How to estimate the Unity game development cost?


Game developers rely on a wide range of tools and software to create the games. Among these, the various game engines form the backbone of the development process. Unity game development services are among the most popular choices for creating the most complex of gaming projects.

Be it Pokemon GO or Angry Birds 2, the Unity game engine is behind numerous globally popular games. It is a versatile game engine to develop projects for over 19 platforms. But how much does it cost to hire Unity game developers? The project stature, complexity, experience of the team, and many other factors together affect the overall Unity 3D cost. Read on to find in detail the costs associated with the entire process.

Services Unity game developers can offer

Before delving into the factors that affect the Unity developer cost, let us first understand the different services offered by reputed game studios:


The Unity game engine can be used for superior graphics and architecture rendering. You can access the API for faster graphics rendering which can help with making the game appear impressive.

Game Audio

The character’s voice, background music, and various sound effects make the game alive. The Unity game engine has the necessary tools to design new audio from scratch. There is also the option to purchase readymade sound assets as well.

Game physics

Unity game developers can create a realistic atmosphere and handle the physics system of the project. With the help of the Unity game engine, no need to write every line of code or work on every move. This way, you can create objects which are behaving much more realistically in the game.


Unity engine is useful for creating a script once and deploying it on various platforms. The behavior of the characters and their interactions between NCPs all depend on the scripting. Camera control, animation, game elements, and their interactions all depend on the script.

Graphical User Interface

The GUI or Graphical User Interface will fit the overall theme, narrative, and design. It is used for creating the various buttons, drop-down menus, and the different interactive elements of the game. The Unity game developers can create these assets as per the style of your game using the engine.

Factors that affect Unity game development cost

Several factors influence the Unity game engine cost. Each of these elements contributes significantly to the overall cost incurred in the development process:

What affects Unity Game Development Cost? Project complexity Team Size and Experience Graphics and asset development
Multi-platform development Development team Location Technology Stack

Complexity of the Project

The complexity of the game project influences the overall cost of hiring a game development studio. Unity engine can be used to create a wide variety of games like AAA games, RPG games, FPS games, and so on. The more complex the game, the more skilled the developer should be. If you are hiring an experienced game developer, the hourly rate will be higher. Moreover, the time and effort needed for the project will also dictate the cost of the development process.

Team size, experience, and expertise

The stature of the project would require a proper development team with enough experience and expertise with the Unity game engine. Depending on the project’s complexity, the team size has to be chosen accordingly. The cost of game development depends much on the team size as well as the location of the team. Also, the expertise and experience of the team members would influence the overall cost incurred in hiring the Unity3D game developer.

Graphics and props

The complexity of the graphics, assets, and props altogether affects the cost of hiring Unity game developers. The variety of game assets like weapons, characters, and even the environment all can be done using the Unity game engine. The detailing and perfection of the rendering depend largely on the developers’ skill and effort. This in turn affects the timeline of the project and the hourly cost incurred in the process.


The Unity game engine is used to develop games for various platforms like Windows, Android, PC, iOS, and so on. It is a versatile game engine that can be used to create cross-platform games. The cost of Unity game development depends largely on the number of platforms for which the game is made compatible. Generally, the cost to develop a game for iOS is significantly higher than for Android. Developing the game for multiple platforms increases the cost. This is because it involves tweaking the game mechanics, design, and compatibility checks as per the platform.

Testing and quality assurance

Testing the game as per the game platform is crucial to ensure the smooth running of the game. The developers will check the game for bugs and glitches, ensuring the graphics look perfect. The testing phase ensures precision and perfection before the launch. The testing phase takes a significant time and calls for expertise and skill for the process. This in turn will add to the hours needed for the development process and also the relevant cost of development.

Tools, licensing, and publishing

The licensing and tools of Unity game development form the foundation for the project and its is useful for getting approval to use external assets. These are available in the Unity asset store and are suitable to speed up the development process and manage the cost in the process. The use of such unique tools and external add-ons also increases the cost as it is a custom-designed project.



