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Despite all the advances in 3D gaming and hyper-realistic graphics, 2D games continue to be extremely popular with both casual and serious gamers everywhere. With powerful storytelling, eye-catching graphics and stimulating gameplay 2D games can be highly engaging. 2d game development can also be easily optimized for a variety of mobile devices. Juego Studios designs and develops stunning games across all the platforms including smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

Work with a leading 2d game development studio

  • The team at Juego Studios includes 2D game developers who have experience working with game engines and technologies like Unity3d, Cocos2d-x, and HTML5.
  • We work with agile methodology and help our clients plan their projects. The interaction during research phase includes the analysis of feasibility and resolving specific platform restraints.
  • Being adept at good math and physics skills is a must in gaming without which we would not be able to draw a single pixel on screen. Our developers are quite adept at math and physics skills and know how to imbue them into the games we develop. The secret behind the real world movement of our art assets is that we are mindful of physics and math.
  • Unity’s asset store comes with a plethora of add ons for 2D development. There is a feature called 2D platformer asset along with tools like Rex engine and Corgi engine which has platforming physics, controls and special abilities.

Develop your own 2D games with Juego Studios

Gaming is always about entertaining the audiences. 2d games are highly engaging and even recently, there was a huge hit of some games like Stardew Valley and Undertale.

  • At Juego Studios, one of the top 2d game development companies in India, our experienced game developers are creating stunning games develpment across all the platforms including mobile devices, PCs, and tablets and converting your ideas into perfect games. Some of Juego Studios games are – Zerg invasion, Twice the times, silly spin abc, shady ninja and many more.
  • At the business front, we offer you the liberty of marketing your company’s games on various media.
  • Besides that, we offer quality assurance and timely delivery.

What we offer

Our services include:

  • 2D concept art, design & animation
  • UI/UX design
  • Coding & development
  • Testing
  • Support and maintenance

Engines & technologies

Our developers work with the following engines and technologies for 2D game development.


Our experienced game developers have deployed a number of online and offline games for various platforms including:

2D mobile game development

Since 2D games are usually lightweight and can work easily on lower-end devices, they are extremely popular on mobile platforms. Mobile games enhanced with the introduction of Cocos 2D and Box 2D. The history of mobile games – Now reached the next level with Cocos2D and Box 2D.

iOS 2D game development:
Juego Studios offers 2D game design and development services including art, design, coding, and testing for iPhone and iPad. Check it out our iOS game development service.
Android 2D Game Development:
Games for Android need to be designed to work well in various screen sizes. We optimize all of our games to ensure smooth FPS and high performance across various devices. Check it out our Android Game Development Service.

Why choose 2D game development

  • 2D games are developed in such a way that one can see what’s there around the character in the given space.
  • Isometric gameplay designs in 2D are a treat for user’s eyes.
  • It is very easy to develop games and besides they are cheaper too. All one needs is a user friendly software and one can get going. Adding extra levels is not a trouble too. You can create the next Dave game if your skills are decent enough.
  • 2D games don’t have stellar graphics 3D games do but they are decent enough to keep the users hooked.
  • It is very easy to play games which have simple controls unlike 3D games. Beginners to gaming can actually prefer playing in 2D which gives good game experience.
  • Well suited for different genres of games





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Super Club Soccer

Soccer-Manager with Realtime Multiplayer Simulation

desktop-pc steam unity3d

Wheel Whimsy

desktop-pc roulette unity3d

Simulation, Gambling

3d game desktop-pc simulation unity3d


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