cost will be higher when the details are more in animation. There are many elements that add to the animation’s complexity: backgrounds, characters, sound effects, scripts, and many other assets. 

The Number of Characters & Complexity involved:- 

The game artists need to invest more time and work in a video game animation project as the number of characters and their details increase. When the design elements increase, the animation’s complexity will be high, leading to the project’s cost rise. Depending on the type of game you are looking for, you can decide on the number of elements to be included that makes up your cost for the video animation. 

Sound or Visual effects that are additional:- 

One can add additional effects, such as sound or visual effects, based on the purpose for which your animation is designed for the game that might improve the result. One can decide these effects to be simple or sophisticated depending on the animation you are aiming for the game. But, of course, these extra effects will add to the price of the game you want to develop.    

The Expertise of the Game artists:- 

The costs of your 2D or 3D animation may vary depending on the expertise of the team of game artists you will be working with. Based on your priority, the costs will differ. If you want to hire a junior to help you with the project, the prices will be lower, but you need to compromise on the animation quality. The game’s animation may not be that great, and comparatively more time will be consumed as the junior is not well-versed or has the expertise. On the other hand, if you want the animation to be simple, hiring a junior artist will reduce your costs. 

You can hire a senior game artist of high expertise if you wish to make high-quality animation for the game in a short period of time, and your costs will rise accordingly. Along with these, if your animation is required to be complex, you will need more artists, graphic designers, sound engineers, screenwriters, and many such. 

The cost to create a video animation game could be between 10,000 and 100,000 USD if you are looking for sophisticated 2D animation from a 2D animation company. The cheapest one would be a simple 2D animation with simple and a few graphics. On the other hand, the cost to create a video animation game could be between 15,000 and 200,000 USD if you are looking for a simple and sophisticated 3D animation respectively from a 3D animation company.  

What are the uses of 3D animation across different sectors?

Creating the animation of objects in a three-dimensional space is, known as 3D animation, which is mainly required for gaming, virtual reality, and media. 3D animation looks exciting and realistic because the 3D objects can move & rotate like real objects. The steps of 3D animation are modeling, layout, animation, and 3D rendering. This type of animation engages the viewers more effectively, making the visual more attractive. There are many sectors where 3D animation is functional, and some of them are here. 

3D Animation in Medical Industry:- 

3D medical animation is helpful for medical professionals and their patients, which is prepared using 3D software and is highly informative. It is beneficial to visualize complex macromolecules and can illustrate anatomical, molecular, or physiological concepts. This medical animation found on hospital websites is helpful for patient education.  

Some of these are available in the form of CD-ROM in medical textbook packages as these can be used to teach surgical & anatomical concepts to medical students. 3D medical animations are also crucial in instructing novices how to take emergency care, visualize microscopic processes of the human body like the transcription of DNA, and many such. 

3D Animation in Architectural Industry:- 

It is increasingly becoming popular to use 3D animation in the field of architecture. In current times, to make the project more visually appealing and effective, builders, interior designers, and architects are using 3D animation. Therefore, many 3D software such as 3D Interior, 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and Giza 2006 that are essential for this industry are tremendously used. With 3D animation, various architectural drawings for villas, apartments, residential homes, commercial buildings, office buildings, and amusement parks are being made.  

Using 3D modeling, an interior designer can easily demonstrate future room designs, placement of lights, color combinations, etc., giving an idea to the customers about how their project will look on completion. Many animation studios also provide these services to grab the opportunities prevailing in these sectors. 

3D Animation in Mechanical Industry:- 

3D animation is essential for the machine and automobile industry, which needs a lot of attention, detailing, and hard work in creating products. Animation helps to design even the accurate parts, which is critical because even with a minor fault, significant accidents occur in this industry. Monitoring of kinetics, precise wire-frame geometry creation, and accuracy of designs is easy with 3D animation of mechanical products.  

Further, it helps the clients understand the modus-operandi of a product and its features. The engineering team designs multiple prototypes with minimum cost and maximum efficiency using 3D animation. It also helps protect from losses due to faulty designs, detecting the flaws quickly. 

3D Animation in Educational Industry:- 

Several schools, colleges, universities, corporations, government agencies, etc., use 3D visualization as a teaching tool. In addition, many 3D models and environments are used in various areas, such as aerospace, biotechnology, product marketing, etc., for educational and training purposes. It also helps the students understand subjects like math, science, geography, and others in a better way. Finally, it makes it easy for teachers and students to do their respective work with a well-designed animation. 

How can animated videos help business growth?

Customized animated videos help your business grow as it is a solid marketing weapon used for marketing campaigns to get exceptional results. These short and simple customized animated videos improve your business by capturing the attention and attracting your clients. There are several benefits of using animated videos, and here are some of those benefits. 

SEO gets improved:- 

Including character animation videos on websites is one of the best ways to improve your SEO, helping businesses rank higher on Google searches. Google also loves custom animated video content. Now your business is more accessible to potential customers as it is more visible. One of the top reasons for these videos witnessing explosive growth is that Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the duration of time visitors stay on your website. 

Return on Investment (ROI) gets better:- 

Brands that offer a unique message with specific benefits keep people more engaged, as their customers love watching the brand’s videos and browsing their website. These will bring people closer to the brand helping its visibility and ranking higher in search engines. In addition, video marketing initiatives will make people consider your business reputable, naturally buying your products or services.  

Brand recognition gets improved:- 

These custom-animated videos have exciting and unique designs with recognizable characters associated with a business, improving brand recognition. The audience will remember the characters related to a brand emphasizing the brand’s presence. 

Conversion rate gets improved:- 

These custom-animated videos attract customers and encourage them to make purchases, helping businesses raise profits. On average, a business conversion rate is improved by 80% by including these videos on a landing page. In addition, any kind of product can be marketed by businesses through such videos.  

Clients understand your product much better:- 

These videos are terrific in revealing how your products and services make consumers’ lives easier through real-life instances that work wonders for any business. In addition, such videos are outstanding in storytelling, simplifying your product’s uniqueness.  

Money and Time are saved:- 

These custom-animated videos are less time-consuming and labor-intensive than any other video format, where one person can create fantastic animation videos with decent character animation software. In this way, a lot of time and money are saved, which makes the process effective. 

Brand trust is built:- 

People will consider your business authentic, people-friendly, & understanding when you create an animated video that captures their attention in a precise way by showcasing the issues realistically and offering a solution. Trust is built on a brand when the video shows its customer’s problems and ways to assist them. 

Convert ideas to life:- 

People will love the uniqueness and creativity of these videos and will share the ones that are imaginative and original at the same time. In addition, businesses can reveal their products or services by making the best use of this medium to display and explain their upcoming ideas visually.  

For every business to establish its brand, these custom-animated videos are incredible to choose as an option to promote. It makes firms stand ahead of the competition and enjoy a mouth-watering sales boost.  

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