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Cost based on game type

The Unity game development cost also depends largely on the game type. This is because the game mechanism, complexity, and features differ from one game to another. The following table gives a gist of the cost based on the game type:

Game type Minimum cost
Blockchain game $65000
P2E game $42000
FPS game $35000
Board game $25000
Arcade game $45000
AR games $50000
3D action $55000
3D educational $35000
Card game $30000

Blockchain game

Developing blockchain games using the Unity game engine is made possible through the secured transaction features as well as the decentralized aspects of the game engine. The development cost of blockchain games with Unity engine starts from $65000 for a basic game. The cost will vary based on the Unity game developers’ expertise, team size, and location of the team.

Play-to-earn game

Play-to-earn games can be built for PC, consoles, as well as web games. Unity engine is suitable for cross-platform development which further makes it easier for developers to create P2E games that reach a wider audience. The engine can be used to launch P2E games from varying genres such as adventure, racing, action, and so on. The engine streamlines the process of integrating NFTs easily with such games. A basic Unity 3D P2E game costs approximately $42000 onwards, based on the game’s complexity.

FPS game

The first-person shooter games are based on intricate storylines that drive the gameplay. Such a game has various mechanics like multiplayer mode, missions, various quests, and levels- all of which make the game more engaging and thrilling. However, all such features make the game development process more elaborate and time-consuming. The more immersive the game, the more intricate will be the game development process. To create the basic FPS game, the cost starts from approximately $35000.

Board games

Board games are highly popular and fun for users of all ages and genders. Such games often have additional features like play-to-earn which further add to their popularity. The cost to develop a board game largely depends on the intricacies of graphics, features, menu options, etc. The cost of developing basic board games is $25000 onwards.

AR games

AR games have gained immense popularity over the years among the masses, especially since Pokemon GO was introduced. The Unity game engine is suitable for creating immersive AR as well as VR games. Game developers charge a minimum of $ 50,000 to create basic AR games. The cost gets higher as the game design becomes more complex.

Arcade games

There is a nostalgia associated with arcade games where people can get the feel of playing old-school arcade games on their PC, smartphone, Xbox, and even PlayStation. If you are trying to relive childhood memories once more, the arcade games are perfect. Most Unity game development companies take $45000 onwards to create basic arcade games.

3D action

There is a wide variety of 3D action games. Fighting games, RPGs, shooter games, etc. can all be 3D action games. The storyline, sub-levels, and game mechanics altogether make the game more complex. The basic 3D action game will cost a minimum of $55000 and can go up to $ 5 million.

3D educational

Educational games are equally loved by kids as well as adults. They can be created with a variety of features including reward-based levels. You can even win real money in these games, depending on their mechanics and features. The minimum cost to develop 3D educational video games is $35000 and will increase with the complexity of the development process.

Card games

Card games are highly addictive and yet relaxing which makes them a popular choice among gamers across the globe. Such games are not just entertaining but often have features that let you earn real money in the process. The minimum cost to develop card games is $30000. The cost to develop increases with the intricacies of the graphics and the complexity of the game mechanics.

Location-wise game developers' salary/ hourly rate

Last but not least, the cost of Unity game development also depends on the geographical location of the game developers. This is because the living cost of different places and the economic state is variable and the game developers set the hourly rates accordingly. The top Unity game developers can be from any part of the world and hence the hourly rate need not be as high if you choose the developer from specific locations. Here is a list of different countries and the average hourly Unity developer cost from these regions:

Location Hourly Rate
USA $43
UK $35
Australia $37
Canada $54
Germany  $36
India $25
Norway $35
Ukraine $30
Spain $32


These services are in high demand for its superior programming and comprehensive tools. To hire the top Unity game developers, it is crucial to understand the different factors affecting the cost. From the location of the developers to the complexity of the game- the cost fluctuates based on these factors. The above-mentioned are some of the criteria that influence the game development cost and an estimate of the average price.

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